3D Design / Animation Workstations

 92,000.00 100,000.00 (-8%)

  • Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
  • NVidia Graphics card
  • Multi-Core Processors
  • Large Memory Capacities
  • Max Storage: 22TB
  • 99% Energy Saver Workstation
  • Instant Shipping Available
  • 3 Yrs. Warranty
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Are you an artist or a creative professional who works with animation and 3D design applications round the clock? Do you need reliable and efficient computer systems that can enhance the output of your 3D and animation workflows? Workstations, specially built with the technologies meant for high-end graphics and consisting of multi-core processors and large memory capacities are the best solutions for you. Server Basket offers workstations with advanced GPUs and graphics features to help you boost your productivity for the design and animation workloads. We have workstations from popular brands like HP and Dell that are compatible with many design softwares. They are ideal machines for video designers and support real-time visualization and simulation. They have huge storage capacities and provisions for optional RAID for better data safety. Our hi-tech 3D design and animation workstations utilize unique image manipulation and 3D techniques to deliver the best results for your video and audio-visual tasks.

Boost Your 3D Design Workflows

3D and animation workflows are challenging and demand advanced and effective system hardware. You can choose the right solution for your needs from the wide variety of high-performance workstations we have. They are backed with the most advanced NVIDIA or AMD GPUs, powerful Intel processors, and large memory and storage capacities, taking your design workflow performance to the next level.

Compatible with Leading Designing Softwares

We have top-performing workstations from the best-known brands like HP, Lenovo. Fujitsu and Dell. These machines, built for design workloads, are compatible with all leading 3D modeling, design, and animation softwares like Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo, Unity, Autodesk 3ds Max, Houdini, Blender, ZBrush, Lightwave 3D, or Unreal Engine. You can now rely on our powerful workstations for your creative ambitions.

Purpose-Built for Video Designers

Video designers and editors in the creative fields of media and entertainment do not only need creative minds but also efficient and high-performance systems to create the best videos. Our workstations are purpose-built for video designers and are optimized for high graphics throughput. They have essentially huge capacities for RAM and the fastest SSDs, high-end GPUs, and multi-core processors.

Supports Real Time Visualization & Simulation

Real-time visualization and simulation involve the use of some special software and hardware systems called image generators that transform raw data into realistic displays. These graphic exhibits are generated in real-time as the virtual environment moves about. Our design workstations support all such softwares and platforms and help you create and run wonderfully visualized and simulated displays.

Optional RAID for Data Safety

Our animation workstations come with huge storage capacities and backup options. They also provide a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) options to ensure more safety for your data. RAID technology allows storage of data across different hard drives and harnessing their integrated capacity to achieve data redundancy. This helps in preventing data loss and improving performance in many cases.

Powered by High End CPU & GPUs

These workstations are powered by high-technology GPUs and CPUs with high clock speeds, ideal for 3D design and animation workflows. These are not generic workstations but are designed based on your specific design and a creative workflow to maximize the output of your day-to-day work. These frequency-enhanced pro workstations with their exceptional performance will effortlessly instill life in your creations.

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