SAN Storage Servers

SAN Storage Server

Storage is basically the most important criteria one looks for on purchasing a server. SANs storage servers are one of that kind servers that organizations of all sizes look for. Storage Area Networks (SANs) is to increase storage utilization availability, i.e. multiple hosts penetrating the storage devices, empowering application performance and availability to strengthen security and data protection competence. Avail the best SAN storage servers from Server Basket which are powered with some advanced features and are quoted as the most powerful servers. These servers are available at the cheaper prices compared to any other online stores.

Wide Variety of Servers

A wide range of SAN storage servers is available from Server Basket. SANs deliver high reliability, high scalability in section-level storage solutions. Each of the servers is different from each other’s configurations. Boost your organization’s data storage levels by choosing the best SAN storage servers from the list of servers available from Server Basket. These enterprise-rich features make SAN the storage solution of choice for today’s organizational needs.

Powerful Configuration

The configuration of these SANs storage servers power the storage utility, this is, of course, the major criteria of any large or small enterprises look for since increased storage utilization rates often cut down storage cost of ownership whereas multiple security features and reliability features promise on mission-critical data will always be protected and available. SAN storage servers are best described as powerful servers.

Advanced Centralised Backup

Managing backups is very cumbersome and time-consuming. Advanced centralized backups work well in cases like, suppose you have 20 different tape drives on your 20 different servers, and you are managing them all individually. This consumes a lot of time and wastage of power. If this is stabilized on centralized storage, then you can centralize your backup solution which is much easier to manage. Storage systems can also backup to remote disk rather than tape which reduces space requirements too. Advanced centralised backups make backups easier and simpler. This can be greatly achieved with SAN storage servers.

Proper Disk Utilisation

The main benefit of SAN storage servers is that with its centralized storage system, we do not complain about any problem. Since we have one centralized pool of storage, where you can slice it up and distribute it to the different servers, depending on what amount of space you want to pool in and also easily change it whenever required. Basically, you can do it by causing no disputes. This saves up a lot of money in buying physical storage disks. It is rather suggested to invest in SAN storage servers from Server Basket and end up saving even more.

Thin Provisioning Model

Thin provisioning advances the efficiency with which the space available is used properly in storage area networks (SAN). Thin Provisioning conducts by designating adequate disk storage space in a highly flexible manner based on the minimum space required at any given time. This is directly related to disk utilization. This gives a scope to utilize the available disk space when is a necessity.

Benefits of Deduplication

Deduplication gives additional storage efficiency. If you have got multiple servers, all using the same centralized storage and the blocks on disk are repeated then you can remove those duplicate blocks and keep only one copy. Similarly, you can suppress the file to reduce the amount of space used and get the same benefit.

Instant Quote Proposal

Based on the requirements and the customizable configuration of the server, we offer an instant quote to the customers, including a detailed list which prescribes the cost of everything that is related to the server. This gives the customers a clear idea on how much they need invest and how genuine the pricing is. We follow no trick on this, we only care for customers satisfactory shopping with Server Basket!

24/7 Support Team

Technical assistance is offered round the clock, resolving any issues raised, you don’t have to panic for a really long time since we try to fix it as soon as possible. Our technical team is well qualified and experienced in solving any kind of issue related to hardware failure, firmware crash, security issues of servers, etc. We support your queries even after the warranty expires.

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