300Gbps Radware Load Balancer

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Are you looking for effective, low-cost load-balancing solutions that are a safe investment? Server Basket is the ideal place to find 300Gbps load balancers like Alteon D-9800 Alteon D-9800S and Alteon D-9800SL from many other brands, offering a high throughput level to improve your system’s performance and availability. They do so by effectively distributing the incoming traffic across numerous network devices or servers. Our prices are the lowest and inclusive of many service benefits like customer support, shipping, warranty, and hassle-free returns. Modern high-traffic networks with many concurrent requests typically demand installing more servers, so they need more dependable devices to operate them efficiently. To know more, schedule a free demo with us. We’ll give you a quick rundown of how they function: be it web server load balancing, link load balancing, or cloud load balancing, they distribute client requests among all servers, able to handle them in a way that maximizes speed and capacity utilization and ensures no one server is overworked, which could impair performance.
Ask our specialists, available around the clock, for assistance in buying load balancers in India at discounted rates. Your satisfaction level will be doubled with our simple return policy.

300Gbps Radware Load Balancers Specs Table:

SpecificationsAlteon D-9800Alteon D-9800SAlteon D-9800SL
Maximum L4/L7 throughput320 Gbps / 210 Gbps320 Gbps / 210 Gbps320 Gbps / 210 Gbps
Layer 4 connections4.7M4.7M4.7M
Layer 4 concurrent280M280M280M
Layer 7 requests / s8M8M8M
RSA CPS (2K keys)35K100K200K
ECC CPS (EC-P256)35K50K140K
Bulk encryption (Gbps)3050100
Processor2 x Intel 18-core CPU2 x Intel 18-core CPU2 x Intel 18-core CPU
Traffic Ports8 x 100 GE / 40 GE / 25 GE /
10 GE QSFP28
8 x 100 GE / 40 GE / 25 GE /
10 GE QSFP28
8 x 100 GE / 40 GE / 25 GE /
10 GE QSFP28
Power SupplyDual PSU 80-Plus PlatinumPSU 80-Plus PlatinumPSU 80-Plus Platinum

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