1G SFP Modules


Do you wish to facilitate faster communication between your network components and switches? For seamless data transmission, you can use 1Gb SFP modules from popular brands like HP, Cisco, Juniper, Intel, Syrotech, Ubiquiti, and many others. These modules can be used with various copper and fiber channel cables to enhance the overall network functionality when connected to routers and Ethernet switches. 1Gb SFP transceivers are hot-swappable and support many data rates depending on your chosen type; they could be multi-mode, single-mode, SX, LX, EX and ZX. Their compact small form factor is perfect for areas that cannot be accessed easily. They can have wavelengths ranging from 850nm to 1310 nm. The single-mode SFPs can transmit data with a higher wavelength for a long reach, anywhere between 10 km to 200 km. Server Basket offers 1GB SFP modules for sale on their platform with attractive deals and discounts. Place your order immediately to enjoy ultra-fast shipping, assured warranty, remote installation, quality services, and 24/7 technical support. It doesn’t get better than this!


Choose Suitable 1G SFP Module from Multiple Brands

Server Basket is your one-stop online place for exploring a large assortment of 1G SFP modules from various manufacturers. Our 1G SFP transceiver devices are expertly tested and made as portable, hot-pluggable optical modules that are often utilized in a variety of data transmission and telecommunication contexts.


MSA Compliant, Interoperable Modules

When used on optical networking devices with suitable SFP ports, the 1G SFP LX transceiver modules conform with the SFP Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA). The industry-standard MSA allows the end user to monitor the SFP’s characteristics in real-time. These modules, like the dual-rate 100M/1G 10 KM SFP, are interoperable and offer DOM features.

Low Power Consumption and Reliable Switching Functionality

1G SFP transceiver’s low power consumption makes it perfect for use on Gigabit Ethernet communication lines between ISPs, enterprise and data center LAN and SAN networks, and other optical communications. Gigabit switches may also be connected to a broad range of fiber and Ethernet connections through SFP connectors, expanding switching capabilities across the network.

Long-distance Transmission Capabilities

In order to get connectivity over longer distances, consider our 1G LX SFP modules, which we are committed to providing as a reliable network solution. Variable in specifications, SFP transceivers are a simple and affordable option, capable of transmitting data across distances ranging from 2 km to 80 km.


Hot-swappable and Compact Design

While offering a high-speed performance to improve network connection, the small form factor of SFP module 1G frees up room in your network configuration. Moreover, the hot-swappable network interface streamlines serviceability and increases uptime. It ensures minimal downtime by enabling simple installation and replacement without interfering with network operations.


LED Indicators for Link Status

Inbuilt LEDs on the SFP module 1G and ports indicate their overall power status, detect problems, and give the booting status during the power-up state. The connection has two LEDs: one on the left shows the link’s activity or link status, while the other on the right shows the link’s duplex state.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Technical and Installation Support

For any installation or technical support needs, get in touch with our multilingual round-the-clock support staff, and we’ll be happy to assist you and your company. The Server Basket service is designed to provide the essential components for your networking connections.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Fast and Safe Delivery

As a business, we have gathered an extensive client base from all over the globe. Server Basket has years of expertise delivering 1G SFP modules to your door in the quickest, safest manner possible and without charging you a fee.


Secure Warranty Cover

Fortunately, you can get the 1G SFP module at a very competitive price with a guaranteed secure warranty right now, based on the many affordable alternatives that suit you and your business needs from now to the future.

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