Xeon Sandy Bridge Processors


Processor ModelCoresThreadsBase FrequencyCachePrice
Intel Xeon E5-26708162.60 GHz20 MB
  • Rs. 2,219/-

Are you searching for a high-performing processor that can handle various challenging workloads? Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors are benchmarked based on the microarchitecture that is used in Intel Xeon processors of the second generation. The new Intel Sandy Bridge processors come in a variety of configurations for both dual- and quad-core processors.

This processor series powered by Sandy Bridge, including the processors from Intel Xeon E5-1600, E5-2600, E5-4600, E5-1400, E5-2400, and E3-1200, gives you higher performance with the same thermal limitations. In addition, there is no better processor than Xeon Sandy Bridge for gaming available in the market. These CPUs will change your gaming experience if you are planning to build a new game box.

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