Riser Cards


Do you need expansion boards to extend slots and make room for chips and cards on the system boards of your servers that are fully loaded? Do you need cards that contain various slots to connect extra adapters? Riser cards can be positioned into the motherboard using edge connectors to connect expansion devices. At Server Basket, we have a huge collection of riser cards that are suitable for use with the servers of all leading brands. Riser cards are important as the expansion devices are usually large and cannot be directly installed onto the mainboard. So, devices like expansion cards and GPUs can be easily added to the server boards with additional slots provided by the riser cards. We have different low- and high-profile certified cards containing multiple slots catering to different functions and technologies – PCIe riser, GPU riser card, PCI riser card, graphics card riser, and riser card PCIe x16, etc. available with us. And you can select the ones you want from our website according to their part numbers. Our riser cards come with an assured replacement warranty and remote installation support by our technicians. We deliver riser cards safely and speedily all over India.

Wide Collection for Leading Brands Servers

We have a wide variety of riser cards from different companies available with us that work well with servers from all the leading brands. In present times, riser cards are used commonly in all servers to connect expansion devices. They bring about a stockpiled effect for the boards inside the system case, thus offering a very space-efficient technique for the server assemblage. They are specifically very useful for the rack-mount servers.

Help to Add Expansion Cards

Riser cards provide extra slots on the system board of the servers to insert expansion cards for the addition of more functionality to the servers. Expansion cards provide a way to scale up or upgrade the servers and their capabilities. You can add expansion cards of various types – sound cards, video cards, network cards, USB cards, storage cards, etc. to expand different functions in servers.

Provides additional slots for GPUs

If your business involves more design or graphics workloads, your server or device needs to have the power of multiple GPUs, especially for the 3D design, rendering, simulation, creation of digital content, and virtual reality work. Riser cards provide additional slots to connect supplemental GPUs to cater to heavy-duty graphics for your business. GPU risers allow easy connection of GPUs to the motherboard through USB cables.

Select from Low- & High-Profile Cards

We have both low- and high-profile riser cards; you can select any according to your needs. Low-profile cards, also known as half-height cards, come in MD1 and MD2 dimensions. MD1 defines a maximum height of 64.41 mm for a 32-bit PCIe riser card with the edge connector, and MD2 defines a maximum height of 64.41 mm. The high-profile or full-height PCI cards have a bracket height of 120 mm and the card height of 107 mm, including the edge connector.

Certified Cards with Multiple Slots

Server Basket offers both – brand new and refurbished riser cards. Refurbished cards perform just like the new ones as our expert engineers thoroughly test and then certify them for quality and performance. So, you need not worry about the quality or authenticity of these riser cards. We sell only high-quality certified cards with multiple slots that help you to add expansion devices to your existing systems and boost the performance of your business and applications.

Choose According to Part Number

All the riser cards listed on our website with their specifications, prices and part numbers. This makes it easier for you to compare and choose the riser card you need. You can select the card using its part number in case you have used the same card before or you know the part number already. This way, you will get the card you specifically require based on your system and the number of slots you need for expansion.

Assured Seller Replacement Warranty

Our riser cards come with an assured seller warranty from us, which guarantees you a replacement of the non-functioning or damaged riser cards. We make sure that you get only genuine branded and certified riser cards for your servers and devices. However, there can be chances where the cards don’t function or have any faulty parts. In such scenarios within the warranty period, we will promptly replace your riser card with a new one.

Remote Installation Support Available

The riser cards that you buy from us have installation instructions manuals with pictorial representations for your understanding and help in the proper installation of the card. Still, if you face any issues during the installation process, our support team is available to help you remotely, anytime. You can contact them and put your request through a phone call, WhatsApp or live chat options. You will always get an instant response and help.

Quick & Safe PAN India Delivery

Being online sellers, we deliver all over India. Our deliveries are safe and quick. We value your time and understand that business needs to continue without any disruptions. So, as soon as you complete your purchase from us, we dispatch your riser cards immediately and make sure that you get them within two to three business days in safe and sound condition. We pack them in the best packaging materials available.

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