Do you run a small business and Are you looking for an effective management solution for your business operations, sales, and finances? Do you need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that can cater to your business’s specific needs? At Server Basket, we provide customized ERP for small businesses that allow modifications or enhancements in features and the addition of new features so that the specific needs of your businesses are met. We have different ERP softwares available with us like SAP, cloud-based Oracle ERP, and CRM (customer relationship management) systems that can be easily customized for particular needs of any business field. Our customized ERP solutions fall in the categories of application-based ERP, on-premises cloud, and private and public cloud solutions. They will give you a major advantage of saving on costs, including operating, inventory and admin costs, as they are developed based on the real need of your business and with a fixed cost. In addition, they will save time for your employees and increase their productivity. Our customized ERP systems provide you with a reasonable, secure, and easy to use method to manage all the operations of each division of your business.

App-Based ERP Solutions

We offer application-based ERP solutions for your business so that you gain maximized performance of your ERP software. A good ERP application will function to include all the areas of your business – accounting, finance and payroll, procurement and purchasing, production, sales and marketing, materials management and human resources (HR), etc. Our ERP system provides all these modules and enables easy administration and management of all the departments of your company. If you want to use a specific application for a department or an industry-specific app, you can pick and choose any of these modules for the successful operations of your business.

On-Premises Cloud

ERP systems on the cloud are the best options for small businesses due to their low upfront costs and systems stability. We provide the cloud platform for your chosen ERP on your premises. We ensure that your on-premises cloud solution features high security, customization, and easy accessibility from any device. Real-time analytics is the major advantage that you get from ERP on cloud. It allows you to view valuable information as and when it is available and helps you make important business decisions and optimize the whole process. It also gives you the flexibility to access data anytime from anywhere.

Public and Private Cloud Solutions

ERP is available on a public and private cloud, separately and as a hybrid environment. On a public cloud or multi-tenant system, you can access and manage your chosen ERP via the internet. We also offer your specific ERP on a private cloud, dedicated only to your company. You have full control over it. Alternatively, you can opt for a hybrid cloud solution that uses both private and public clouds and are available as software-as-a-service (SaaS). They give you the flexibility to keep sensitive and business-critical information on the private cloud and utilize the public cloud for less sensitive testing or development tasks.

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