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  • Wide Range of RAMs Available: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
  • Suitable for All Servers
  • Free Remote Installation Help
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What is Server memory?

Server memory is nothing but ECC Memory (Error Correcting Memory). This memory of your workstations or servers can detect and correct common internal data corruption errors. Usually, server memory is a misconception as server storage memory but it's not. It’s usually temporary workspace memory to perform the instructions along with data processing.

Check out the Detailed DDR4 RAM Price List At Server Basket, Buy DDR4/PC4 Server registered memory online at Server Basket in India at low prices. We promise to assist you in boosting up your Dell, HP, Cisco, IBMSuper Micro servers with improved capacity and speed with our DDR4/PC4 server memory. A wide range of DDR4 Server Memory modules with various configurations are available to purchase most relevant one. We also offer easy buyback policy and 7 days return policy for all memory models.

DDR4 Server RAM Price List

64GBDDR42666 MT/sRs. 38,999/-
64GBDDR42400 MT/sRs. 38,999/-
64GBDDR42133 MT/sRs. 38,999/-
32GBDDR42933 MT/sRs. 19,499/-
32GBDDR42666 MT/sRs. 19,499/-
32GBDDR42400 MT/sRs. 19,499/-
32GBDDR42133 MT/sRs. 19,499/-
16GBDDR42666 MT/sRs. 11,099/-
16GBDDR42400 MT/sRs. 11,099/-
16GBDDR42133 MT/sRs. 11,099/-
8GBDDR42666 MT/sRs. 5,899/-
8GBDDR42400 MT/sRs. 5,899/-
8GBDDR42133 MT/sRs. 5,899/-
4GBDDR42133 MT/sRs. 3,299/-
Suitable for Any Server

Suitable for Any Server

We offer you genuine DDR4 Server registered memory suitable to any brand server model like Dell, Hp, Cisco, SuperMicro etc. Our DDR4 Server memory models meet all your server needs including faster delivery speed, reduced power consumption and improved capacity. Check out the available memory configurations and buy the best suitable DDR4 server memory for Servers like Dell R630, R730, HP ML10 Gen9, DL380 Gen9, IBM X3550 M4, X3550 M5, X3650 M5 Server etc, We promise to offer most affordable and easiest way to improve existing server performance. Our DDR4 server register memory is titled with a 1-year warranty to deal with all hardware and software issues.

Any Configuration is Ready

We present a wide range of DDR4 Server memory to upgrade your latest Dell, HP, SuperMicro, CISCO servers. We offer 8GB 16GB, 32GB, 62GB & 128GB memory modules with DDR4-2666, DDR4-2400, DDR4-2133 MHz Speeds. We are ready with any type of configurations to support your high-end servers of Brands like Dell, HP, IBM, SuperMicro Server with faster processing, optimizing speed, minimize TCO, improve efficiency, reduced power expenses, enhance server reliability and everything within your budget. We deal with distinct configurations genuine memory modules and Provide detailed quote as per the updated DDR4 RAM Price List Online at Server Basket

Error Free RDIMM Memory

Our DDR4 Server register memory is equipped with error-free Registered DIMM(Dual in-line memory modules) to maximize your server performance, scalability and reliability. High-density RDIMMs is the most cost-effective way to improve the capacity of your current server, make your deployments quicker and enhanced error correction codes, instead of investing in expensive new servers. Error-free RDIMM memory has inbuilt ECC Parity ensuring to prevent data errors and improve overall server reliability. Hence Investing DDR4 RAM is better option to upgrade the Existing Server to improve its performance

Easy Buy Back Policy

We offer easy buy back policy based on the Updated DDR4 RAM Price List on that particular Date to all the DDR4 server memory modules. You can easily sell your DDR4 Server memory either excess or outdated RAM modules for cash back. Server memory modules have a long lifetime, so most of the times, your preloved or outdated modules may be still useful to many other applications. So, we buy back paying almost 75% of the value. We process the buyback request in just a few minutes, evaluate the memory and offer a quote. We pay your shipping and you get paid.

7 Days Return Back Policy

We also guarantee 7 days return back policy for the DDR4 server memory modules, in case of any dissatisfaction from the customer end. If you face any problem with the memory for 7 days, we return back your money as per the quote of DDR4 RAM price or replace the product as requested by the customer. Please confirm with all the term and conditions of our return back policy, detailed by our customer support team and proceed to return the product back. We always try to offer you most genuine and perfect working server memory, but in case of any discomfort, we are really sorry.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We offer DDR4 Server memory at lowest possible prices. All our price lists are detailed with configurations and offer prices of all the server memory modules. We showcase transparent pricing on our pricelists offering genuine DDR4 server memory to your servers. Just compare our DDR4 memory pricelists with other online vendors, we bet that no one can match our cheapest prices.
7 Days Return Back Policy

Free Delivery All Over India

We deliver your product at free of cost all over India to any city Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna, Noida, Bhopal, Mysore, Indore, Ahmedabad etc. We offer your hassle-free shopping experience at Server Basket by delivering your DDR4 Memory in a safe and secure manner. On time delivery is quite challenging but we face it with ease. We do offer free shipping even during buyback process and return policy.

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Rehan Khan

    I work on data-intensive projects and need to buy DDR RAM as soon as possible. Thanks to SB’s speed delivery, I could get the RAM in 2 days. The buying process and payment transaction is also very quick. Great experience!!

  2. 08

    by piyush jain

    Server Basket comes up with the ideal server RAM prices. The buying process is quick thanks to the support team who helped me choose the best RAM module that suits my workflows. The entire process is completed quickly and comfortably.

  3. 08

    by Shinto Paul

    I am a designer and am in need of a high quality DDR4 server memory to process my workflows. Server Basket gave me multiple options and explained how they support my workload. Their support helped me find a perfect RAM.

  4. 08

    by Kumar Kadepalli

    I am in need of RAM memory DDR4 at reasonable prices for my Dell server and came across the SB page. Their prices are really reasonable compared to other website’s RAM memory prices. The team is very friendly and responsive.

  5. 08

    by Chandan Chauhan

    When other websites keep increasing the DDR4 RAM prices, Server Basket has the best offers on all its DDR4 server memory models. I bought 16GB DDR4 RAM for my HP server and it is working without any issues.

  6. 08

    by Nitin Bhoutekar

    Great product quality. The 16GB DDR4 RAM price and 32GB DDR4 RAM price are as desired and their working and performance is very good. The DDR4 RAM is delivered at our place on-time and is in perfect condition.

  7. 08

    by Rajapandian

    Server Basket has the best support team. They considered all my requests and suggested this high-performance DDR4 memory module. They offered a high discount and even pushed my order up to express delivery. I had a very great buying experience.

  8. 08

    by Anjula Patel

    Server Basket is the best choice to buy memory at reasonable prices. Order is safely delivered in time. The support team is really helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend it to everyone!!


What server are DDR4 RAM capacities available at Server Basket?

We have an excellent collection of high-quality DDR4 server memory ranging from 4GB to 64GB capacities from the most popular server memory brands. We even come up with cost-effective 32GB DDR4 RAM prices and 16GB DDR4 RAM prices.

What are the advantages of DDR4 over DDR3?

DDR4 memory is faster than DDR3 memory. It is more energy-efficient as it can run only at 1.2V in comparison to DDR3's 1.35V or 1.5V. So, DDR4 enables more power savings and allows operations without requiring high power and cooling. DDR4 has higher clock speed also.

Do you provide any additional discount on bulk orders?

Yes, we provide additional discounts on your order for bulk quantities of DDR4 memory. Our prices of the memory modules are already affordable. Yet, we offer extra discounts on your bulk orders as we value our customers and our long-lasting relationships with them.

Are the prices displayed on the pricelist fixed?

We came up with the best DDR4 RAM prices compared to others in the market. Our RAM memory prices are fixed, but we do have special server RAM prices for bulk orders. Contact us to know about the available offers.

Can I install this DDR4 RAM in a DDR3 RAM slot?

No, you cannot install a RAM memory DDR4 in a DDR3 RAM slot on any server model. Every DDR model has a shape which differs from another, and the DDR4 memory is not backward compatible with the DDR3 server RAMs.

Do you accept only DDR4 memory for the buyback?

No, we accept all types, models, and brands of memory from our users in the buyback. The buyback cost is dependent on the age, model, working as well as physical condition of the memory module you wish to sell us.

Do these DDR4 RAMs come with a warranty?

If you buy DDR RAM from us, it definitely is backed up by a warranty. In the case of DDR4 RAMs, they are backed up by a one-year warranty period. We also provide extended warranty on our DDR4 server memory.

Can you suggest to me the memory configuration if I mention my work requirements?

Yes, we can suggest the memory configuration and capacity you’ll need based on your work requirements. Our technical team can help you with that. All you have to do is to mention your work requisites and wait for the RAM.

Is the price mentioned in this list inclusive of GST? 

The price for DDR4 memory mentioned in this list is not inclusive of GST. When you purchase the memory module of your choice, taxes will be added in the final billing. The GST added will be the government authorized value of tax specified for such products.

What would be the shipping charges? Are they included or do I need to pay additional charges?

Shipping charges are not included in the price list of DDR4 server memory. You will have to pay them extra. And they would depend on your location and its distance from our shipping center. However, the shipping charges will not be high but nominal.

What is the Buy Back Policy?

We have a convenient buy back policy in place for you so that you can gain financially on your DDR4 memory module that is either outdated or you want to upgrade it. We buy them and pay you at least 75% of their value. We pay the shipping for you.

How should I contact you for technical help or assistance?

You can contact us through Call, Email, WhatsApp, or LiveChat based on your convenience. Our team stays online 24/7 to assist you with any type of technical help you facing on your server memory.

How much do we need to pay for an extended warranty?

There is no fixed value you have to pay for an extended warranty generally. Its cost would depend upon the kind of service you would want to avail in the warranty primarily. The extended warranties we offer are not highly priced but are affordable for you.

What are the payment options?

There are multiple convenient options we offer to pay the bills for your purchases from us. They include payments via debit cards, credit cards, Paytm account, PayPal account, or the other UPI methods available. All these payment options offer complete security and allow you peace of mind.

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