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Are your servers creating the graphics that your end-users need to see? Do you need such servers that can take on compute-intensive tasks easily and deliver high parallel processing power? If your answer is yes, you need the power of parallel computing that only the GPU servers can provide. Now, you need not tie up your systems by running the intensive tasks on your CPUs; you can easily offload those to the GPUs and keep your CPUs and systems performing at higher levels consistently. Server Basket offers powerful GPU servers from the most popular brands. These servers are custom-built and packed with high-end GPUs to support the most challenging workloads like 3D rendering, big data, simulation, and HPC. These servers are specially designed around the requirements of deep learning (DL) and AI fields. Some of the best GPU servers available with us are – Fujitsu Primergy RX300 S6, Dell PowerEdge R720, HPE DL380P Gen8, and HPE DL380 Gen9 server. All our GPU servers are built with top-quality certified hardware components. These servers are highly reliable and scalable and come with our assured replacement warranty. We deliver GPU servers all over India and provide free technical support.

Ideal for 3D Rendering, Big Data & Simulation

Our GPU servers are backed by hi-tech graphics cards, designed to utilize their immense raw processing power to tackle the most demanding workloads such as 3D rendering, big data, and simulation. GPU servers supply the required resources and advanced graphics cards to enable the ideal platform for these workloads. Along with the powerful GPUs, they also have suitable system memory, storage, operating system, and accurate power supply to deliver the maximum graphics performance.

GPU Powered Servers From Top Brands

We have GPU-powered servers from all the top brands in our stock. Whether you need an HP, Dell, Fujitsu, or Supermicro GPU server, we have all of them available for you. These brands have established themselves in the market for many years and offer only the best solutions for their customers. Rest assured that you will get the most advanced and powerful GPUs and other components with these servers that will take your system’s graphics performance to another level.

Industry Leading Power for HPC

These GPU-based systems offer industry-leading power for high-performance computing (HPC) tasks. They deliver quality and performance optimized for the applications that handle intensive computational workflows. These servers, powered by the modern NVIDIA or AMD GPUs, are used in professional fields in science and technology, large-scale calculations, simulations, high-end image and video creation and editing, 3D rendering, streaming, etc. They provide the perfect infrastructure for the deployment of HPC and big data applications.

Exclusively Designed For Deep Learning & AI

With power-packed and branded GPUs, the GPU servers for deep learning are exclusively designed for DL and AI domains. These days, DL is extensively used by businesses to enable AI services, which have become vital for business plans of action in every field, be it engineering, financial services, healthcare, and medical or life sciences. Our GPU servers make use of ultra-modern GPU technologies and parallel processing to support the use of AI services and applications in present day's businesses.

Custom Built With High End GPUs

We offer custom-built servers that are optimized by using high-end GPUs like those from NVIDIA and AMD in different specifications for speed and power. You can also choose the GPUs you want according to your graphics needs. These GPUs are advanced and use hundreds of cores to deliver the next-gen performance for your graphics-intensive workloads. These servers are capable of accelerated computing for diverse HPC needs.

Reliable Servers with Certified Hardware

Our GPU-optimized servers are immensely reliable as they deliver excellent parallel computing power to take on many intensive workloads. They keep the CPUs free for essential tasks, enabling your systems to perform optimally. These servers are built using authentic branded and certified hardware components. There is no compromise on the quality of any product in designing these servers. They offer high availability and flexibility for a seamless graphics experience.

Scalable Servers With Replacement Warranty

Our GPU servers provide scalability, which makes it easy for you to change or upgrade their resources and power and speed of GPUs to meet the growing demands of your business. You can conveniently scale up the required components based on your changing business needs anytime. We offer an assured replacement warranty on these servers, which you can use to claim replacement of the server or any of its parts if they are in non-functioning or damaged condition.

Fast & Safe Delivery Throughout India

We sell our servers to customers located anywhere in India. Quick and safe delivery of our products to our customers is on the top of our priority list. No matter where you are located, we will not take more than three to four days to deliver your GPU server safely to your doorstep. Our collaboration with the best delivery partners in all the cities enables us to make secure and on-time deliveries of your products.

Free Configuration & Technical Support

We want to give you nothing but the best – best products, the best quality of service, and the best support. Our technical support team is available for you 24/7 through phone, WhatsApp, email, or live chat, to take up your queries and resolve all your issues promptly. We offer free configuration and technical support to help you set up your GPU server immediately after you receive it and take your business to new heights.

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