VPS for Forex Trading

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  • Free Migration
  • Supports any Hosting Control Panel
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Low Latency from Anywhere
  • Free Encrypted Backup Based on Infrastructure
  • Exclusive of Taxes
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VPS For Forex Trading Price List (CentOS):

MicroQuad Core CPU8GB200GB SSDCentOSRs. 1,799 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
MegaHexa Core CPU16GB300GB SSDCentOSRs. 2,399 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
GigaOcta Core CPU32GB500GB SSDCentOSRs. 2,999 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
TeraOcta Core CPU48GB650GB SSDCentOSRs. 3,899 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial

VPS For Forex Trading Price List (Windows):

MicroQuad Core CPU8GB200GB SSDWindowsRs. 2,099 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
MegaHexa Core CPU16GB300GB SSDWindowsRs. 2,699 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
GigaOcta Core CPU32GB500GB SSDWindowsRs. 3,299 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
TeraOcta Core CPU48GB650GB SSDWindowsRs. 4,199 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial

VPS For Forex Trading Price List In India

CPUQuad Core
Hexa Core
Octa CoreOcta Core
RAM8 GB16 GB32 GB48 GB
SSD200 GB300 GB500 GB650 GB
Weekly BackupNOYesYesYes
Windows 3 Years PlanRs. 2,099/ MonthRs. 2,699/ MonthRs. 3,299/ MonthRs. 4,199/ Month
Windows 2 Years PlanRs. 2,449/ MonthRs. 3,149/ MonthRs. 3,849/ MonthRs. 4,899/ Month
Windows 1 Year PlanRs. 2,799/ MonthRs. 3,599/ MonthRs. 4,399/ MonthRs. 5,599/ Month
Windows 6 Months PlanRs. 3,149/ MonthRs. 4,049/ MonthRs. 4,949/ MonthRs. 6,299/ Month
Windows 3 Months PlanRs. 3,324/ MonthRs. 4,274/ MonthRs. 5,224/ MonthRs. 6,649/ Month
Windows 1 Month PlanRs. 3,499/ MonthRs. 4,499/ MonthRs. 5,499/ MonthRs. 6,999/ Month
Buy-WindowsBuy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Linux 3 Years PlanRs. 1,799/ MonthRs. 2,399/ MonthRs. 2,999/ MonthRs. 3,899/ Month
Linux 2 Years PlanRs. 2,099/ MonthRs. 2,799/ MonthRs. 3,499/ MonthRs. 4,549/ Month
Linux 1 Year PlanRs. 2,399/ MonthRs. 3,199/ MonthRs. 3,999/ MonthRs. 5,199/ Month
Linux 6 Months PlanRs. 2,699/ MonthRs. 3,599/ MonthRs. 4,499/ MonthRs. 5,849/ Month
Linux 3 Months PlanRs. 2,849/ MonthRs. 3,799/ MonthRs. 4,749/ MonthRs. 6,174/ Month
Linux 1 Month PlanRs. 2,999/ MonthRs. 3,999/ MonthRs. 4,999/ MonthRs. 6,499/ Month
Buy-LinuxBuy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Need Help? Chat with our product experts to configure the server as per your exact requirement.

Advantages of VPS Forex Hosting Service with SB

Do you make money by trading? Are you an individual foreign exchange (Forex or FX) trader, bank or an institutional investor wanting to keep your Forex trading platform running 24/7, without any inconveniences? We -have ultra-fast, reliable and stable virtual private servers (VPS) that can work with Windows as well as Linux OS. Our VPS gives you unmetered bandwidth, highest uptime of 100% and can run automated algorithms on the trading interface to give you nil network latency and maximum productivity. You don’t have to boot the system or perform any maintenance during the Forex working hours. Just by connecting your Forex interface to our remote intelligent terminal, you can use it like you would trade from your personal desktop. Server Basket helps you in configuration and setup of automated trading on VPS cloud and installation of related applications like Meta Trader 4 or 5 (MT4, MT5). We also provide round the clock assistance if you face any issues with the VPS, through email, chat and phone support.

VPS for forex trading

Uninterrupted Forex Trading with 100% Uptime

With our FX VPS hosting, you get problem-free experience as network latency won’t affect your trading business. Our VPS ensures high speed and stability along with bandwidth, which are significant in foreign currency trading. Our servers run continuously and offer 100% uptime to give you smooth and uninterrupted trading experience.

Quick Access from Any Browser

With our VPS server forex trading, you have no limitations of being at one place or use only one device. This dedicated VPS enables you to access your trading applications securely from different devices, even smartphones using different browsers as long as there is network connectivity in your device.

Run EAs Smoothly without Hassles

In Forex trading, traders run expert advisor (EA) softwares on MT 4 or 5 platforms that guide you about the best time to make trades or even automatically launch and execute the trades according to pre-designed instructions. With this VPS, you can run EAs round the clock during trading hours so that you don’t have the hassle of managing all this on your PC.

Multiple Plans to Choose From

At Server Basket, you get multiple unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting plans with diverse features. So, you can select an appropriate plan according to your requirements. Our plans are available at reasonable prices that reduce the burden on your pocket. Unlimited bandwidth helps your Forex application work efficiently and without any interruptions.

VPS for forex trading 2
industry leading security for secure trading

Low Latency with Indian Tier 4 Data Centers

Our VPS servers are located in Hi-tech tier 4 data centers with high security and better network connectivity. These networks are well-designed to support your manual and automated trading operations which require real-time access to continuously changing data. Our VPS operates at a much-elevated speed than that of standard servers.

Industry-Leading Security for Secure Trading

Forex trading requires transmission of sensitive personal and bank account information that you need to safeguard at all costs. Security is the most important factor in making decisions about investments. Our VPS offers vigorous security with antivirus softwares and advanced security with IPS and IDS systems.

Benefits with Server Basket

Customer Support

24/7 Tech Support Available

We provide continuous support to speed up the performance of your Forex application and prevent it from any malware or cyber-attacks. Feel free to contact us for any technical or non-technical issues, and we’ll resolve them in no time. Our experienced tech support engineers are always available to answer your queries and requests over phone, chat and email.
Database Connection

High Connection Speed & Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth without any restrictions. This allows your trading to continue as it should without any interruption. We don’t press any checks on the bandwidth limit and do not charge anything extra for your high usage of bandwidth.
Increase Traffic

Round the Clock Monitoring

Our VPS services provide a highly protected environment for your trading platform and applications with advanced firewalls, IPS and IDS, to safeguard them from common cyber-attacks. We also provide an SSL certificate that offers intensive data protection. We constantly monitor our dedicated VPS for malware or any virtual threats.

FAQs for VPS Forex Trading

What is a Forex VPS?

A Forex VPS is a hosting service that enables the traders to execute their orders at higher speed and helps their expert advisors (EAs) deployed on a dedicated server to run 24/7 without latency. With VPS, EAs can operate independently.

What are the advantages of VPS for forex trading?

Using a VPS, the forex traders can operate their business from anywhere, even when the power is off. The VPS offers stronger security and minimal slippage. It gives the traders flexibility to perform exchanges at any time of the day.

How many MT4/MT5 trading accounts can I run?

It will depend on the overall configuration you choose. Generally, you can run 2-4 MT4/5 terminals or accounts per CPU core. If you optimize the performance of your terminals, you can run even more. Avoid overloading the VPS CPU usage.

Why use a VPS for forex trading?

A VPS assures minimum network disconnections or power outages, reducing the risk of loss. VPS hosting provides superior network connectivity and 100% uptime mostly. VPS hosting enables faster execution of trades, especially in the same location as your broker’s.

Does it require high technical skills to operate?

No, you need not be an expert to operate Forex VPS. You need to know the computing basics and the working process of the trading platform. We provide the login credentials for your VPS and offer support for all technical issues.

Is it possible to upgrade/downgrade the current VPS plan as per requirement?

Yes, our VPS hosting service offers you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your current plan as and when you need. As a trader, your business requirements may change with time. You can modify your plan as per changes, anytime.

How long does it take to setup a VPS?

It does not take too long for the setup of your VPS. Your order reaches our setup queue as soon as your payment is approved. It takes 6-8 hours for your VPS to be fully configured and ready for use.

Do you provide immediate technical support? What is your response time?

Yes, we provide immediate technical support for all kinds of technical issues you might have with the VPS. No matter which channel you use to communicate your concerns to us, we respond immediately. However, issue resolution may take varying times.

Need Help? Chat with our product experts to configure the server as per your exact requirement.

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19 Reviews For This Product

  1. 19

    by Krishna Ambati

    I am pleased with the cheapest forex VPS offered by this provider. The connection is stable and so is its performance. Customer support is also great. I highly recommend them for all your VPS for forex trading needs.

  2. 19

    by Kahan

    I wanted a good-performing server for forex VPS hosting and bought this one. Now I can carry trades fast and without any latency.

  3. 19

    by Nakul

    It is not every day that you come across such good VPS for forex trading. Trust me guys, you should buy this without a second thought. Very well working condition indeed.

  4. 19

    by Mohan

    My requirement for data center proximity with VPS was satisfied with this option. Also, I can do trades execution seamlessly with its unlimited bandwidth and hiccup-free performance.

  5. 19

    by Dikshith Sura

    I asked Server Basket guys to suggest the best forex VPS and they truly got me the best one. I must commend them for excellent technical support as well. Good job!

  6. 19

    by Dakshesh

    For my forex business, I needed good VPS hosting. I purchased this one and so far it has supported my independent business of investment trading very well.

  7. 19

    by Akshitha

    Once I got their VPS hosting for forex trading, there were no complaints. The server performs well and technical guidance by the Server Basket team is phenomenal.

  8. 19

    by Heamanth Reddy

    I do forex trading in India and I needed a good VPS server. This one I purchased 7 months ago and so far the performance is excellent. It offers a free migration option and the bandwidth is limitless.

  9. 19

    by Bharat Nayak

    I am impressed with the superfast speed of this VPS. Also, it comes with a secure antivirus so I can do trading without any worries.

  10. 19

    by Vipin Patla

    They offer multiple VPS options in terms of resources as well as prices. It was easy to pick the best one for my trading specifics. They configured it immediately, I just had to login and it was ready.

  11. 19

    by Saral Kuruvilla

    Their VPS interface for Forex trading is great for automated trading. My MT5 performs well. The VPS is secure and reliable. A special mention for their excellent customer and technical support.

  12. 19

    by Darsh Sama

    My MT4 runs 24/7 during trading hours across the globe. It auto starts and executes trades with the pre-created instructions. The good thing about their Forex VPS is that the network is strong. So, my EA works without any hiccups.

  13. 19

    by Chanda Kapoor

    Good trading requires maximum availability of the platform. Their server uptime is great, and the downtime is the least. I can trade without any hassles. I am happy with their hosting service and support.

  14. 19

    by Ayaan Karan

    Server Basket delivers superb connectivity for forex trading. My VPS plan gives me unmetered bandwidth, good memory and storage along with complete security and reliability. I haven’t faced any latency issues so far.

  15. 19

    by Shakti Sridhar

    Security was my top concern when I was considering their VPS options and they assured me high-level security and advanced protection from any cyber-attacks. My data is protected and I can trade at a good speed. That makes me happy.

  16. 19

    by Rahul Upadhyay

    The set up of the VPS was very fast and easy. My Forex trading platform was ready in no time. It works well for my EAs and gives me good speed for trading.

  17. 19

    by Kailash Anne

    I have a small trading firm. I wanted a secure and stable VPS with high processing power and storage for trading platforms. Server Basket’s VPS hosting provides all this with minimum latency. Their prices are reasonable too.

  18. 19

    by Nishant Pingle

    I wanted my VPS to be close to my brokers server. Luckily, their data center location was close enough. My EAs perform without any interruptions and I get superfast speeds for my trade execution.

  19. 19

    by Saral Toor

    I started with their basic Forex VPS trading. Wanted to see how they performed. Seeing their consistency and speed, I shifted to an advanced package. Their network is good, so I’m able to execute my trades fast enough.

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