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Refurbished Server Vs New server

A business or company, whether small or big, needs servers for its daily business operations and enabling network connectivity and collaboration among all the employees. When you are out to buy them, you have a choice between new servers and refurbished ones. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Before you choose either, you need to assess your needs and budget and know about the differences between both kinds of servers.

What is the Difference Between New and Refurbished Server?

A new server is clearly a brand-new server with the best and the newest equipment, designed for effective performance. Its software is upgraded and advanced, which can provide seamless functioning and many benefits for your business. A new server has features that can enhance the connectivity speed and help in managing huge network connections in a better way.

A refurbished server is a server that has been owned already but is changed to its like-new form before it is sold further. Each of its components is tested comprehensively. It is completely cleaned, and the outside is painted if needed. It is then reset to the OEM factory settings. It is also backed by a warranty by the reseller as a guarantee of protection against any issues in the future.

New Servers

Why should I prefer a new Server?

These considerations will guide you to decide about buying a new server.

  • If you feel your workload needs the next-generation performance. And you need the latest high-performing processors, only a new server can provide that.
  • If you have a large budget available. Buying new servers needs a huge investment, mostly upfront.  
  • When you need an emerging technology, buying a new server is the right option. Old servers may not provide sufficient support for the newest technologies.
  • Do you want to opt for services supplied by vendors like installation, support, and maintenance? With a new server, you can go for single-vendor support or their specialized services.
  • The new server you want, particularly for your business, may come with a long lead time. However, if you have the patience to wait for it for a few weeks, you can buy it.

What are the benefits of purchasing a new server?

Purchasing a new server does offer certain benefits.

  • A new server generally comes with a warranty ranging between three to five years and also covers support.
  • A new server provides higher system performance and so can allow a good server consolidation ratio.
  • It also has a higher memory capacity in comparison to that of the older server, which is likely to come at a lesser cost.
  • All of its system components support the newest technology and are capable of higher performance.
  • A new server is unlikely to have any hardware issues, Other than a rare occurrence of any manufacturing flaw.
  • You can expect a longer life span from the new server.

Can I choose new servers with customized configurations?

A new server from any brand comes in multiple models and with variable resource capacities. Sometimes the manufacturer introduces an entire generation with advanced features. So, yes, it is feasible that you can choose a new server with customized configurations. You can select the resources and their power and capacities according to the requirements of your business.

Can I expand the configuration in the future?

A new server offers greater scalability and expansion capabilities via its resources – processing power of CPU, memory, and storage. You can easily expand the server’s configuration in the future as your business grows with time.

What are the warranty benefits of new servers?

Any new server mostly comes with a warranty of three years. This warranty covers the replacement of the server or its components in case of hardware failure. It also covers repair and support services. A customer can claim any of these free of cost during the warranty period.

When can I take AMC for new servers?

You can take the server AMC at any time – when you buy the server or later at any stage. Regular server maintenance keeps your server’s hardware and software up to date. It is required to protect your IT network from a partial or complete server failure. It helps in preventing downtime, increasing network stability, and reducing costs of network infrastructure. Server Basket’s AMC works like an extended warranty service for the customers who buy servers from us. We also offer AMC for your existing servers that were not bought from us.

Can I take a demo before purchasing a new server?

Yes, you can take a demo of the functioning of the server you want to buy from us. We understand your concern and offer a remote demo of the server by our technical team. They demonstrate the server’s features and system capabilities by running the server in front of you remotely. This helps you in finalizing your buying decision or customize the server further to match your business needs.

Refurbished Servers

What is meant by a refurbished server?

A refurbished server is a used server that has been re-engineered to bring back its original working ability. It now offers the same processing power and excellent performance like a new server. Refurbished servers from popular brands like IBM, Dell, HP, and Cisco are mostly in good condition and offer a higher functioning lifespan. An organization can save a good percentage on their IT costs using these branded refurbished servers. They are actually valuable assets for a company.

To whom and how are refurbished servers beneficial?

You should purchase refurbished servers in the following scenarios.

  • If your workload can function well without the latest technology and performance, you can opt for a refurbished server. A refurbished server mostly comes with the technology of the previous generation. It can, however, handle all of your business tasks well.
  • If you have a restricted budget, a refurbished server is an ideal option; you get more servers by spending less.
  • If the server you want to buy is part of a cluster and its failure will not result in downtime, you can opt for a refurbished one. It will not impact the performance of your applications.
  • If you need third-party support services and a warranty for a refurbished server system, sellers of refurbished hardware can provide good support packages at lower costs. 
  • If you have an urgent requirement for a server, refurbished servers can be assembled and shipped quickly.

Refurbished servers are beneficial in many ways.

  • Refurbished servers are reset to factory settings which ensures their performance is equivalent to the new servers.
  • You can save hugely on your costs; refurbished servers cost much less. Many sellers offer free shipping of refurbished servers, so you save on shipping costs as well.
  • When you buy refurbished servers, you actually get higher specifications for a lesser cost. You also get to customize your own configurations.
  • Refurbished servers help in reducing electronic waste, a serious problem worldwide.
  • Spare parts of refurbished servers are readily available and are affordable. They can be easily returned also if there is any issue.

What is the difference between new and refurbished servers?

New servers are available in the market as brand new, which have never been owned or used by anyone. They come with the original parts and spare parts from the manufacturer and are covered under a minimum warranty of three years, including support services.

Refurbished servers are the ones that have been used but brought back to original factory settings. They also undergo rigorous testing. Their physical condition is taken care of, and any faulty parts are changed. They look and perform just like new servers.

Can I rely on refurbished servers for 24/7 workloads?

Refurbished servers are reliable, especially the branded and quality ones. They have authentic components and provide guaranteed performance. They deliver improved performance and increased capacities for a low investment. They offer stability and customization and perform like new servers. You can depend on them for heavy workloads and also the ones that run 24/7.

Are refurbished servers covered under warranty?

At Server Basket, all the refurbished servers are covered under a one-year seller warranty. Within this warranty time, you can claim for free-of-cost replacement and repair. We also offer support services for refurbished servers.

How about the quality of refurbished servers? Is there any quality assurance?

We guarantee that our refurbished servers are of high quality. During the refurbishment process, we ensure they are thoroughly inspected and tested for quality and performance at different levels. These servers are from good brands and are built with genuine spare parts. We repair or replace any part that malfunctions. We do not compromise on the quality and performance of our servers. Rest assured that the final product meets all the quality standards.

Do you give any demo or testing option before purchasing?

If you want to be sure about the working and quality of the refurbished server before buying, we do allow testing or demo options for you. Our support engineers run the server and show you its functioning remotely. When you are completely satisfied with our product, you can place your order.

Is AMC Service available after the warranty?

Yes, AMC service is available for refurbished servers, even after the warranty. You can take the AMC service anytime. Server maintenance is important for the smooth functioning and performance of the server. We offer AMC for your existing servers as well as for those you purchase from us. 

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