Dell Rack Servers

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Dell Rack Servers

Buy Dell PowerEdge Rack Server Online | Get Dell 1U, 2U, 4U Rack Servers At Lowest Price in India

Dell PowerEdge rack servers are the new generation savage servers with its performance and storage scalabilities. Bringing up the industry-leading expertise design system, the Dell rack servers are the best-in-class servers to opt for in the current market scenario. The Dell rack server’s product line enclosures with a wide range of IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. Available in Dell 1U, 2U, 4U rack form factor. Choose the best server required for your business at the cheaper price and decrease your business costs by availing this offer from Server Basket.

Multiple Options to Choose From

We have a wide range for certified Dell rack servers to choose for : Dell R420, Dell R520, Dell R620, Dell R720, Dell R430, Dell R530, Dell R630, Dell R730, Dell R830, Dell R930, Dell R440, Dell R540, Dell R640, Dell R740, Etc with different configurations and prices. These multiple buyable options make it easy to compare and buy, and also gives clear details about each server features and its capability of performance. All the servers which are up on sale are 100% genuine and certified by the experts and we assure the quality of the server performance.

Powerful and Scalable Hardware

Dell PowerEdge rack servers are built-in with a powerful and scalable hardware system ensuring a secure and worry-free environment system. The storage is scalable in nature which can be upgraded at any point of usage time. The Dell rack server’s innovation can accelerate the IT transformation in the near future. It’ scalable architecture, integrated security features and automated intelligence makes the Dell PowerEdge rack server the unique choice to make for your enterprise growth.

Customer Specified Configuration

We customize and configure the server based on the customer’s specified requirement. We give full privilege to the customers to make them configure the server based on their business needs. And our technical experts will look up the further process. The customers can sit back and relax, by the time the server is ready with the customized configuration. Also, the customization will not cost any extra money.

24/7 Technical Support

Technical assistance is offered round the clock, resolving any issues raised. You don’t have to panic and run for the Dell support as our technical team is well qualified and experienced in solving any kind of issue related to hardware failure, firmware crash, security issues, etc. We support to your queries even after the warranty expires.

Dell Rack Servers with 3 Year Seller Warranty

Avail 3-Year company warranty, in case of any failure of the parts, the immediate replacement is guaranteed. The 3-year limited warranty can be claimed on any server part failure. But note the point- the warranty cannot be applicable for any intentional physical damage to the servers.

Delivered Anywhere in India

We usually take 2-3 days for delivering the servers, trust us not more than that, unless any genuine technical issue occurs out of nowhere.   We deliver to every corner of the country, to the major metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore, etc. customers can keep a track on the delivery status of the product, by asking our support at any point before the delivery.

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