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Cost-effective AMD Graphics Card Options at SB

Purchase the best AMD graphics card for server use at low prices at With advanced engineering, these cards provide breakthrough performance for gaming, video editing, AI workloads, and more. Purchase AMD graphics cards from top brands with the desired configuration. At SB, we provide our customers with unbelievable discounts.


Advancements in Graphics Architecture and Features

Unlock next-gen performance, features, and reliability with refurbished AMD graphics cards India. With advanced compute units, AI accelerators, and better fault tolerance, these are the ideal solutions for your current and future workloads. Experience a higher price-to-performance ratio and upgrade your infrastructure with these graphic cards.

Powerful GPUs with Cooling Solutions Included

Enjoy the high-bandwidth, low-latency performance of a Dell Server with AMD graphic card. It is equipped with high-efficiency cooling solutions to ensure thermal dissipation. It evacuates heat for accelerated computing, allowing the server system to be adequately cooled. Buy AMD graphics cards from SB to avoid excessive heat generation.

Overclocking Techniques for Intensive Graphics

Enjoy a range of overlocking techniques with our best AMD graphics card for video editing. With GPU overclocking, achieve higher frame rates and smoother performance. Modify your GPU settings per your end use to improve your server’s performance potentially. Easily configure and monitor memory, game, boost, and base clocks in real-time.


High-performance GPUs for Gamers and Creators

Get the perfect balance of AMD graphics card price and performance only at ServerBasket. With high computational capability, enhancements, and accelerators, achieve outstanding work performance. It is ideal for gamers and creators due to ultra-fast parallel processing, fast rendering, and extraordinary graphics.


Top Graphics Cards for Visual Content Creation

Revolutionize your visual content creation with our custom-built AMD graphics cards. Enjoy high-quality visuals and seamless processing for a seamless and more immersive experience. These graphics cards are ideal for rendering, 3D modelling, and video editing, as they support stunningly realistic visuals.


Reliable 90-day Warranty

Enjoy extensive warranty coverage that extends to 90 days with ServerBasket. We only deal in genuine, quality-certified AMD graphics cards. Enjoy easy returns or repairs and replacements during the warranty period.

Secure And Instant Delivery

Instant Shipping and Delivery

Once you place your order, we instantaneously ship the product in safe packaging. Get your product delivered to your doorstep at the earliest without incurring additional charges. Place your order now at

24/7 Technical Assistance

24/7 Technical Support

At SB, our team of professional IT experts are available 24/7 to provide you with immediate customer support. Get instantaneous technical and installation assistance to operate your AMD graphics card smoothly.

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