Multi-Access Adobe Cloud Workstation

  • Multi-Access Adobe Cloud Workstation
  • Access From Any Location Remotely
  • Save Files To Cloud
  • Easy File Sharing
  • Access via Desktop & iPad
  • Multiple Adobe Applications Supported
  • High-End Configuration
  • Assured 1 year Seller Warranty
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Shipping all over India
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Is your company into marketing or creative designing? Looking for a powerful workstation that can help you and your employees perform video editing, graphic design, photography or a web development task from any location? Whether your team is working from home or office, the multi-access Adobe cloud solution lets is a great platform to kick start your creative projects. Server Basket offers you a multi-access adobe cloud workstation that offers a host of benefits. Multiple employees can access the adobe application virtually from different locations and work individually on various applications. Capture, edit animate images and video and share online on the cloud. Featuring high-end graphic cards, high memory & storage capacity, ultra-fast processors, this workstation accelerates your heavy graphical workflows. Server Basket has designed the best configurations that are suitable for running all the applications in adobe creative cloud.  Save your investment with our exclusive offers on all configurations. Place your order now and avail premium benefits such as free installation support, prompt delivery and 1-year hardware warranty.

Can Be Accessed by Multiple Users:

Don’t you have enough budget to purchase workstations for all of your employees? Let multiple employees access the adobe applications through their desktops or laptops using the multi-access adobe cloud workstation. When two or more employee’s login using the remote connection, then those two people can work on different tasks simultaneously. You can make multiple employees access the adobe applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, premiere pro etc. through a single workstation. So you don’t need to buy a dedicated workstation for each employee. Hence your investment in IT infrastructure will be saved if you purchase this workstation.

Work from Any Location:

No matter wherever ever your employees are, whether they are in the office, home or at any other location, they can use the workstation from any location by accessing it remotely. Be it video rendering or any other image, you can create anything you imagine from wherever you want. By connecting your iPAD to the workstation, you can capture and edit images on the move.

Powerful Configuration for Best Performance:

Edit the video in any format, add stunning visuals to the images, render high-resolution videos in a short span of time without experiencing any lags with our high end multi access adobe cloud workstation. The powerful configurations we offer deliver the best performance for various creative applications such as InDesign, Adobe XD, Fresco, Illustrator, Lightroom Classic, Spark, Bridge, Photoshop, Media Encoder and many more applications.

Create Designs Through Desktops/ iPAD:

Whether you have iPAD, laptop or a computer, you can add visual effects, creating animated videos or design a 3D image with any device that can be remotely connected to the multi-access cloud workstation. While you are designing an image through the iPad, if the battery is about to die and there is no source of power supply, then you can save the file to adobe cloud and then restart the task again later with the same device. As your previous file gets automatically saves in the cloud, you can even continue the same work using another device, i.e. a desktop or a laptop.

Save Files to the Cloud:

If you have completed some part of the designing work and want the rest of the part to be completed by another employee who is working from the other location, then you can save and share large files online in the cloud. Anyone can access files stored in the cloud from nearly any location with any device. After connecting to the multi-access cloud workstation, data can be imported from the cloud for remote editing. Once the editing is done, you can export the files directly to the cloud.

Free Installation Support:

Workstation setup will be done by us along with the adobe applications so that you can unbox and start using it instantly by connecting it to a high-resolution display, power supply and internet. While the process of installing the workstation, our engineers will follow the mandatory instructions and install all the spare parts like RAM, Graphic cards, Storage drive, processors and then install the operating system along with the Adobe application that you want.

Quick Delivery All Over India:

Have you grabbed a designing contract that needs to completed quickly? Are you searching for a vendor who can make fast delivery of the Multi-access Photoshop cloud workstations at your doorstep? Then Server Basket can fulfill your instant needs by delivering the workstations in a short span of time. Right at the moment when your order gets confirmed, we make all arrangements to dispatch the server on the same day. Our team will configure, test and then ship it to your address with multilayered packing. We ensure quick delivery to Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Noida, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore and other locations of India within 1-2 business days.

Assured 1 Year Warranty:

Your Grade “A” Quality multi-access adobe cloud workstations purchase includes a 1-year warranty that guarantees your workstation will be from any defects in the hardware within one year from the date of purchase. Our technical team will resolve the issues which are related to the software like the OS through remote access. But if there is any failure in the hardware part that can’t be repaired, then we provide a free replacement for that particular spare part during the warranty period.

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