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Refurbished Cisco Catalyst 3000 Series Switches at Offer Price in India | Quick Doorstep Delivery & Free Configuration Support

Are you looking for layer 2 and layer 3 switching systems that can provide a strong foundation to converge wired and wireless network devices? Are you facing tight budget issues, but at the same time, require an efficient switch that can easily adapt to your increasing bandwidth demands? Then refurbished Cisco Catalyst 3000 series is the best and affordable option for you. The Catalyst 3000 series switches are designed for top-of-rack deployments. Cisco Catalyst 3000 series switches are engineered with comprehensive features and deliver heavy performance. Simplify management and enhance network visibility at the very lower price with these best quality switches. Buy high-end, top-quality Cisco 3000 series switches from Server Basket at the very lowest price. With the lowest price, also get the privilege of quick delivery services, free installation help, and 90-day warranty coverage.

Converged Wired Plus Wireless Access:

The highly efficient refurbished Cisco 3000 series enables both wired and wireless features on the same platform. Converged access enhances wireless bandwidth across your network environment. It helps to scale the wireless deployment and delivers higher throughput. With converged access, you can increase the number of members in the stack.

Grade “A” Quality Switches with Part Numbers:

Server Basket is very well known for the product quality and customer satisfaction it offers. The switches we sell are multi-level tested and come certified. Choose from various system memory, switching capacity, interface type, and other configurations. We have multiple models of Cisco Catalyst 3000 series switches such as Cisco Catalyst 3500 switches, Cisco Catalyst 3550 switches, Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches, Cisco Catalyst 3750, Cisco Catalyst 3850 switches with part numbers.

Performs Mobility Agent Tasks:

The low-cost refurbished Cisco Catalyst 3000 series is engineered to perform mobility agent tasks. In this mode, all the 3000 series switches are capable of terminating the CAPWAP tunnels directly from the access points, which helps to provide connectivity to all wireless clients. The mobility agent mode maintains wireless client databases. It enforces and configures various security and QoS policies for wireless clients. To operate in the mobility agent mode, no additional license on top of the IP base is required.

Fully Visibility into the Traffic:

You will get full visibility over the network traffic with the Cisco 3000 Series switches that support the CAPWAP tunnel termination feature. You would get complete transparency over your user traffic flows. This helps you to easily identify attackers and take instant action at the access layer itself. Thus, eliminating the vulnerability to further penetrate the network.

Manages and Allocates Bandwidth:

Get optimized performance at line-rate traffic. Every module of refurbished Cisco Catalyst 3000 series switch uses module QoS command-line interface. With unprecedented hierarchical bandwidth management at per radio, per-access point, per-service set identification, and per-user levels, this series of switches are able to manage wireless bandwidth easily. This allows, to manage and prioritize available bandwidth between various SSIDs and radios. These switches come with the capability of automatically allocating equal bandwidth to all the users, thus providing a fair share of the bandwidth to all the users.

Supports 50 Access Points Per Switch:

Every switch of the Cisco Catalyst 3000 series acts as both a mobility agent and a mobility controller. A single switch can support up to 50 directly connected access points. Multiple devices can be connected to a single access point. All the access points can be distributed equally across various stacks to achieve reliability during the event of switchover scenarios. Thus, preventing connectivity loss in the network.

Rich Set of Security Features:

Prevent your network from unauthorized users and attackers with the Cisco Catalyst 3000 series switches that come embedded with the best security features. These switches are loaded with features like Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) snooping, IEEE 802.1x, Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPSs), IP source guard, and control plane protection. Thus, you can gain better control over the devices that are connected to the network.

Free Installation Help:

Eliminate potential guesswork when it comes to installation and immediately contact us. Our installation services are free. We have the expert team of engineers who are well-versed with the installation process of refurbished Cisco Catalyst 3000 series. Our team will remotely assist you about the installation process.

90 Day Warranty:

With us, you don’t have to worry about the quality and reliability of the switch. The refurbished Cisco Catalyst 3000 series comes with the best warranty coverage of 90 days from the date of purchase. You can claim for the replacement of the switch if you find that the product is not delivering the desired performance or have some issues.

Instant Delivery All Over India:

Get quick delivery services with no extra cost only at Server Basket. We understand your instant need for the Cisco Catalyst 3000 series switches. So, we deliver the switch within 2-3 business days. No matter if you are located at Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Noida, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Gurgaon Ahmedabad, or any other regions of India, we offer prompt delivery services.

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