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Best Branded Hp, IBM, Dell Server Rental in Nagpur  At Discount Offer Price 

Are you looking for high performance, reliable, and highly secure servers with advanced networking capabilities? Do you want to utilize the features and benefits of servers for different functions with less investment? Server Basket is one of the leading server rental providers in Nagpur and offers a huge range of high-end servers from top brands on rent. Your server on rent from us will give you the optimum performance, stability, and security for your applications and websites. You can even rent remote servers or go for our ‘rent to own servers’ scheme, which makes you the owner of the server after some payments. Servers on rent are an affordable choice for temporary projects and application testing. We cater to the server rental needs of banks, MNCs, startups, SMBs, and corporate offices. Our server rentals will save you upfront costs, and you will also get attractive discounts on long-term rental plans. You are free to rent any configuration of servers and even co-locate them in any data center you wish. We deliver your servers safe and fast to all areas in Nagpur. Our server rental plan comes with free installation and technical assistance to help you ready your server for business operations.

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Wide Range of Top Brands Servers

We offer an array of hi-tech servers from all known brands on rent in Nagpur. HP, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, Supermicro, etc. – you name the brand, and we have it. All these branded servers deliver advanced backup capabilities for critical data, automatic data transfers, high networking performance, and security for the protection of memory, data, and resources. With servers on rent from us, you will get the highest processing power and performance that you need for your applications and websites.

Rent Server for Temporary Projects

Your business will always encounter projects that are temporary, and last for short spans only. For such projects, you would not want to make high investments in acquiring new servers. With servers on rent from us, you can easily complete these projects of limited scope and duration on time. Renting servers will reduce your expenditure, and these servers will perform well for your temporary projects like data migration, cloud transition and testing IT environments, etc.

Affordable Option for Application Testing

Before you run your applications in production, you need to completely test them for performance, endurance, usability, compatibility, and security. You need to gauge the functionality of your application and prepare it for the world of real-time users. Testing applications also helps in planning of the updates in advance and enhances the user experience on the whole. Our servers on rent are an ideal and affordable option for testing applications, so you don’t have to spend on new servers.

Save More with Lowest Rental Prices

Buying brand new servers and upkeeping them can be an expensive affair. So, avoid making a big investment to purchase new servers; save instead by taking servers on rent from Server Basket for all your projects. It will be less costly and save you the maintenance and depreciation costs. To add to your savings, our server rental plans are the lowest in the whole market. Our servers deliver the best performance on the least rentals.

Co-Locate Servers at Any Data Center

You can co-locate your rented servers in any data center. Colocation facility gives you greater reliability with lower network latency and data backup capabilities in place. They have enough power to protect you from any outages and also provide better physical security. We have an advanced data center facility; however, you have the choice to co-locate your servers in any other data center as well as per your needs and location.

Discounts on Long Term Rentals

Server Basket is committed to providing the best products and services to our clients at lesser costs. Our server rental plans are anyway lower than those of the other players in the market. Still, we offer more discounts if you opt for long-term rental plans. We have great relationships with all our clients and value these partnerships. The top quality of our services and discounts will make you continue your relationships with us for long.

Rent Any Configuration You Need

We completely understand that you need flexibility in server configurations to cater to your varied business needs and budgets. We offer the standard configurations in all the server brands and options to customize also if you have any specific need like an application or database included in your workload. For demanding workloads, we have high-tech servers also available for rent. We assure you that you will get the maximum variety in terms of configurations and rentals with our service.

Free Installation & Tech Assistance

Our server rental service in Nagpur also provides free of cost installation and technical assistance through live chat, phone, or email to help you with the installation of the server and solve any technical difficulties like installation problems and login errors, etc. We ensure that we provide you the best technical support so that you get optimum server performance and your users can get a positive user experience.

Fast and Secure Delivery

You may order one server on rent from us or in bulk quantities. We make sure that they are delivered to you in the most secure manner and in the shortest span possible. We use multi-layered packaging with the best materials available so that your servers reach you intact. We have tie-ups with good shipping companies in all cities and towns in the country. That enables us to deliver your servers fast and safe.

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