Dell Tower Servers

Dell Tower Servers

Buy Dell Tower Servers Online At Low Price In India | Dell T30, T420, T440, T640 Servers for Sale

Dell tower servers are engineered to serve your business requirements with balanced performance, efficiency, flexibility, and speed. At Server Basket, you get to choose from a wide range of Dell servers for a Cheap price. Some of the available Dell tower servers include Dell T30, T130, T330, T440, T640, T630, T430, T620, T420, T320, T710, T610, T410, and T310, etc. Pick the best tower server that can compel with your business needs and glorify the business within a short period of time.

Genuine and Good in Quality:

At Server Basket, we sell only the best quality Dell tower servers for a very affordable price. Dell tower servers grow with your business needs and can adapt to any change in demand. With the scalable architecture, configuration options and with large internal capacities, the Dell tower servers are perfect to small, mid and large enterprises. All the tower servers underwent vigorous testing patterns and are thus certified by the authorized professionals which shows the caliber to deliver the best performance under any workload scenarios.

Customize and Order:

You are given liberty to customize and configure the Dell tower server according to your business need. All you need to do is, provide us with your required inputs i.e. size of the RAM, storage, no. of processors, operating system, RAID cards, no. of expansion slots, etc. and our technicians will mold the Dell tower server based on the requirement that is provided to us. We will thus land your Dell tower server that matches exactly to your business requirements.

Servers Built for Performance:

You need a server that grows with your organization by providing tremendous performance, industry-leading manageability and smooth performance under any workload pressure. It can be said that the Dell tower server constitutes the above-mentioned factors. The Dell tower server is built to deliver exceptional performance irrespective of any business environment that it is deployed in.

Get Cost Optimized Quote:

You will be provided with a detailed quotation which includes the cost segregation of the entire server i.e. cost of each server part or component that the Dell tower server constitutes along with its warranty and certification. With the help of this quotation, you will be able to know about your investment of the Dell tower server is legit or not.

Best Servers with Lowest Prices:

All the Dell tower servers available at our store are offered with the best value price i.e. can be said as the lowest market price. Get the best Dell tower server to boost up your business with its balanced performance from Server Basket by investing very less. Server Basket has been known for its greatest discounts and sales for quite a few years by now.

Get Free Pre Sales Help:

Confused about which server to purchase or what exact configuration will suit your business needs? Then seek help from Server Basket as we have a pre-sales support team that will provide you with the righteous information regarding the right purchase of the Dell tower server that is suitable for your business needs. We are offering you free sales support and our team will help you and guide you through the entire purchase process.

Assured 3 Years Warranty:

You get to protect your Dell tower server from any kind of failure or issues for the first three years of purchase as we at Server Basket are providing assured three-year warranty service. In case you come across any failure of the server part or component, you can immediately claim the replacement under the warranty period. Note that the warranty period starts from the date of purchase and you can make use of it any number of times until its validity.

24/7 Tech Support Available:

If you face any issues regarding the Dell tower server, you can immediately contact for the support. We at Server Basket are providing round the clock technical support and we have highly qualified and experienced technical support team who can respond and resolve any kind of server-related issues or problems or queries in no given time. You can reach out for the support via phone call or chat window for the issues that are too minor to too major.

Anywhere Delivery across India:

Be it to Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur or Chandigarh, etc. we at Server Basket deliver your Dell tower server package to any location across India. Your server will be packed ready as soon as the order is confirmed and will immediately step out for delivery. We make sure that your Dell server package will reach your location safely and securely with 2-3 business days. We bare the whole responsibility to deliver the package within the estimated delivery date and with zero inconveniences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How can I troubleshoot my Dell tower server?

In simple steps for troubleshooting power cuts and similar issues in Dell tower server, remove the power cable and hold power button for 10 sec to drain residual power. For general troubleshooting you may refer to the server manual. If you are still facing issues, you may contact our support team.

What is iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller used for?

The iDRAC with lifecycle controller comes as the server’s embedded technology. It enables the system to perform tasks like configuring BIOS and hardware settings. It also allows you to deploy OS, changing RAID settings, updating drivers and even saving hardware files. Basically, it permits remote server management.

What is the maximum memory and storage capacity of a Dell tower server?

Dell tower servers can take around 48 different DIMM slot types to provide RAM ranging from the basic system memory up to more than 6 TB. And supporting the various drive types and sizes, they can provide more than 16 TB of internal storage capacity.

Which Raid controller does a Dell server support?

Some PowerEdge Server-Storage Controllers (PERC & SAS HBA) Series 11 are:
. H755 Adapter- it has 16 internal ports/ lanes
. H750 Adapter- it has 8 internal ports/ lanes
. H755N Front (NVMe Only)- it has 16 internal ports/ lanes
. H755 Front (SAS/SATA Only)- it has 16 internal ports/ lanes

Does the Dell server have a remote management option?

Yes, the Dell servers have a remote management option as well. They have a special dedicated feature iDRAC for remote server management. iDRAC stands for Dell Remote Access Controller. It provides both web interface and command line interface. It permits the administrators to perform remote management tasks.

Will you provide any warranty for my Dell tower server?

Yes, Server Basket gives you a 3-years warranty for labour along with one-year warranty for server parts. The basic warranty period starts from 30-days from the Server Basket invoice. This warranty covers advance product replacement service. It expires after 1-year parts warranty expiration. The left 2-year warranty includes general tech support.

If I pre-order now, when can I expect my server to be delivered?

It depends on the location for the product delivery. You are informed of the approximated delivery date as per your pin code / address. Servers are delivered at the delivery address specified by the customer during the purchase. We ensure the server is delivered within 2-3 days from the date of order.

Do you have a 24/7 tech support team? What is their normal response time?

Yes, we do have a well experienced and dedicated 24/7 tech support team. Their response time is around 5 to 30 minutes. We train our professionals to be updated with all the latest tools and technologies so that they can help resolve mostly all domains of issues as fast as possible.

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