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Are you seeking a productive load balancer to make your network secure, fast, reliable, and redundant? Fatpipe load balancers bring your business resiliency and continuity with a broad spectrum of WAN solutions that suit various business purposes. The Fatpipe products are known for their compatibility with the hardware in place and are an excellent substitute for the BGP load-balancing model. They are built with an architecture that can handle the workloads of SMBs with lower throughput to enterprises and data centers that constitute high bandwidth traffic. Fatpipe load balancers are unique with Fatpipe’s home technologies like SmartDNS for DNS load balancing, assisting businesses with infra-critical applications like ERP, VoIP, and VPN. Shop today from the Fatpipe load balancers available at ServerBasket with specific part numbers. Our services stand as a testimonial to our vision. They include many benefits like remote installation support, pre-sales help, a stress-free return policy, full warranty, AMC, and prioritized shipping.


Various FatPipe Load Balancers Available for Sale

FatPipe provides efficient and cost-friendly load-balancing products, innovated to ensure optimal continuity and availability of your private, cloud, or hybrid Wide Area Networks. The SB store is immensely pleased to offer you a comprehensive collection of FatPipe Load Balancers for extremely reliable, redundant, and speedy delivery of both incoming and outgoing traffic.


Easy to Implement Server, Link, and Site Load Balancing Solutions

Accommodate Small, Mid-line, and Enterprise network traffic with easy FatPipe load-sharing solutions for Internet, Server, Link, Router, and Site load distribution. The FatPipe products are categorized as SD-WAN, MPVPN, IPVPN, and WARP segments. These serve unique purposes of easy migration to hybrid WAN, WAN optimization, and Centralized control of Web traffic in multi-branch scenarios.

Distribute Traffic Efficiently to Optimize Network

Handle the dynamics in your network traffic without burdening any single server. Optimize your network efficiency with intelligent traffic distribution and management of the FatPipe Enterprise Load Balancers, which reduce latency by redirecting client requests to a geographically closer server. They improve your application/workspace performance by boosting resource utilization to deliver better User Experience.

Balance Network Load for Smooth Operations

In today’s E-world, a responsive infrastructure is worth all your profit. The FatPipe Business load balancers help your network maintain smooth operations by load-aware traffic distribution, ensuring optimal responsiveness. Supercharge your online presence with the highest possible downtime, scalability, and redundancy, in addition to addressing sudden spikes in traffic, DDoS, and other malicious attacks.


Achieve Consistently High Uptime and Application Availability

Manage your branch office’s high-traffic environments for a smoother fulfillment of user requests with flexible load balancing. The FatPipe solutions help you host your bidirectional IP traffic with 3 times faster speeds and redundancy with their high-speed Router Clustering, MultiPath Security (MPSec), apart from the industry-standard Firewalls, Web Filters, Routing Protocol Support, and more. .


Accelerate Network Performance with Smart Technologies

Accelerate your branch office deployments more than before with the FitePipe network load balancing solutions defined by features such as Dynamic Bandwidth Utilization, increased Bandwidth, and Policy-based routing. The devices enable your networks for the future with advanced technologies of Enterprise View, MPSec, SmartDNS, SD-WAN, SNMP, Automatic Unit Failover, and full warp functionality.

90 Days Warranty

Assured 90-day Warranty

A comprehensive warranty, adopted from the industry standards, accompanies the product for 90 days.  During the window, the store is responsible for the repair or replacement of the Fatpipe Load Balancer products as per the terms and conditions.

Tech Support

24/7 Customer Support

Reach us via Live Chat or Call option any time of the day for guidance from seasoned experts designated for your service. From Sales inquiries to installation help or troubleshooting operational glitches of the product, we walk you through, honoring our assurances.

Instant Delivery

Fast and Secure Delivery

We specialize in an extremely fast and secure delivery of the product across all the popular places and cities in India like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Gurgaon, etc. The shipping process initiates just a moment after your buying and is handled throughout by trained personnel.

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