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Boost up your server performance by upgrading memory space with our HP server memory modules. Check out our HP server memory pricing list to have a glance at various configurations such as 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB memories with 90 warranty and free shipping to your desired location. We offer fully tested memory modules at lowest prices and along with easy buyback policy. Why late? Order Now…

Any Configuration Ready

We offer you the extensive range of HP server Memory with distinct configuration ranges and compatibility versions. We have both brand new and refurbished HP server memory options on price list to suit your applications needs and budget limitations. Our configuration expands up to 16GB-128GB memory and various server memories like DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, PC4. Our price list includes HP 32GB 805351-B21, HP 16GB DDR4-2133, HP 16GB 805349-B21, HP 32GB X4 DDR4-2133, HP 8GB X8 DDR4-2400, HP32GB Quad Rank memory kits.

Multiple Brands

We present you various models of HP Server Memory with inbuilt original memory modules from multiple leading brands. Hp generally doesn’t make server memory, they only buy and label it. In all the HP server memory modules, the original factory memory is manufactured by Samsung, Micron, SK Hynix and Kingston. Usually, all the server memory modules worldwide are built by only these brands. They deliver efficient, reliable and guaranteed compatible memory models to all devices at low-cost prices.

Error Free Grade A Quality

Don’t compromise on quality. Buy A grade best quality HP server memory from our website to manage your IT assets. We offer you high-quality memory modules that are made to undergo rigorous quality testing conditions and reliability checks to be compatible with your HP Servers. We promise to offer your error-free memory kit to boost up your server performance. We ensure that you undergo the uniquely rewarding experience with our best memory modules.

Easy Buyback Policy

If you are desiring to sell you’re used or excess HP memory for cash? We are here to offer you an easy Buyback policy for your unused HP memory, offering you the best deal and good life cycle to the e wastage, saving the environment. Contact our support team, requesting the quote for selling memory and get one instantly specifying brand, price, and specifications. Upload your specification list and get buyback prices immediately.

Lowest Price

We offer HP server memory at lowest prices to save 50% of your earnings. Pricing list clearly mentioned you detailed market prices of every server memory. You can easily compare our memory prices with other vendors and we bet that you will surely choose server basket for your next memory upgrade purchases. We ensure the highest level of compatibility with our superior quality server memory modules at cost effective prices

Free Delivery

We offer free instant delivery to customer requested location anywhere in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, etc. we promise to deliver within 4 business days at your doorstep safely and securely without any additional charges from the customer end. We offer you a hassle-free online shopping experience.

HP Server Memory Price List:

CapacityModule DescriptionPricePart NumberBuy Now
16GBHP 16GB/2Rx4/DDR3-10600RRs. 16,099/-647883-B21
8GBHP 8GB/2Rx8/DDR3-12800ERs. 10,999/-669324-B21
16GBHP 16GB/2Rx4 DDR3-12800RRs. 16,399/-672631-B21
16GBHP 16GB/2Rx4 DDR3-14900RRs. 17,299/-708641-B21
16GBHP 16GB/2Rx4 DDR3-12800RRs. 14,399/-713985-B21
4GBHP 4GB/1Rx8 DDR4-2133P-RRs. 8899/-726717-B21
8GBHP 8GB/1Rx4 DDR4-2133P-RRs. 9999/-726718-B21
16GBHP 16GB/2Rx4 DDR4-2133P-RRs. 16,199/-726719-B21
16GBHP 16GB/2Rx4 DDR4-2133P-LRs. 18,399/-726720-B21
32GBHP 32GB/4Rx4 DDR4-2133P-LRs. 33,999/-726722-B21
32GBHP 32GB/2Rx4 DDR42133P-RRs. 38,799/-728629-B21
4GBHP 4GB/1Rx8 DDR4-2133P-RRs. 8,499/-803026-B21
8GBHP 8GB/1Rx4 DDR4-2133P-RRs. 8,699/-803028-B21
8GBHPE 8GB/1Rx8 DDR4-2400T-RRs. 8,499/-805347-B21
16GBHPE 16GB/1Rx4 DDR4-2400T-RRs. 16,199/-805349-B21
32GBHPE 32GB/2Rx4 DDR4-2400T-RRs. 28, 799/-805351-B21
32GBHPE 32GB/2Rx4 DDR4-2400T-LRs. 32,899/-805353-B21
64GBHPE 64GB/4Rx4 DDR4-2400T-LRs. 58,799/-805358-B21
4GBHPE 4GB/1Rx8 DDR4-2133P-ERs. 8,799/-805667-B21
8GBHPE 8GB/2Rx8 DDR4-2133P-ERs. 8999/-805669-B21
16GBHPE 16GB/2Rx8 DDR4-2133P-ERs. 16199/-805671-B21
8GBHPE 8GB/1Rx8 DDR4-2133P-E
Rs. 8,399/-819880-B21
4GBHP 4GB/1Rx8 DDR4-12800ERs. 8,799/-
16GBHPE 16GB/2Rx4 DDR4-2400T-RRs. 15,499/-836220-B21
8GBHPE 8GB/1Rx8 DDR4-2400T-RRs. 8,799/-851353-B21
8GBHPE 8GB/1Rx8 DDR4-2666V-RRs. 11,499/-815097-B21
16GBHPE 16GB/1Rx4 DDR4-2666V-RRs. 19,699/-815098-B21
16GBHPE 16GB/2Rx8 DDR4-2666V-RRs. 19,699/-835955-B21
32GBHPE 32GB/2Rx4 DDR4-2666V-RRs. 37,799/-815100-B21
64GBHPE 64GB/4Rx4 DDR4-2666V-LRs. 74,799/-815101-B21

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