10G SFP Modules


Are you frustrated with network congestion and data delays? ServerBasket, a trusted partner in your growth, promises to offer reliability-focused 10G SFP modules. Tap your network’s full potential with the 10G SFP transceivers, seamless in their compatibility. These modules are designed to suit server and network hardware from all top brands, including Cisco, HP, Huawei, Netgear, Finisar, Intel, Juniper, Brocade, MikroTik, Dell, Ubiquiti, and Syrotech.

The modules facilitate long-reach and short-distance communication in single and multi modes. Whatever your networking objective, they work magic with a spectrum of distances between 300m to 80km. The channel interface of 10G SFP modules accepts connectivity with both fiber and copper (RJ45) cables. Discover the perfect 10G modules sold at ServerBasket. We have a selection of module types SFP-10G-LR SFP-10G-SR, SFP-10G-LR-S and SFP-10G-SR-S for your convenience. Order today to avail yourself of digital installation assistance, swift & safe delivery, a 90-day warranty, and an always-available technical help desk.


Various Brands of 10G SFP Modules Available

Purchase high-quality, affordable 10G Ethernet SFP modules from top brands, including Cisco, Huawei, Dell, Intel, Juniper, Mellanox, and more. These are quality-certified modules, offering unparalleled performance for an unmatched networking experience. They ensure secure, uninterrupted data transmission without latency issues for a smooth performance.


Compatible with Multiple Types of Networking Equipment

Get 10G SFP modules offering seamless compatibility with various networking equipment. The 10G SFP+ modules offer greater density per chassis. They have multiple connectivity options for data centers while providing signal amplification for effective data transmission. They ensure lower power disruption and costs.

Ideal for Enterprise and Data Center Networks

ServerBasket’s collection of 10G SFP optical fiber modules is highly suitable for enterprise and data center networks. It has unmatched data transfer rates with higher I/O bandwidth. It also features Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM) to monitor optical transceivers’ performance in real-time for glitch-free operation.

Wide Operating Temperature & Distance Ranges

The hot-pluggable 10G SFP SR modules support a wide range of operating temperatures and distances. They enable seamless short-range and long-reach communication by leveraging single and multiple modes to match your end-use cases. You can get the desired configuration for your networking requirements.


RoHS Compliant Modules for Reduced Environmental Impact

Buy RoHS compliant 10G SFP modules from top brands. These are environment-friendly equipment, which makes them ideal for modern-day data centers. They ensure minimal environmental impact during and beyond their lifetime use. Moreover, they are also compliant with MSA (Multiple Source Agreement).


Reliable and Optimized Network Performance

Experience high-end network performance with improved responsiveness, resilience, and reliability only with our collection of 10G SFP modules. They effectively integrate into your business platform and the hot-swappable feature enables them to accommodate varying equipment without disrupting the existing infrastructure. Experience negligible latency with these modules.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Free Installation & Technical Support

ServerBasket is committed to providing you with the best customer support. We are available 24/7 to offer you technical and installation assistance free of cost. You can connect with us through call or chat to avail help.

Secure And Instant Delivery

Quick Delivery in India

Our logistics outreach enables us to quickly deliver the SFP module to the desired location in India at the earliest. Get early delivery to your doorstep with our services. We also facilitate an easy return policy.


Warranty Assurance

Get a long-term warranty coverage only with ServerBasket. We cover hardware issues under our warranty policy. Get free repairs and replacements if you face any problems. Enjoy high-end performance at low prices only with SB.

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