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  • Seller warranty Assurance
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Rental Server Pricing List:

Server TypeCPU'sStorageRAMPower Supply Price
Powerful-128GB 24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's6TB SSD with Raid 5128GBDual
  • Rs. 14,999/-
Powerful-256GB 36 core CPU / 72 vCPU's10TB SSD with Raid 5256GBDual
  • Rs. 24,999/-
Powerful-512GB 40 core CPU / 80 vCPU's12TB SSD with Raid 5512GB Dual
  • Rs. 34,499/-

Do you need custom-built servers that perfectly match your business needs and budget? Do you want to customize them from varied options for hard drives, RAM, processing power, network equipment, and bandwidth, etc.? Server Basket’s customized servers are specifically designed for your requirements so that you get the optimum results for running your business smoothly. We offer high-performing custom servers with a wide range of configurations and choices, including custom rackmount servers, tower servers, custom storage servers, and GPU servers. We can build the servers for you for specific application or hardware needs, and you get installation support and managed services from our technical experts. We help you upgrade the resources for your server without spending too much. We also provide rental services for custom dedicated servers to enable enhanced business performance and productivity for you, at lower costs. Your customized servers will be co-located in secure and advanced data centers. The servers that we custom build for you are powerful and highly redundant and can deliver the best-in-class Data Center (DC) infrastructure at your office location itself. You design your servers; we engineer them for you.

Build Customized Servers Based on Application

Your work may involve the use of diverse applications and server's high performance is necessary for your applications to run and operate continuously. Heavy workloads will also need high computing power. Customized servers built for your specific and resource-intensive applications handle them effortlessly. Our tailor-made servers are built to install, host and operate applications and linked services for the end-users.

Choose Hardware Configuration as Required

For your custom-built servers, you can select the hardware configurations as per your requirements. We provide different configurations for RAM, CPU power and cores, storage drives, network connectivity and other requirements. You can let us know what you need, and we will design your server accordingly. We use only authentic, branded hardware components and spares. We maintain a high quality of our products and services and guarantee full customer satisfaction.

Free Hardware Installation Support

Our role doesn’t end with the creation of a custom server for you; we also make sure that we enable its successful operational stage for you. We provide free hardware installation support to install all the server components, configure and test them within the server interface and ready your server system to run your business and applications. We are there to provide you with all the assistance you need for your functioning and performance of your custom server.

Managed Services by Expert Team

Server Basket’s team of experts can handle the management of your server to let you and your staff be free and focus more on your core business. Our team will take care of the OS updates, security monitoring and patches, hardware diagnostics and replacements, network uptime and monitoring along with many other daily server management activities. Our managed server technicians will also be available 24/7 on the phone or live chat to help you in every way they can.

Upgrade Server Resources at Low Cost

As your business will grow, you will need more resources to accommodate the expansion. We provide scalable resources like memory, storage and CPU processing power that can easily expand your server’s current capabilities and give a boost to its performance according to the changing needs. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend much for it. We have server component upgrades available at very affordable prices.

Secure Co-location at Data centers

We have state of the art and the most secure colocation data centers at different locations to provide your servers with a top-tier colocation. So, you can take control of your server infrastructure without any curbs for space and connectivity. We have an excellent network and all our data centers are inter-connected and the connectivity is maintained by top class transit providers. We assure you a 100% uptime and the highest levels of security, availability and scalability.

Rental Solutions as Per Your Business Needs

You may not have the budget for new servers, especially if you own a startup or a small business where you need to grow but cost limitations are there. You need not worry; we have server rental solutions for you that will cater to your specific business and budget needs. We have different rental plans available with different configurations and options available, at reasonable prices.

Build DC Infrastructure at Your Office

Our customized servers are high in performance, reliability and scalability and come with all the redundant components, to give you a data center like infrastructure at your own office if you need on-premise servers. Our server and network infrastructure are highly advanced and have double the power, cooling systems and server resources available for you. We make sure that your servers are up and running all the time and provide cent percent business continuity.

Powerful Servers Suitable for Virtualization

We provide power-packed servers that are the most suitable for hosting and virtualization purposes. If your organization needs to reduce the number of servers or your users need to be isolated from one another and from the primary server, an efficient method to do it at low cost is by designing private servers through server virtualization. Our servers enable this and thus save your money and reduce the hardware footprints resulting from keeping many physical servers.

Servers with Excellent Redundancy Rate

High uptime is the most important factor in server infrastructure, so you need redundant servers at the ready when any crisis occurs. Our servers have advanced configurations and redundant components for an all-time availability. We provide high bandwidth connectivity with low latency and redundant network for high levels of continuity and availability. Our servers come with an excellent redundancy rate resulting from higher intensity of failover and backups.

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