Network Switches


Do you want to increase your network’s bandwidth, speed, and capacity?
Network switches allow you to attain all these with their smart and reliable features while connecting applications, equipment, and users across a network.
These network appliances are like multiport network bridges and function in the data connection layer or layer 2 of the OSI model to transmit, receive, or forward messages or files over the network, connecting other network devices using packet switching. When you purchase a server switch from Server Basket, our support team will explain all the fundamental features and benefits of each switch and even demonstrate their functioning to show how they can expand capacity, lower costs, boost bandwidth, enhance security, and more. We offer a broad range of network switches to help you buy network switch of your choice at an incredibly low price so you get a switch that best suits your networking requirements.


Choose from Various Brands and Models

Switches are a necessary part of every network. You can buy your network switch at SB, choosing from many top brands and models in various sizes and configurations. We make your selection easier by providing the best switches for your networking and company growth needs.

Boost Network Efficiency and Optimize Bandwidth

Why do you need a network switch? Network switches enable efficient connectivity, speed, and usability among network devices by automating link connections. As they offer some degree of control over how data is transported, they also help increase network efficiency and optimize bandwidth, creating a more dependable and secure network.


Easy Returns, Hard-to-miss Discounts and Benefits

SB store lines up many amazing benefits for you. Our returns policy is flawless and assures your investment safety supporting you untill your network needs are perfectly answered. We are sincere in our discounts and benefits as they are exclusive and customer-focused.

Multiple Speed Variants (1G, 10G, 100G)

When setting up your corporate network, know that Ethernet switches are available with different network speed variations, such as 1G Switch, 10G Switch, and 100G Switch. An Ethernet Switch establishes a LAN of linked devices at the most basic level. It could be an effective means of acceleration for your network.


Suitable for Home, Enterprise, and Data Center Use

You may buy network switch online for use in data centers, business networks, and home offices. We provide high-quality switches developed for performance and durability and specifically designed to handle high traffic in various network scenarios, so you may build a network that works anywhere.


High-performance Switches at Low Costs

Please find the most affordable used network switch for sale on our website and maximize network bandwidth at a minimal price. Select network switches that will provide performance, flexibility, and security while also being appropriate for your company. They adapt to the needs of shifting workloads and are scalable.

Fastest Delivery Across India

Fast Delivery to Any Location in India

Shop online for network switches from leading companies suitable for any application. We provide free delivery of your order to any location in India. Professionals test all products before being shipped out so that we can guarantee your complete satisfaction with each sale.

qualified support team

24/7 Support for Solving Technical Issues

When you purchase network switches from an authorized supplier like us, you can keep your IT and company on track. Receive basic technical support provided to you and your company around the clock by phone and online remote diagnostics. You will receive immediate assistance and discover solutions to your questions.

90 Days Warranty

Covered with Trusted Warranty

Not only is our network switch price the lowest compared to other dealers, but it also comes with a reliable guarantee. It seems exciting, right? By any chance, if there is a defect or the switch does not function, we’ll replace it at no additional cost.

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