FatPipe Load Balancer

Are you seeking a productive load balancer to make your network secure, fast, reliable, and redundant? Fatpipe load balancers bring your business resiliency and continuity with a broad spectrum of WAN solutions that suit various business purposes. The Fatpipe products are known for their compatibility with the hardware in place and are an excellent substitute for the BGP load-balancing model. They are built with an architecture that can handle the workloads of SMBs with lower throughput to enterprises and data centers that constitute high bandwidth traffic. Fatpipe load balancers are unique with Fatpipe’s home technologies like SmartDNS for DNS load balancing, assisting businesses with infra-critical applications like ERP, VoIP, and VPN.

Shop today from the Fatpipe load balancers available at ServerBasket with specific part numbers. Our services stand as a testimonial to our vision. They include many benefits like remote installation support, pre-sales help, a stress-free return policy, full warranty, AMC, and prioritized shipping.

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