Data Center Switches

Do you desire high-performance network switches in India exhibiting the lowest latency, highest throughput, and smooth scalability? With ServerBasket’s online store, you can explore the abundant variety of Data Center Network Switches. With advanced features such as enhanced application performance, deep visibility, and increased port density, our collection comprises the newest products from market leaders like Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Mikrotik, and others. Lift your data center and cloud networking to the next level with our reliable switches that are fit for enterprises and data centers. Trust in their excellent work to effectively serve your network backbone. Enjoy today’s special offers in India, along with multiple payment options, bulk order support, and free remote solutions.

Specially designed for DCs and Campus Networks

Experience the best network performance with our DC network switches, ranging from stationary and modular switching from 1G to 400G speeds, including but not limited to 10G, 100G, 40G, and 200 G. These switches offer lower latency, multi-protocol support, design efficiency, next-gen agility, and network security necessary to build a fabric of elastic and high-performing networks for demanding applications.

Free Expedited Delivery

We assure you of meeting your requirements in a prompt and efficient manner by offering you free delivery of your data center switches within 3-4 business days across the top cities of India like Hyderabad, Chennai, Banglore, and more. Benefit from smooth delivery service with ServerBasket.

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