Finisar SFP Modules


Are you looking for reliable SFP modules to boost your network infrastructure affordably? Discover the features and range of Finisar SFP modules at ServerBasket, available at the lowest prices. The module segment is famous for its industry reputation and diverse product portfolio. The modules for sale include part numbers FTLX1471D3BTL, FTLX8574D3BCV, FTLF1421P1BCL, FWLF-1631-59, FTLF1424P2BCL, and more. The Finisar SFP transceivers are operational in single and multi modes and available in LR, SR, SFP+, QSFP+, and QSFP28 types. The copper modules are trusted and economical in the collection of Finisar SFP modules. They function at wavelengths ranging from 850nm to 1610nm and conduct data transfers at speeds of 2Gb, 8Gb, 10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb, or 100Gb, covering 180km as the longest distance, starting from 1m. ServerBasket, a trustworthy e-commerce store, certifies that the modules are tested for performance and genuineness. Further, we validate the modules with a 90-day warranty and assist you with endless technical support.


Efficient Fiber & Copper Modules for Reliable Communication

Get the best deals and low prices on fiber and copper Finisar SFP transceiver modules. Based on operating temperature, distance range, and speed requirements, you can choose to establish seamless, reliable communication. They facilitate uninterrupted network performance for targeted end-use in your data center.


Networking Solutions for Varied Distances

With the ideal balance of Finisar SFP modules’ price and performance, it offers smooth interoperability. These modules can transmit data between the distance range of 1km to 180km. It ensures seamless data transfer, while eliminating latency or I/O bottlenecks, even when covering longer distances.

Enhanced Network Speed and Performance

Finisar transceivers are the best-in-market SFP solutions to innovate your networking platform. They are RoHS compliant, and play a leading role in transforming telecommunications and data communications equipment. They offer a significant boost in network speed and performance to help unlock competitiveness.

Support for Various Connectors and Applications

Finisar 10G SFP+ modules support a range of connectors and applications. Based on cable type, it supports various types of connectors, including LC, SC, and RJ-45 connectors. Some of the application areas of these SFP modules include point-to-point networking (PON), HD audio and video file transmission, among others.


Compact Size and Hot Pluggable

Finisar SFP modules are compact-sized, with small form factor. They are, hence ideal for space-constrained networking environments and devices. These are hot-swappable input/output devices supporting improved redundancy and performance. Despite their compact size, they allow high-density installations.


Smart Real-time Monitoring with Enhanced DDM Function

Finisar SFP modules come with enhanced Digital Diagnostic Monitoring or DDM function. Thus, they facilitate intelligent and smooth real-time monitoring to fine-tune various parameters. These include temperature, I/O levels, laser bias current and supply voltage, among others.You can easily monitor these in real time.


Assured Warranty Cover

Get comprehensive warranty coverage on Finisar SFP modules extending to 90 days. Within this warranty period, we cover all faulty hardware performance. We deal in QA-certified, high-quality SFP modules.

Secure And Instant Delivery

Quick, Safe Delivery

We are committed to delivering your SPF module to your doorstep soon. We ship it in safe packaging once you successfully place the order. At SB, we also offer our customers with an easy returns policy.

Free Testing and Trial

Constant Customer Support

ServerBasket prioritizes customer satisfaction above all. We are dedicated to providing you with 24/7 dedicated customer service. Contact us to resolve your queries and ensure smooth operation continuously immediately.

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