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Do you need an ISV certified workstation on rent for media and entertainment projects? Are you an engineer or an architect looking to hire a superior grade Lenovo workstation for designing workloads? Then hiring Lenovo workstations that feature powerful technologies will deliver seamless performance for creative applications associated with rendering, designing, financial research, video editing, and many applications used in the oil and gas industry. You can also customize the workstation to any application you want to use as per the recommended specifications.

When you rent a Lenovo workstation for your graphical workflows, your monthly expenses will be predictable, and the cash flow management will be straightforward. You no need to continue with the same configuration or workstation for a longer time, like if you purchase the workstation outright. When the resources or not sufficient or the lease agreement expires, you can upgrade to the latest workstation or upgrade the configuration with the latest hardware. Leasing the Lenovo workstation from Server Basket allows you to pay a fixed monthly rental that purchasing the workstation does not provide. No matter what model of the Lenovo workstation you want to rent from us, we quote an affordable price any duration. Server Basket is not just confined to offering discounts; you will also receive 24/7 Tech support, free installation support, and safe doorstep delivery.

Wide Range Available:

Are you planning to hire workstations with powerful graphics to improve your workflow? Whatever might be the application or the purpose for which you are looking to rent a workstation, we have a good collection of Lenovo workstations from which you can pick the system that is ideal for your workflows. The wide range of Lenovo workstations available with us, including the Lenovo ThinkStation P500, Lenovo ThinkStation P620, Lenovo ThinkStation P330, etc. are designed to meet the graphical demands of entry-level to high-end applications.

Incredibly Powerful ISV Certified Workstations:

Be it for video editing, CAD, Artificial Intelligence, or for running media, medical or financial research applications; all the Lenovo workstations are suitable for applications that are used in different sectors. Along with the innovative design and scalable architecture, Lenovo workstation available here are certified by major Independent software vendors across various industries after performing rigorous testing.

Choose Any Configuration:

Server Basket offers both custom built and pre-configured Lenovo workstations on rent. The specialty of the pre-configured workstations is that we have designed them as per the hardware specifications recommended by vendors of reputed applications and softwares. If you are not interested in the pre-configured options, then customize it with the spare parts you need. We provide custom built Lenovo workstations on rent with the CPU, memory modules, Graphic cards, storage drives and other components with which you want to customize the workstation.

Lowest Rental Charges:

Are you running your organization with a tight budget but want a high end workstation? With our affordable rental plans on Lenovo’s workstation, you can save your organization from financial problems as you no need to invest anything for purchasing. The discounts we offer on various models and configurations of the Lenovo workstations will further help you save more money. We don’t increase the rental charge at any point in time during the lease period.

Free Installation & Remote Tech Support:

Installation of spares and the operating system will be taken care of by our engineers at our warehouse. We will dispatch a fully installed and thoroughly tested workstation on the same when your order gets confirmed. You just need to unbox the Lenovo workstation, connect it to monitor, internet source, power supply, and install the application you want to run. We offer remote support if you want any assistance while installing any application or connecting the cables. Any damaged spare part will be replaced by us at free of cost in the rental period.

Quick Delivery:

Whether you need multiple Lenovo workstations on rent for your production firm or want a single workstation for temporary freelancing projects, Server Basket provides on-demand and fast delivery across India. Our shipping partners will hand over the workstation to you at your doorstep. We assure you that the workstation will be delivered within 1-2 days to any address in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Pune, Noida, Delhi, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, and all other destinations.

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