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Are you looking for a store to buy affordable and durable HPE server bezels? Explore the fantastic range of HPE server bezels at the ServerBasket store in India with multiple part numbers for your HPE ProLiant, Apollo, MSA, and Alletra servers. Ensure efficient and secure server operation and improve the appearance and UI features with reliable bezels. Customize your HPE server’s physical protection, aesthetics, security, airflow management, noise reduction, status indication, rack compatibility, port customization, etc., by deploying a bezel you choose. SB store offers all styles of bezels with exclusive limited-time deals with the benefits of a free live demo, a 7-day returns policy, multiple payment options, 30 days credit, and so on.


Wide Range of HPE Server Bezel Models

Shop at ServerBasket for durable HPE server bezels. We offer a broad collection of HPE server bezel models for HP DL180 Gen9, DL320E, DL360 Gen9, DL380, DL380 Gen9 2U, ML350 Tower Bezel Gen9, and more servers at affordable prices. For more information, talk to our tech support team.


Improve Server Appearance and Asset Security

Improve server appearance and security with HPE server bezels available in black, gray, and silver. With enhanced asset security, bezels prevent unauthorized access by locking mechanisms to secure data. Select the bezel that matches the server chassis to give your HPE server a professional look.

Front Panel Solutions for Server Hardware Management

Choose HPE server bezels with several front-panel options for managing server hardware, such as power buttons, connectors, and status LEDs. The status of OS, temperature, server functioning, server health, and errors are more accessible with a bezel. Bezels also allow you to switch the server on or off and connect to external devices.

Custom Bezel Options for HP Server Branding and Security

You can customize your HPE server appearance to include your company name, logos, and other branding elements with the HPE server bezels that promote brand awareness and identity. Fabricated with multiple security features such as tamper detection sensors and locking mechanisms, they guard your servers against physical damages caused by accidental drops or intentional breaches.


Various Front Panel Styles for Utility in Data Center Servers

Our store offers standard, security, ventilated, toolless, modular, rack-mount, display, etc., bezels for small businesses, home offices, and data center HPE servers. Enable adequate airflow in and out of your server with ventilated bezels featuring vents for optimal thermal management. LCD bezels display server information, and security bezels offer a locking mechanism.


LCD/LED Screen Option to View and Change Settings

Find HPE server bezels with LCD or LED screen options at pocket-friendly prices. The LCD/LED screen of the bezels helps you with information on health monitoring, hardware status, and errors. Besides, the screen enables interaction with aspects such as UI, status indicators, interactive controls, customization, and diagnostics, helping the user with basic troubleshooting.


Reliable Warranty Coverage

We offer a 90-day warranty on each spare or component purchase to gain customer trust in our products and services. If you detect any errors or defects during the window period, they will be fixed or replaced free of charge.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Quick Delivery Anywhere in India

ServerBasket’s shipping service is available across cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and others in India. The same-day shipping model ensures a timely door delivery, considering your critical and urgent business needs.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Installation & Technical Support

Feel free to contact us through call, email, or live chat for queries or help. Our skilled technical staff is available around the clock to assist you with technical or IT-related issues, a free demo of the spare, deployment help, etc.

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