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Network infrastructure is an integral part of any business or organization as without networking your systems would not be connected to each other, and there would be no exchange of information. Network devices are needed for interaction and communication among the hardware on computers’ networks. If you are looking for such network equipment for your company, contact Server Basket. We have a huge collection of networking hardware, right from switches and cables, bridges, routers, gateways, transceivers to firewalls and many more. All the network equipment available with us in different categories like ethernet switches, KVM switches, FortiGate firewallsrouters, security, telecom, wireless LAN and MikroTik Server, etc. are from top brands that are known for their high-quality products. These devices enable your network to be stronger and function at a higher speed. They also provide you with an automated control on the entire network of your business. We have a great variety of all kinds of network equipment available with us; you can even utilize them for data center deployments. We provide free remote support for the installation of these devices, all of which are covered under our replacement warranty. We deliver networking hardware all over India, taking all safety measures.

Huge Collection

Huge Collection Of Networking Equipment

Networking equipment in every organization is utilized to split, combine, boost, switch or manage packets of information through a telecom or computer network. Without networking systems, data transmission or sharing within the organization cannot be imagined. Server Basket offers a huge array of networking hardware to cater to your networking needs. You name the networking hardware you want; we will provide it to you. Different kinds of switches, routers, cables, modems, firewalls and network adapters – we have everything.

Wide Range Of Ethernet Cards

Wide Range Of Ethernet Cards

An Ethernet card is the center of communications for your computer as it connects the system to a network with a network cable and transmits data from the network to your machine. We offer a wide variety of ethernet cards available with us. These cards deliver reliability and high speeds at low cost and are adaptable to new technologies. We have basic ethernet cards (10 Mbps), 10 Gbps ethernet cards and many fast ethernet cards.

Create High Speed & Stronger Network

Whether you use LAN, MAN or WAN, network equipment is designed specific to their networking requirements and are available in different form factors like boards, cards, chips, enclosed or stand-alone modules. The different network hardware components use different technologies and design to create a stronger network for you that runs at high speed. They increase the network capacity and improve data transmission speed.

Switches From Multiple Brands

We sell network switches from multiple well-known brands such as Cisco, TP-Link, Netgear, D-Link, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, TRENDnet, Brocade Communications, Juniper Networks and many more. These switches are of high quality and give you superior performance. They connect multiple devices on one network efficiently and enable these devices to share information among one another effectively. They also increase your network’s speed and capacity.

Gain Automated Control On Entire Network

When you have numerous devices connected on a single network or a virtualized network environment, network automation gives you control on the entire network. Automation of the configuring, deploying, testing, managing and operating of virtual and physical devices within a network can be easily achieved. This improves the network availability and efficiency as the daily network tasks are automated, and regular processes are managed automatically. You get complete control over the network.

Ideal For Data Center Deployments

Data centers facilities have a huge number of servers connected through networks, and this requires a lot of networking equipment, especially, switches, routers, connectors and cables. Our high-class networking hardware is ideal for the data center deployments as data centers house, store and support several servers. Network infrastructure in a data center does not need only stale network connectivity but also sturdy and high performing network equipment for connecting different hardware components.

High-End Security

Powerful Firewalls With High-End Security

Network security is very important to protect the integrity of your data and network. In our collection, we also have powerful firewalls that have advanced security features to protect your data. These firewalls act as filters for the data trying to enter your system network. They scan the data packets for malicious threats. They monitor your network and prevent any hacking and stop virus attacks.

Instant Delivery

Prompt PAN India Delivery

We deliver anywhere in India, no matter which corner you order your network equipment from. Our delivery services are very prompt and secure. We ensure that you receive your order intact, without any damage and within three to four working days of your purchase from us. We have shipping partners in all locations who help us in delivering your products safely within the shortest possible time.

Replacement Warranty

Covered Under Replacement Warranty

We sell only branded genuine and high-quality networking equipment so that you get the best hardware for your networking needs. In a rare case if some component is faulty, damaged or nonfunctional, you can claim for replacement as they are covered under our warranty. We will immediately replace the part or product as and when you report it and if it falls under the replacement warranty.

Free Installation Support Available

Free Remote Support For Installation

Our team of technicians is always available to remotely support you in installation and configuration of any of the network hardware that you order from us. This kind of support is complementary to our customers. Though all the equipment comes with user manuals and setup guidelines, you can contact our team anytime you face any technical difficulties in the installation of the product. They can be reached via live chat, phone call or email.

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