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Cloud VPS Server

If you are looking for the top managed cloud VPS servers hosting online, you are at the right place and we guarantee that you can stay for a while in here. At Server Basket, buy top managed VPS hosting plans at cheap and best prices. Cloud Virtual Private Server provides Linux VPS hosting, windows VPS server hosting, fully managed VPS server hosting and unmanaged VPS server hosting. On our website there are more than 100 servers available, all these plans are suitable for everyone to say start-ups, cooperate or industries, etc. All range of servers is available with a 100% guarantee. You can choose based on your requirements. We at the server basket always here to help you in matching the best deals. Feel free to contact us for any further queries.

Cloud VPS Servers:

Buy cheap and best cloud VPS servers here at Server Basket. Giving up the best bargain on every server suitable for everyone. More than 100 VPS plans are available at the lowest price possible. VPS hosting services-Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS Hosting are available. Check out Windows 2016, Windows 2012, Linux, CentOS, C Panel, WHM, Plesk VPS servers at the greatest discounts and also avail 7 days trial period on any server. Offering quick delivery and money-back guarantee.

More Than 100 Different VPS Servers:

A wide range of VPS servers is available with us, lower to a higher range suitable for any environment at cheap and affordable prices. Few of them can be listed here: WHM, C Panel, Plesk, .net, windows, Linux, etc. VPS servers are enabled by the leading cloud technologies, they are less expensive as compared to dedicated hosting and also have more control over your virtual server than shared hosting. No need to share your web hosting space with anyone. Easily get your own cloud-based Linux VPS, take full control over to your hands and appreciate the high performance of your site. Look out all the servers and can figure out which one is applicable for the business you have been seeing for.

Plans for Everyone:

More than 100 VPS plans which are available with us are suitable for everyone to be it a start-up, corporate, industries and ISVs, etc. Grabbing on this for a cheap VPS hosting plans, you can install any operating system and prominent web scripts. Amongst, the most developer favorable one is Linux. By choosing to opt for a Linux-based VPS, you can easily correct your VPS within just the click and enjoy the full power range of cloud Virtual Private Server hosting. So if you are here looking for the best deals then this is the right stop for your business upgrade.

Hosted in Tier 4 Datacenter:

Tier 4 data center has many advantages to go with, it is structured to host business analytical servers and computers, with fully redundant subsystems such as (storage, cooling, network links, power, etc.) and assign security zones contained by biometric access management. Designed to provide continuous availability of services with reliability with multiple active power and cooling paths.

Scalable Any Time:

As your website scales upwards, so can your server. Cloud VPS servers are scalable in nature so that when your website requires more CPU, Memory, storage it is easy to increase your assets without any downtime. We also give the capability to install any base operating system installed providing ideal circumstances required for you or your client’s needs.

100 % Uptime Guaranty:

Best in class hardware and 100% uptime guaranty available at an affordable price. We assure you, your website will be up 365 days and 24/7 without any loss. This ensures fast, reliable, and efficient content and service delivery to end-users. It can easily rely on the hosting server without any dispute.

Free VPS Backups:

Fully-managed server backup service for free. Enjoy free VPS backup for all VPS hosting services.  With the high availability of Virtual Private Server options, we assure you that it can satisfy the need for any type of website owner. Now share this deal with your friends and let them know how to save really smart online.

24X7 Support:

We provide 24/7 support round the clock. By chat, Email, Toll-Free Number you can approach our technical team for assistance anytime. Such that you can avoid any possible downtime issues for your websites. By offering 24/7 support we guarantee that our customers will receive the best technical assistance whenever necessary with windows and Linux expert support. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

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