HBA Cards


Do you need to connect your servers to multiple storage devices or external storage enclosures and enhance data communication? An HBA card can effectively connect your desired storage devices with the server system, allow better communication, and reduce the host system’s processor load, improving the host’s performance. Buy HBA cards from Broadcom, Intel, Dell, QLogic, etc., at affordable prices in various models, series, and part numbers at ServerBasket. These cards, supporting SAS, SATA, and FC storage protocols and dual, quad, and single-port configurations, work with several popular server brands, including Dell, Cisco, IBM, and HP. ServerBasket offers genuine warranty support, instant shipping, an easy return policy, a free demo, and 24/7 technical support. Place your order today to grab huge discounts on large orders.


Choose a Suitable HBA Card Model for your Needs

Visit ServerBasket.com for affordable HBA FC cards available in various models, such as Dell Emulex LPE-12000 8Gb FC Single Port,  LPE-12000 8Gb FC Single Port, LPE11002-E 4Gb FC Dual Port, LPe35002 32Gb FC Dual Port, QLE2562 8GB FC Dual Port, and more. Opt for the model that best meets your business requirements.


Single and Dual-port Configurations Available

At the ServerBasket store, the HBA cards are available in various port options—single, quad, and dual-port. With multi-port configuration, they can effortlessly transfer data and make it accessible among connected storage devices The cards are designed for small and medium-to-large busine­sses, enterprises, and data centers, providing enhanced performance and re­dundancy.

Compatibility with Ethernet, FC, SAS and SATA Protocols

HBA cards are categorized by the protocols they support – SATA, SAS, FC, and Ethernet. They bridge serve­rs and storage or network devices via the corresponding connectors, facilitating smooth conne­ctivity and data transmission across multiple systems. They reduce the host processor’s burden when it performs data retrieval and storage tasks.

Pluggable into PCI Express Slots of Host Systems

HBA cards can be plugge­d into a host system’s high-speed PCIe­ slots. The cards deliver high bandwidth and low latency, making the­m perfect for demanding storage­ tasks like database applications, multimedia stre­aming, and scientific computing. PCIe HBA cards connect multiple drives to a single host system, improving the system’s efficiency and re­liability.


Support for Various Platforms and Operating Systems

HBA cards offer smooth and reliable performance on various operating systems and hypervisors. They are compatible with Ubuntu, Solaris, FreeBSD, Windows Server, VMware ESXi, etc. Select a suitable HBA card for your business requirements and your device’s OS or hypervisor. The HBA card ensures a stable performance for virtual machines and security and isolation between them.


Implement Hardware RAID through HBA’s RAID Function

An HBA’s RAID function enables Hardware RAID. This method lets you set up the RAID array within the HBA’s BIOS or UEFI and boot your system from the RAID array. With this, you can create and handle RAID arrays, managing RAID calculations. The RAID function boosts performance while also increasing dependability.


Warranty Support

ServerBasket offers 3 years warranty support on each spare or component. During that period, if you face any failures or defects, we will fix those issues promptly, or replacement will be offered free of charge.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Safe and Quick Delivery

ServerBasket is a top supplier, and our delivery services extend all over India. We deliver our products to Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. We offer safe and on-time door delivery across the Nation. Additionally, we provide an easy 7-day return policy.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Remote Installation & Technical Assistance

If you run into difficulties, reach us immediately through call, text, or live chat. Our dedicated technical support team is available around the clock to help you with technical and installation-related queries. Moreover, we provide live demos.

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