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Refurbished Dell SAS SSD(Solid State Drive)Buy Refurbished Dell SAS SSD Drives at Discounted Price from Server Basket

Refurbished Dell SAS SSD Drives is the best, most affordable investment. Dell is the most trusted brand internationally, and these SSDs are compatible with all Dell servers. These drives are thoroughly tested and are 100% reliable. SSDs have better memory protection and higher transfer rates. Server Basket provides instant shipping, free installation services, and 90 days replacement warranty.

Invest in Refurbished Dell SAS SSD:

If you are looking for the best SSDs for your servers, workstations and computers, but are worried about the cost of investment and reliability of the brand, you can lay your doubts to rest right here. These refurbished SSDs are available to you at a fraction of the original cost and run with just as much efficiency as their new, unused counterparts. Apart from these, the other benefits that you get by purchasing Refurb Dell SAS SSD  from server basket include free sales help, 90 Days Warranty, Free Installation Support, and 24/7 Tech support.

One of the Most Trusted Brand:

When it comes to investing in hardware, there are only a handful of trusted names in the market. One of these is Dell. Purchasing a SAS SSD from Dell will mean that your investment is future-proof, durable, powerful and well-designed. It also carries the reassurance that only a brand like Dell can provide for you. The Storage Capacities of Dell SAS SSD available in 200GB, 400GB, 480GB, 800GB, 960GB, 1TB,  up to 1.6TB.

Dell Authorized SAS SSD:

Dell itself authorizes these SAS SSDs, so you can be absolutely sure that they are 100% genuine. There are a lot of vendors who do not sell authorized equipment; although brand logos and packaging might look similar. This will result in poor performance. Always buy equipment that comes with Dell authorization for a great experience.

High Transfer Rate:

In comparison to SATA SSDs, SAS SSDs have a faster data transfer rate. This is because SAS SSDs support dual-port operations, and they also have some in-built features to improve their reliability like advanced error correction and data integrity technology. As SAS SSDs use higher signal data voltage, transmitting data becomes a quicker job with speeds twice of SATA drives.

Data Protection:

Data protection is the watchword for any organization that has a significant database. Unlike hard disk drives, SSDs are not made of any moving parts. Shock and vibration resistance, especially during travels is extremely important, and this makes a great case for SSDs. They are not susceptible to wear and tear because they use flash cards to save data, unlike HDDs which use magnetic parts.

Free Sales Help:

Server Basket provides free sales guidance for your order of Refurbished Dell SAS SSD. If you are confused about the purchase and need help regarding which drive capacity best suits your organization, we are here to help. Our sales team is available 24/7, all days of the week to help figure out technicalities like the brand, storage capacity, RPM capabilities and the number of drives required.

Same Day Shipping:

Server Basket provides free shipping facilities. Our instant shipping facilities are what make us such a popular choice amongst our customers. Your IT needs don’t wait, and neither will we. After assembling your Refurbished Dell SAS SSD and wrapping it securely in multi-layer packaging, we will ship the order to your destination anywhere in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chandigarh. No matter how remote or far away, it will reach your doorstep at the promised time.

Free Installation Support:

Server Basket provides free installation support for the Refurbished Dell SAS SSD Drives. We understand that installing your own hardware can be a tricky business. Outsourcing technicians might not always be reliable, or they may be expensive. For this reason, we offer free remote installation services. This easy to perform do it yourself service will help you get the process of installing SSDs, flawlessly. So, avail this service for free.

90 Days Warranty:

Server Basket also has a 90 days replacement warranty for the Refurbished Dell SAS SSD Drives. This service is provided by us for you so that any problems you face is taken care of instantaneously. This replacement warranty is a promise that no matter how trivial or how major your problem, we will ensure that it gets fixed to the best of our abilities. If not, we are ready to replace your purchase so that your performance is undiminished.

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