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Do you find managing your heavy network traffic on a single server challenging? Why don’t you try our free demo service for Radware 50Gbps load balancers to ascertain their usefulness for your server? Also, purchasing from us means you get the lowest price, warranty, support, and easy return benefits. The store brings to you 50Gbps Radware load balancers from Alteon D-6024, D-6420, D-5820, NG-6420, and more product families. High-traffic servers process millions of user requests daily, and Radware load balancers are a must for delivering modern applications. They distribute network traffic among many servers with their 50Gbps throughput level and are also cost-effective. As a result, each server has less stress, delivering speedier performance and lower latency. For most apps to operate successfully, choose intelligently between web server load balancing, link load balancing, and cloud load balancing. Server Basket is a trusted place to buy load balancers in India and offers 24/7 support service to assist you in every way.

50Gbps Radware Load Balancers Specifications Table:

SpecificationsAlteon D-5820SLAlteon D-5424SL
Maximum L4/L7 throughput40Gbps / 32Gbps40Gbps / 32Gbps
Layer 4 connections525K525K
Layer 4 concurrent44M44M
Layer 7 requests / s930K930K
RSA CPS (2K keys)20K20K
ECC CPS (EC-P256)12K12K
Bulk encryption (Gbps)1010
ProcessorIntel 12-core CPUIntel 12-core CPU
Traffic Ports4 x 25 / 10 GE SFP28
4 x 10 GE SFP+
12 x 1GE SFP
8 x 1GE RJ45
4 x 25 / 10 GE SFP28
16 x 1 GE SFP
16 x 1 GE RJ45
Storage500 GB SSD500 GB SSD
Power SupplyDualDual

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