128 GB DDR4 / PC4 ECC Registered Server Memory


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Server Specification

  • RAM Capacity : 128GB
  • Type of RAM : DDR4
  • Encrypted For Data Protection
  • Compatible With HP Servers
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 90 Days Warranty
  • 100% Tested and Verified
  • Free Remote Installation Help


Do you plan on powering up your DC infrastructure with high-end memory solutions? In need of a memory module that can handle and take care of your complex computational workflows? Server Basket has a great collection of top-notch 128GB HPE persistent memory modules that are tested and certified for their ideal performance and compliance with extreme work environments. These memory modules can easily manage vast amounts of data without disturbing your regular workflows. With improved data resilience and minimized database restart time, this HPE memory module runs intensive workflows with improved efficiency. This Intel optane memory supports two operating modes and offers great protection against intrusions and attacks. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about these magnificent memory modules and buy them at the most affordable prices. On top of that, Server Basket offers free technical and installation support, an assured replacement warranty, and super quick delivery to any city in India within three working days.

Better Efficiency with Single Technology Configuration

Looking for a robust memory solution? The 128GB HPE persistent memory is renowned for its performance and unerring efficiency as it offers large memory that is configured using a single technology to deliver faster and more efficient memory functionality. Users can handle any amount of real-time and virtual workflows without any performance degradation with these excellent Intel optane memory solutions.

Reliable and Cost-Effective 128GB Memory for HP

If you are searching for a cost-effective memory solution that offers better data protection and integrity, then the Intel optane 128GB persistent memory for HPE is the one you’ll need. With its increased patrol scrub interval and aggressive, smart memory recovery algorithm, the system offers better reliability and robustness than any HP memory system has ever provided at reasonable prices.

Dense Memory to Meet Extreme Computing Needs

Do you want an ideal memory solution that is capable of handling your computing workflows? Take a look at the HPE persistent 128GB memory, which is inbuilt with a great capacity of up to 2 times the DDR4 memory. This dense memory offers excellent power and performance to process any complex computational workflows with zero latency in any work environment.

Best Choice for Running Data Centric Workloads

Are you looking for a perfect memory module that can handle your intensive data depriving workflows? Server Basket offers Intel optane 128GB persistent memory that can process and store large volumes of data along with boosting the performance of the workload. The memory module comes with the ability to improvise the system capability to run any kind of data-centric workflows.

High Compliance with RDIMM and LRDIMM

The 128GB HPE persistent memory shows extreme compliance with both RDIMM and LRDIMM memory modules. This provides the system with better signal integrity, offers better memory capacity, delivers low latency, increases memory utilization, and deciphers optimum performance. With these excellent features, the HPE persistent memory is making its mark on the IT industry for its speed, efficiency, and improved performance.

Ultimate Protection with Advanced Configurations

Are you concerned about the security of your system memory? The optane persistent memory consists of hardware encryption technologies and additional memory protection, which secures the data at rest at all times from unexpected cyber attacks and intrusions. With its advanced ECC support and advanced memory protection features, the system will always be protected and safe from any malware corruption.

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