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If your organization is working in the most advanced fields of artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (DL), machine learning (ML), research, or data analytics; you need machines that cater to your business demands of high to compute and powerful hardware and softwares to achieve the results you need. You need servers that can handle the most formidable challenges of the workloads that involve the use of high-performance computing (HPC) and the Internet of Things (IoT). HPC requires your servers to be powerful and capable enough to process large sets of data and perform complicated calculations at very high speeds. HPC is the base for all the growth and development in industrial, scientific, and societal fields. Server Basket’s stock of high-performing servers includes HPC servers too. We sell HPC servers that are backed by power-packed processors and extensively huge storage capacities. They can take on your most advanced and complex workloads like AI, 3D imaging, or IoT easily. These servers provide smooth scalability for your applications and deliver high-end performance. Being easy to deploy and manage, these servers are the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for your HPC workloads.

Storage Servers to Handle HPC Workloads

HPC workloads necessarily need large storage capacities as they process huge amounts of data. We provide HPC servers and storage solutions from brands like IBM, Dell, and Supermicro that support HPC workflows. These servers allow you to integrate the storage needs across your organization and lessen inefficiency by removing the need for silos. They also reduce the acquisition costs for you. Our high-performance storage servers allow us to design the configurations you need to handle any compute-intensive and high-throughput workload.

Ideal for 3D Imaging, IOT, and AI Applications

Our HPC servers provide high-performance computing platforms ideal for use in industries that involve compute-intensive and very complex tasks like those in media and entertainment, IoT, and applications for AI. HPC is used for 3D imaging, editing feature films, rendering unbelievable special effects, and even for streaming live events. AI and IoT tasks like instructing self-driving vehicles, self-directed technical support, advanced medical research, and data analytics are also performed using HPC.

Delivers High-end Performance

Our HPC servers from top brands deliver high-end performance for your HPC-based workloads. In the current scenario, there are more applications available that can handle HPC, AI, and data analytics owing to immense progress in networking, compute, and storage technologies in recent times. Our modern HPC solutions and infrastructure are flexible and scalable and cater to the needs of organizations of all sizes. We can provide purpose-designed servers and storage solutions for HPC.

Seamless Application Scalability

Whether you work in the field of medicine, space sciences, building advanced machines, research, or financial services, HPC solutions and applications can have a great impact on the success of your organization. The applications that are used for HPC workloads across industries are highly scalable. With time and growing demand, they can increase their capacity seamlessly and efficiently to handle more requests and process more data. By adding resources to the servers, these apps can take throughput to the next level.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Our HPC solutions are easy to deploy and manage as they are designed with a modular framework based on storage building blocks. These blocks are scalable and keep replicating like the simple cut and paste operation. The provision for built-in proactive monitoring and availability of automation scripts make for easy, flexible, and fast management of the system that supports storage needs for datasets ranging from terabytes to petabytes.

Most Reliable and Cost-Effective Solution

Our HPC server systems have a fault-tolerant design that delivers almost 100% availability. There are built-in advanced security and data assurance features to ensure that the data is accurate, without any drops, misses, or corruption. These highly reliable servers are dense and built on price- and performance-optimized storage building blocks that consume less power, support cost, and cooling. Their failure rates are low in comparison to the standard storage devices. These cost-effective solutions deliver superb performance.

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