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IBM X3250 M5 Server

 72,000.00  80,000.00
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IBM x3650 M4 (7915I4A) Server

 180,000.00  190,000.00
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Sale IBM TS 140 Server

IBM TS 140 Server

 47,000.00  60,000.00
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Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670

 234,999.00  239,999.00
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IBM X3650 M4 (7915IHW) Server

 320,000.00  330,000.00
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Sale IBM x3630M4 (7158IUC) Server | IBM Server Online | IBM X3630 M4 Server For Sale

IBM x3630M4 (7158IUC) Server

 142,000.00  150,000.00

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End to End Enterprise IBM Server Solutions in India:

Buy Enterprise IBM tower/ rack/ blade Servers online on Server Basket at a low price, deliverable all over India. Server basket presents a wide range of IBM Server models with low to high-end configuration to manage competitive incentive workloads for your business applications. Amazing specification list to manage all business IBM servers from startups to huge corporate workstations, where all IBM server models like IBM tower servers, IBM rack servers, and blade servers can be deployed in private or hybrid cloud environment along with security focus. IBM servers are engineered mainly to work on data-intensive workloads, at present and future, to deliver top-end performance and high availability.

The wide range of IBM Power Servers:

Visit our online store to get view wide range of IBM Power Servers to support small-scale enterprises, startups, entrepreneurs, mid-range corporate companies and large-scale enterprises. IBM offers a full range of server architectures, databases, and configurations to meet all your business needs. Efficient, affordable and secure servers are now available at just a click.We have a full range of IBM servers here:-IBM Rack servers like SR530, SR550SR650SR670. IBM Tower servers like ST250ST550. IBM Blade servers like HS23HS23 (7875IO6) and many more

Free Presales Support:

Buying servers are mainly huge investments for most of the people, so we offer free Pre-sales support to all IBM server models available on an online website. Our technical team will understand your business requirements and helps you choose the best IBM server within your budget.

Low to high configuration:

Highly reliable IBM servers from low to high configurations are available on the Server Basket. We give you a tabled list of all types of IBM server configurations from low to high-end servers along with the IBM price list. We have a price list for multi-configuration, a separate segregated list helping you to get the best IBM server. This configuration list is highly useful to all online buyers to choose the exact server based on their requirements.

Ready For Demo:

A free trial IBM server demo is available at your request to efficiently and securely work at the client end. We give great value to your money, so before investing in a server check with your end applications and come to a conclusion before purchase.

Easy Price Comparison:

For an easy understanding of our clients, we have listed IBM servers based server on configurations, specifications, and prices that help you to choose the right IBM server for your business and buy one.

Delivery Anywhere in India:

We offer hassle-free delivery of ordered IBM servers anywhere in India. No need to pay any extra delivery charges from the client end. We have a free delivery service to many cities in India like Mumbai, Noida, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

24X7 Tech Support:

We provide 24/7 365 days round the clock support to accelerate your business performance. if you face any issue with the server, contact our Expertise Technical Team to remotely resolve all kinds of Server-based issues

3 Years Warranty:

Get 3 years Warranty on all the Brand Servers,  Hence, you may get the replacement of Server Parts & Components within the Warranty Period. This way client can get the Complete Server Replacement or Component Setup without any Extra fee.

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