Are you looking for sturdy server bezels to protect your server and its drives?If so, visit, where you can choose from a variety of bezel alternatives to acquire the design you want. Along with hiding controls and safeguarding hard drives from removal or damage, a server bezel a degree of security to your server. It’s a fantastic method to give your data center an updated, branded appearance. It is advantageous for businesses that offer tours of their data centers or have openly accessible server rooms.With Server Basket, you can be sure that you are getting the best server bezel for your setup at a very reasonable price. Please get in touch with us right away for additional information. 

Bezels Price List

Dell Power Edge R730xd Bezels2UServer Front Bezel with Key, DELL R540, DELL R740, DELL R740xd
  • Rs. 3,999/-
HP DL180 Gen9 2U Security Bezel2UHP DL180 Gen9 2U Security Bezel Kit, HP DL180 Security Bezel for DL180 G9,
  • Rs. 5,499/-
HP DL320E Bezel Cable Gen81UHP DL320e Gen8 2-Pin Left Bezel Cable, HP DL320E Gen8 Bezel Cable for HP DL320e G8
  • Rs. 1,299/-
HP DL360 GEN9 1U Security Bezel1UHP DL360 Gen9 1U Security Bezel, HP DL360 Security Bezel for DL360 G9, DL160 G8, DL320E G8, DL360E G8, DL360P G8
  • Rs. 8,999/-
HP ML350 Tower Bezel Gen9TowerHP ML350 Gen9 Tower Security Bezel, HP ML350 Gen9 Tower Bezel for ML350 Gen9
  • Rs. 9,999/-

Choose from Many Available Server Bezel Brands and Types

If you’re looking for a large selection of authentic server bezels, we have a vast range of HP server bezels and Dell server bezels that are all made for particular server models. We let you know that the right bezel is available and that it works with your server.


Fit Various Server Models with Precision

Check out the bezels we have in stock that are all precisely sized to fit different server types and configurations. We provide custom Supermicro bezels with branding, labeling, or color-coding for use in business, assisting IT staff in easily identifying and managing servers in a crowded and complicated data center environment.

Protect Your Servers with Durable Panels

In addition to covering buttons and shielding the server from dust and debris, SB sells a server front bezel made of more durable panels that will provide additional security to your server. The power switch, status lights, and other ports can also be mounted there.

Improve Server Airflow and Cooling Efficiency

Modern server bezels are created to improve airflow through the server parts, assisting in temperature control and maintaining the durability and dependability of the machinery. With the improved airflow design, the chassis is effectively cooled, the performance is stable, the cost of cooling is reduced, and the product longevity is increased.


Made with Durable Materials for Long-lasting Usage

A great way to give your data center an updated, branded look is with a custom server bezel. Our bezels are uniquely designed to match the required dimensional specifications for your server and created using the cutting-edge Amada turret laser. It is built of a sturdy, long-lasting aluminum alloy of the highest grade.


Customization Options for Data Center Servers

Have you ever thought about modifying the bezel on your servers? Any server bezel can be completely customized with a made-to-order design for your data center. Choose from a variety of colors, hole patterns, and badge placements to let it mark your servers. Built with premium components that guarantee a good fit and server compatibility.


Backed by a Reliable Warranty

Buy personalized server bezel from Server Basket, your go-to place for high-quality items at competitive costs, to add some style to your server. We offer a wide variety of server bezels that can shield your server’s discs and other components, and our 90-day part replacement warranty covers each one.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Free Setup and Technical Support

Your bezels will be already established and prepared for installation on your servers. Are you still unclear about compatibility and need assistance? Our technical support staff is available by phone or email around the clock. We are pleased to provide you with a free setup so that you can get the style you want.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Fast and Safe Shipping Across India

Your bezels will be delivered in 3 or 4 business days; you need not worry about their safety. With the aid of reputable courier services, we send our goods across India without delay and with the utmost safety measures.

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