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Explore exceptional performance with our Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in India. Benefit from dedicated resources, robust security features including DDoS protection, and seamless Windows integration tailored for your online endeavors. Elevate your business with our reliable hosting solutions.


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Windows Dedicated Server Hosting India:

Plan-IDCoresProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPrice/MonthBuy Now
INDS-112 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V364 GB RAM2 X 1TB SSD RAID 1UnlimitedRs.8,499.00/- Monthly
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INDS-212 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V396 GB RAM2 X 1TB SSD RAID 1UnlimitedRs.9,499.00/- Monthly
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INDS-312 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V364 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 3 X 1TB SSD  TB RAID 5UnlimitedRs.12,499.00/- Monthly
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INDS-412 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3128 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 1UnlimitedRs.14,499.00/- Monthly
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INDS-512 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3256 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 1UnlimitedRs.15,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-624 Cores / 48 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3256 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 1UnlimitedRs.19,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-724 Cores / 48 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3384 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 3 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.24,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-836 Cores / 72 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2696 V3512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.34,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-944 Cores / 88 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2696 V4512GB GB RAM2 x 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.39,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-1048 Cores / 96 threads2 x Intel Platinum 8163512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.44,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-1164 Cores / 128 threads1 x AMD EPYC 7742512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.64,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-12128 Cores / 256 threads2 x AMD EPYC 77421TB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.74,999.00/- Monthly
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Are you looking for windows dedicated server hosting that is purpose-built for business applications and delivers rock-solid performance? Get the ultimate performance, power, and control with our cost-effective windows dedicated hosting, which is perfect for app development and large-scale business websites. Server Basket uses best-in-class hardware for windows dedicated Servers in India, each server is custom-built as per the resourced and windows OS you choose to meet the highest standards.

We provide you powerful windows dedicated hosting solution that is ready to deploy with your website or applications and configure as you need without worrying about maintenance and security. Our dedicated server hosting are protected by the latest IDS/IPS technologies, DDoS protection. Get unlimited bandwidth, 100% uptime assurance, full root access, and free tech support all at affordable prices.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting India

Hosted in Indian Tier 4 Datacenter

All the windows dedicated servers provided by Server Basket are hosted in tier 4 Indian datacenters. As the servers are hosted in Indian datacenters, it is a huge benefit in the case of website speed, and as distance plays the main criteria. Less the distance, the more will be the speed of the applications to load and access. If the latency is less, the page will load quickly. Windows dedicated server hosting India is available for all ISVs, small-scale industries, mid and large-scale industries. Your server will be located at the nearest datacenters to speed up the access to data, emails, websites, applications, etc.

Any Windows OS Is Available

With our windows dedicated server hosting, you can choose the version of the operating system you require. Our servers are compatible and ready for any Windows OS installation, so you have the choice to choose any OS including windows server 2016, windows server 2012 windows multipoint server 2011, windows server 2008 enterprise, etc. at the time of placing your order. Some of your applications may run on a specific OS configuration, so you can buy the server based on the Windows OS that you are in need of, and the one which supports to run your applications.

Easy For Data Localization

The data stored within the country (India) is to be more cost-effective and the best solutions for any data storage issues. Data localization requires the best IT infrastructure and security measures for data crucial to your business. Server Basket has the best infrastructure across India to provide data storage space to the place nearest to your office/ workplace resulting in easy and quick access to your stored data. For example, when you are in need of any physical backups, we can immediately back up the data to an external storage device and send it to your location if you are our Windows dedicated server hosting India client. The huge advantage of data localization is that you do not need to fear of losing data to hackers as your data is protected in a local datacenter within India.

Better Indian SEO Results

As Google and other search engines value websites that are from the local vicinity for local SEO, you get good visibility and a considerate boost in your search engine ranking by hosting your website, data, and application on windows dedicated server hosting India. For any small and large websites, the SEO results in India will be high, since the servers are hosted in datacenters in India, and the topmost results search will be shown from the nearest server available. Therefore by hosting on Windows dedicated server hosting India with Server Basket, you can expect great SEO results in India. It is our responsibility to meet or exceed the customer’s goals in any way possible.

Free Windows Dedicated Server Hosting India Antivirus License

We provide free windows server antivirus on the purchase of any Windows dedicated server hosting India by default. Free licensed antivirus version is provided for the best virus protection and internet security for any business. Server Basket gives importance to your peace of mind and cares the most about the server securities and the customer’s happy business in the long run.

No CDN subscription Required

There will be no need of CDN network subscription since your server will be stored in Indian datacenters and at the location nearest to the server access and also in multiple locations in India if required. For example, if you have an e-commerce website in India but have a data center hosted in the USA, you need a CDN to access the same data in multiple locations in India which results in access cost incurring. Since Server Basket is offering data centers in India itself, there will be no need of CDN network subscription, and this will increase your cost efficiency. You can sustain local traffic, reach optimal uptime for your websites, and also the number of happy sales and customers.

window dedicated server hosting india

IPS Enabled Firewall Windows Security

With a regular firewall, it will allow traffic to pass by if the access list rules have been poised to allow the traffic. But with an IPS-enabled firewall, it ensures to detect the HTTP traffic, and based on the signatures that have been authorized, it will check whether to allow that traffic or not. If it sees any exception during the process, IPS enabled firewall will detect and prevent the traffic from entering or passing through, hence protecting your data from unwanted intrusion on your Windows dedicated server hosting India. The major benefit of IPS enables firewall windows security is that it will prevent network threats from entering all over the network.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee With Dedicated Server Hosting

All the Windows Dedicated Server Hosting India available from Server Basket provide 99.9% uptime. We guarantee you of an exceptional uptime with zero downtime possibilities since Server Basket have best in class infrastructure in India at multiple locations. Server Basket has its own datacenter. In case of failure of one of the servers, we immediately shift your data to another standby server making sure that the other server continues to work for full extent. We use only high-performance bandwidth as bandwidth plays a vital role in uptime and it also provides reliable IP connectivity.

24/7 Expert Support for Windows Dedicated Server Hosting India

Server Basket provides India-based windows dedicated server expert support round the clock. Our support services include OS configuration, MSSQL optimization, server securing and firewall installation, web configurations, control panel issues, data backups, etc. Our support team will respond and resolve to any issue raised in less than 15 minutes, and we guarantee you to solve your issue within 24 hours. You can reach out to us via live chat, toll-free number or email. We will be happy helping you out!


Additional information

Type of OS

VM Ware, Windows


128 GB, 16GB, 256 GB, 32 GB, 512 GB, 64 GB, 8GB

Max Storage

1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB, 12 TB, 24 TB

Type of Storage


Data Center Location


Remote Management


Type Of Hosting

Dedicated Server

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18 Reviews For This Product

  1. 18

    by Sowmya Gowda

    Highly recommended! One of my friends suggested ServerBasket as the best Windows dedicated server hosting service provider. They provide no-limit bandwidth, free setup, and flexible add-ons.

  2. 18

    by Priyanka Mahapatra

    I am very happy with ServerBasket hosting services on my Windows Dedicated Server. Must have a try!

  3. 18

    by Asutosh Padhy

    As a regular customer of ServerBasket, I always prefer them for secure hosting plans. Deserves a big thumbs up for their excellent services and dedication!

  4. 18

    by Jibina Mathew

    I purchased Windows Dedicated Server Hosting from ServerBasket, and it amazed me with its outstanding performance. Their 24/7 technical support resolved and fixed our technical and hardware-related issues immediately.

  5. 18

    by Karthikeyan Shanmugam

    I am not able to stop myself from writing this review about the Windows dedicated server hosting plan after purchasing from ServerBasket. My word – ‘Best place for it’

  6. 18

    by Manav

    Get moving with a Windows dedicated server plan. This is a solid platform if you want to expand your business in a short time. You can easily upgrade your server with add-ons of more memory and disc space.

  7. 18

    by Neeraj Dev

    I have been in business for more than 10 years and have faced lots of challenges in hosting. But ServerBasket is the best Windows dedicated server hosting provider in India that I have used. Their support service is world-class. They detect the issue so quickly and fix it before you even realize it.

  8. 18

    by Deepak Raj

    I switched from my long-time hosting company as I didn’t get proper response from them. I was looking for a professional provider for dedicated server hosting in India. Theirs is a headache-free service. They think outside the box to resolve their customers’ issues.

  9. 18

    by Yuvan

    Feeling stressed out by searching for server hosting? Get the most reliable and fast Windows dedicated server hosting in India. I’ve not faced any problems with their hosting service. The most comfortable thing I get is 24/7 tech support. This will not deter you.

  10. 18

    by Adithya

    Excellent Windows hosting in India! The best hosting provider I know, they have wonderful and helpful staff. Rock-solid and quick to respond. Trust me, you will not regret it. I recommend using their hosting service.

  11. 18

    by Srikaran

    Big or small, every issue is equally important. The best Windows dedicated server hosting provider with their helpful staff knows what to do, to resolve customer problems. Finally, I am happy with them after using multiple hosting services.

  12. 18

    by Himesh

    I highly recommend Serverbasket. Not only does it offer reliable Windows hosting service at a very low price, but also the service is customer-focused. Whatever the issue that has arisen due to my fault, it has been quickly resolved beyond my expectations.

  13. 18

    by Vihaan Mishra

    I am very happy that i have taken dedicated server hosting from severbasket. The support team is very helpfull when you need they are always available. I will recommend each and everyone to take dedicated server hosting from severbasket.

  14. 18

    by Ramavtar

    Love Server Basket! The windows dedicated server hosting offered by them is the best choice for the money. I depend only on Server Basket for my hosting needs. Earlier, I had tried other hosting providers, but nothing compares to the quality, speed and support that Server Basket offers.

  15. 18

    by Narendra Sharma

    Server Basket has proven to be an excellent option for dedicated hosting services. The Technical support provided by them is exceptional and nowhere comparable to my previous hosts, their team used to listen to my questions regarding windows dedicated server hosting carefully and provide great assistance

  16. 18

    by M.Verma

    I have tried many providers for my hosting needs. Most of the times, I have ended up choosing worst company. After listening my problem, one of my friends told me about Server Basket. Subscribed to their windows dedicated server hosting plan, now my website is running much faster when compared to the previous hosting providers. My user base is in India so the low latency helped me a lot

  17. 18

    by Saraswat Kashyap

    I am pretty much satisfied with the service offered by Server Basket. My website never face down time. As promised, they provided me unlimited bandwidth and tech support is always available when I need them. I am using their services since one year. I strongly recommend their windows dedicated server hosting for your all requirements.

  18. 18

    by Mohit Kumar Reddy

    Server Basket is providing excellent technical support to me. There was a sudden issues with my website which was hosted on their windows dedicated server hosting and I called up their technical support number, their support team solved the issue during the late night within few minutes. Even though the fault was from my side, their technical support representatives showed a great level of patience.


What are the benefits of Server Basket's Windows dedicated server hosting?

Server Basket is known for its best customer service and reasonable costs. We offer unlimited bandwidth, 100% uptime affirmation, full server root access, and free expert technical support, all at an affordable cost. Windows integrates greater virtualization ability, security, Azure Hybrid Benefit option, Migration to Azure, Multi-layered security coupled with Windows Defender antivirus, Windows firewall, automated patching, and the option to run many websites on one server into your infrastructure. It has an edge over other OSs with the least need for maintenance, scalability of resources and applications, access control with access restrictions and permissions in one space (allowing access based on credentials involving user activity, position requirements, groups of users, etc.), and regular security updates.

What hardware configurations are available for Windows dedicated servers?

Windows dedicated servers are available with 6 to 128 cores using Intel Xeon E5, E7, and Gold processors or AMD EPYC CPUs, 32GB to 1TB of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM, and 500GB to 1.92TB of SSD storage for optimal performance. Configurations can be customized.

Are there any restrictions on bandwidth usage, and what is the uptime guarantee?

We offer you a Windows dedicated server with an unlimited bandwidth range and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Also featuring zero operational costs, fixed billing, no hidden fee, flexible add-ons, managed services, backup support, restoration assistance, free data migration, reseller option, any-minute cancellation, and value-added features like one-click installation, our Windows hosting services stand apart from our competitors.

What are the benefits of an IPS-enabled firewall for Windows security?

Identify malicious attacks based on recorded threats taking preventive measures that hold your critical data safe. The Internet protocol security (IPS) enabled firewall requires device authentication to communicate and can encrypt network traffic. It provides authenticated access to trusted network resources, protecting sensitive data integrity and confidentiality on Windows devices.

Can hosting on the Indian data centers enhance my SEO and website speed?

Yes, hosting in domestic data centers can optimize search engine visibility and speed for area viewers. Local hosting supplies a regional IP location, elevating search relevance there. It boosts search engine rankings in that market, decreases lag, offering faster page loads and a better experience. Accessible across all the cities and towns of India, such as Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Vijayawada, etc., our Windows dedicated server hosting in India is the best option for Indian businesses with global dreams.

How long does it take to set up a Windows dedicated server after placing an order?

We deploy your Windows dedicated server just 2 hours after you finish the transaction. The initiative begins with our experts reviewing the order following the amalgamation of hardware, installation of the chosen Windows OS version, Hypervisors, software tools, and applications required, firmware and driver upgrades, and live performance test before handing you the access.

Are there regular antivirus and malware scans under Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?

Yes, our team performs regular antivirus and malware scans on all the root servers aside from security audits and reports. Security is always the primary concern for us when it comes to hosting. We extend you a suite of open-source malware scanners such as ClamAV, ClamWin, Chrootkit, Rkhunter, Aura, Raspirus, Moonsecure, Spybot Search and Destroy, Yara, and others.

How much time do you take to address and resolve hardware failures?

Our 24/7 tech support addresses any hardware and software failures involving processors, storage, memory, and network with an assured 15-minute response and resolution within 4 hours.

How does data localization protect against data breaches?

By storing data locally, data localization utilizes domestic infrastructure and security measures tailored to protect crucial business information. Regional hosting allows rapid physical backups and access without transmitting data internationally, minimizing vulnerabilities and maintaining in-country server shields against external threats and potential unauthorized data access.

Do you provide free anti-virus software with the Windows server?

Yes, we do provide free anti-virus software such as ClamAV, ClamWin, RKhunter, CHhunter, Roguekiller, Moonsecure, Armadito, etc. with Windows Dedicated Server hosting plans. The anti-virus software we include is designed specifically for server environments and provides real-time protection against crypto-jacking, ransomware, fileless cyber attacks, state-sponsored attacks, and so on.

Do I require a separate CDN subscription for dedicated Windows hosting?

No extra subscription is needed since dedicated Windows hosting is provided via in-country data centers. Localized hosting enables quicker site loading and optimal uptime for regional users without added expenses, supporting sales and satisfaction.

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