Radware Business Load Balancers

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Do your business servers need help to cope with the increasing network demands? Do you want an effective solution to ensure no single server bears the growing network traffic? Business load balancers from Radware ensure optimal network access and availability to your users with a capacity of 20Gbps. They spread the load on your network uniformly among the servers while improving app responsiveness. Distributing traffic among multiple servers increases website and application availability for your users. Buy Radware 20Gbps load balancers from Alteon 5412, Alteon D-5208, Alteon NG 5424, Alteon D-4208S, and Alteon D-5820 series in India from Server Basket and gain benefits like quick and free shipping, tech and installation support, and product return options. The business cloud or web server load-balancing solutions are for use at different layers, such as the application, network, and database layers. Contact our team to schedule a free demo session to learn more about our load balancer deals and discounts. Avoid downtime and outage risks and keep customers happy with our load-balancing products.

Radware Business Load Balancer Specifications Table:

SpecificationsAlteon D-5208Alteon D-5208SAlteon D-4208S
Maximum L4/L7 throughput26Gbps / 20Gbps26Gbps / 20Gbps20Gbps / 11Gbps
Layer 4 connections630K630K183K
Layer 4 concurrent50M50M24M
Layer 7 requests / s850K850K290K
RSA CPS (2K keys)2.3K20.5K7.4K
ECC CPS (EC-P256)9K12K4.3K
Bulk encryption (Gbps)10103.5
ProcessorIntel quad-core CPUIntel quad-core CPUIntel quad-core CPU
Memory16GB / up to 32GB16GB / up to 32GB8GB / up to 16GB
Traffic Ports2 x 10 GbE SFP+
8 x 1 GbE RJ45
2 x 10 GbE SFP+
8 x 1 GbE RJ45
2 x 10 GbE SFP+
8 x 1 GbE RJ45
Storage500GB SSD500GB SSD500GB SSD
Power SupplyDualDualDual

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