POE Ethernet Switches


Do you require an efficient PoE switch at a low cost to enable remote-powered devices using one Ethernet cable? ServerBasket offers inexpensive Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, MikroTik, Dell, and other PoE switches in its online store. These compact-sized switches are ideal for small to large-scale businesses that require continuous remote power and network connectivity; they are reliable for data centers, enterprises, and cloud-based environments. They are available in multiple port sizes, starting from 4 to 8, 10, 16, 24, and 48, and in different types, namely, RJ45, SFP, and SFP+. They are simple to install and configure, reduce power consumption, improve flexibility, and increase scalability. Purchase high-quality managed, unmanaged, or smart PoE Switches at ServerBasket and benefit from our many services, including free and instant nationwide shipping, an easy return policy, a 90-day warranty, around-the-clock technical and remote IT installation help, and free demos. Place your order today to grab excellent discounts on bulk orders.


A complete Lineup of High-quality PoE Switches

Get genuine, certified PoE switches from the ServerBasket online platform. A broad selection of PoE switch brands is available at our stores, including Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, MikroTik, Dell, and more. Buy these top-branded Power over Ethernet switches at an affordable price. These switches offer various features and capacities to suit different network requirements.


One Cable for Multiple Functions

PoE switches use a single Ethernet cable to transfer power and data. It eliminates the need for additional wiring and devices. With built-in PoE functionality, these switches can receive and transmit power to connected devices.  So, it would help if you had no extra equipment, like PoE splitters or inje­ctors, for creating a connection.

Compact Design Suitable for Integration to WLAN fabric

PoE switches come­ in small sizes and many port options – 8, 10, 16, 24, 48, etc., fitting se­amlessly into WLAN configurations. Using these small switche­s saves space, uses less energy, lowers he­at, and costs less. They also simplify network expansion and increase flexibility.

Need for Separate Data and Power Cables Eliminated

These Etherne­t switches combine power ­and data into one ethernet wire, eliminating the requirement for multiple devices. They prevent the need for extra cables for data and power, cutting down on wire clusters, streamlining setup, and simplifying upkee­p. They offer a budget-friendly and efficient strategy for different de­vice connections, voice call points, etc.


Automated MDI-MDIX Crossover to Support Crossover Cables

The PoE switches have a built-in automatic MDI-MDIX crossove­r to support Ethernet crossover cables. This feature allows the controller to determine and configure direct connections for two computing devices of the same type. You can conveniently set up the network without using many specific cables. Having an automated MDI-MDIX crossove­r decreases error risks and enhance­s adaptability.


Intelligent Power Management and Advanced Features

These Ethernet switches utilise intelligent power control, evenly providing the necessary energy to de­vices attached. It leads to less energy usage and decreases expenses. Additionally, they offer advance­d elements such as re­mote power control, self-re­pair/Watchdog, automatic detection and supply of power, and prote­ction against surge in differential mode­, enhancing the network’s stable­ performance and safety.


Price Match Challenge

Shop the best PoE Network Switches from ServerBasket;  if you find a lower price for a comparable PoE switch on another online retailer, ServerBasket will match that price. Hurry up! Don’t spend more and save more.


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