Dedicated Server Cost India

 8,499.00 13,999.00 (-39%)

  • Free Migration
  • Supports Virtualization
  • Hardware Scalability
  • IPS, IDS, AV, and Antibot Security protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited Bandwidth at 1 Gbps speed
  • 24/7 Free Technical Support
  • Supports any operating system
  • Supports Any Hosting Control Panel
  • Low Latency from Anywhere
  • Tier IV Data center with 99.995 % Uptime
  • Dc location : India
  • Exclusive of Taxes
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  • 30 Days Free Trial
  • Free 24×7 Remote Support
  • Free Backup Solution & Migration
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Tier 4 DC
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Are you planning to migrate your website or application to a dedicated server hosting? Looking for the best hosting provider and the dedicated server cost in India? Then you have come to the right place, Server basket provides cost-effective dedicated server hosting which gives you ultimate power, speed, and security to run your website or application.  The cost of our fully managed dedicated server hosting is very low when compared to any other hosting service provider in India.

We have a huge range of dedicated hosting plans with various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc., and various specifications. Our dedicated server cost depends upon the type of OS and the resources you choose. Along with unlimited bandwidth, scalable resources, 100% uptime guarantee, we also provide free tech support for all dedicated server hosting packages.

Dedicated Server Hosting Price In India:

Plan-IDCoresProcessorRAMStoragePrice/MonthBuy Now
INDS-112 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V364 GB RAM2 X 1TB SSD RAID 1Rs.8,499.00/- Monthly
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INDS-212 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V396 GB RAM2 X 1TB SSD RAID 1Rs.9,499.00/- Monthly
Get 30 Days Free Trial
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INDS-312 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V364 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 3 X 1TB SSD  TB RAID 5Rs.12,499.00/- Monthly
Get 30 Days Free Trial
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INDS-412 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3128 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 1Rs.14,499.00/- Monthly
Get 30 Days Free Trial
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INDS-512 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3256 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 1Rs.15,999.00/- Monthly
Get 30 Days Free Trial
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INDS-624 Cores / 48 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3256 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 1Rs.19,999.00/- Monthly
Get 30 Days Free Trial
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INDS-724 Cores / 48 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3384 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 3 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Rs.24,999.00/- Monthly
Get 30 Days Free Trial
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INDS-836 Cores / 72 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2696 V3512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Rs.34,999.00/- Monthly
Get 30 Days Free Trial
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INDS-944 Cores / 88 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2696 V4512GB GB RAM2 x 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Rs.39,999.00/- Monthly
Get 30 Days Free Trial
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INDS-1048 Cores / 96 threads2 x Intel Platinum 8163512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Rs.44,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-1164 Cores / 128 threads1 x AMD EPYC 7742512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Rs.64,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-12128 Cores / 256 threads2 x AMD EPYC 77421TB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Rs.74,999.00/- Monthly
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Cost Effective Indian Dedicated Hosting Price & Plans

Are you searching for low priced dedicated hosting plans in India? We have cost-effective Indian dedicated server plans with quite cheaper monthly and yearly packages. We have the cheapest dedicated hosting price options when compared to other online server vendors. We offer the best buy option for extensive users at discounted monthly packages. Buy now to avail the most exciting discount offers on server plans.

No Hidden Cost

No matter what plan you choose, our dedicated hosting server cost is the best, and the lowest one in the market and comes with no extra hidden charges. We maintain a detailed list of dedicated hosting prices with configurations and on our website for easy comparison and selection. We charge only for Indian dedicated server setup and the resources you choose, we don’t impose extra charges other than taxes. We do offer an exclusive 30 days trial period at free of cost to satisfy our customer expectations.

Cost Effective

IPS, IDS & DDos Enabled Security

Server Basket provides you affordable dedicated servers with an unparalleled level of security via high-end firewalls with a multi-layered architecture, 24/7 security monitoring, and alerting using IPS&IDS systems. Buy dedicated server with inbuilt IPS security that protects your network from potential threats and monitors network traffic. We ensure to safeguard your website or business network firewalls and anti-virus, so you don’t need to worry about network attacks with our dedicated servers.

One-month Trial Pack

We are offering an exclusive 30 days free server hosting that lets you enjoy our affordable Indian dedicated server features. If you are well satisfied with the performance, speed, support, and security, you can contact us to select a plan according to your business requirements. In any case, if you are unfortunately not satisfied with our services, you can quit at no additional charges.

99.99% Server Uptime

99.995% Server Uptime

We promise to offer 100% server uptime to your website or business application, ensuring optimal productivity without any interruption to your clients or visitors. Power up your business and keep your application up and running 24/7 without any downtime issues. Even though there is no chance of downtime, Incase if any unexpected downtime occurs, we immediately resolve it within a few minutes, causing no discomfort to you or to your visitors. Purchase Indian dedicated server on our website to enjoy 100% uptime round the clock

Hosted on Tier 4 Datacenters

Our affordable dedicated servers are hosted on Tier 4 Datacenters in India to serve your large enterprises. The local Tier 4 data centers, offer low latency, multiple layers of redundancy, including physical security. These data centers are built with high-end infrastructure and fully redundant subsystems, including power, storage, cooling, and network links. Dedicated servers hosted on tier 4 Data Centers offer high security.

Indian Dedicated Server 24x7 Unlimited Support

We have a professionally certified team to offer unlimited customer support 24/7 on live chat or phone. Our technical team offer reactive support and work round the clock to resolve unlimited Administration tickets from you. We promise to offer a response within 15 minutes for support tickets and guarantee to resolve them within 24 hours.

24/7 Live Tech Support

Whether if there is an issue with our affordable dedicated server hosting, our technical support team is here for you literally to help all the time. We have a team of experienced tech support engineers who will help you resolve issues with your affordable dedicated server. We are available 24/7, so you can contact us anytime via live chat, phone, and email. You will receive a quick reply from our team.

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30 Reviews For This Product

  1. 30

    by Ranadeep Reddy

    The server services stand true to their uptime guarantee. I think it matches the SLA agreement, so you don’t have to worry about unprecedented downtime. A good option for stable business operation.

  2. 30

    by Devin Napitupulu

    This is a very user-friendly dedicated server in my opinion. The control panel comes in handy to configure the server and monitor resources. And, with ServerBasket’s managed services, things become very smooth.

  3. 30

    by Ayan Qureshi

    The backup feature is good. I was able to customize the backup frequency to keep my data secure. And, even backup data encryption was available. It is automated, so need not worry about doing it manually.

  4. 30

    by Gaurav Tamhankar

    I can run numerous websites simultaneously. And, I received scalable services on demand, which was what I was looking for. It is a reliable solution at a good price point in my opinion.

  5. 30

    by Ritesh Srivastava

    Migration took place without any issues. I was pleased with ServerBasket’s agility so that I did not have to face downtime for long. And, their priority to data security during the entire process was commendable.

  6. 30

    by Vishnu dutt

    Hardware quality is good. I was apprehensive at first, but ServerBasket has won my trust. Performance standards are satisfactory. Looking for a long-term association with SB.

  7. 30

    by Steffi Margret

    The dedicated server cost is very reasonable. I had good savings with it, as compared to other competitors. I don’t think there were any hidden charges with it, so you don’t have to worry about authenticity.

  8. 30

    by Sangeeth Chandra

    I think ServerBasket‘s prompt responsiveness and ready availability make them one of the best service providers. I was happy with their commitment to quickly resolve my issues.

  9. 30

    by Aadhya Mittal

    I was pleased with the flexibility that this dedicated server hosting offers in terms of operating system and hardware. I was able to build the exact configuration for my applications.

  10. 30

    by Sai Deekshith

    I am really grateful for their team’s assistance in guiding me in selecting the best dedicated server hosting in India. They provide features that are unmatched, and their service is outstanding.

  11. 30

    by Pramodh Naik

    Dedicated servers offered by Server Basket are very famous in and around India. I used one for a long time but the data migration and bandwidth options provided by them can be better.

  12. 30

    by Mokshith Vemuri

    I am impressed with the performance of this dedicated server. I went through many options online, but none matched the features and price range of this one. Highly recommended!

  13. 30

    by Kritesh Varma

    The dedicated hosting server price at Server Basket is low compared to other competitors which actually drew my attention towards them. It helped me in handling a lot of my work efficiently.

  14. 30

    by Jaiden Agarwal

    Dedicated server price matched my requirements so I made this purchase and I am happy with it so far. It has all the required features like good server uptime and free server migration option.

  15. 30

    by Rishi

    I needed the lowest-priced hosting plan when looking for a dedicated server hosting cost in India. Finally, I decided to hire Server Basket to host my website with efficiency and affordability.

  16. 30

    by Kalyan

    They specialize in offering cheap dedicated server India plans. In terms of the best features, quick servers, and reliable security for your website, they offer a wide choice of technologies.

  17. 30

    by Rishi

    I am overjoyed that I decided to purchase dedicated server from ServerBasket. The supplier focuses on giving customers a high-quality product. Thank you again.

  18. 30

    by Siddharth

    I did my research and this is the best dedicated server price in India. My advice is that you should go for it if you are looking for a high-performance, zero-hassle server.

  19. 30

    by Hari Krishna

    The Server Basket team advised me to buy dedicated server as it had unlimited bandwidth and low latency rate. I am genuinely happy with their technical support and guidance.

  20. 30

    by Sri Varshan

    I was looking for unlimited bandwidth and freedom of choosing any hosting control panel. This dedicated server hosting price in India fits my budget and requirement and I totally recommend it.

  21. 30

    by Kishore

    I own a small business and needed a dedicated server with low latency, good uptime, limitless bandwidth, etc. This server met all my requirements and I am satisfied with my purchase.

  22. 30

    by Namith shetty

    The best part was the 7 days’ trial. It gave us sufficient time to verify the speed and performance assured by Server Basket. We were satisfied and took their server plans for our business.

  23. 30

    by Param Takur

    Met all our needs and requirements. I purchased servers at a very low price. I was assured with unlimited bandwidth and 100 percent uptime guarantee. The servers were highly compatible. They have given us full freedom to choose our own configurations according to our business requirements.

  24. 30

    by SaiRam

    Recently I have migrated to Server Basket. Even though this dedicated server cost is very low, I was assured with 100% uptime guarantee and unlimited bandwidth. So there are no restrictions on bandwidth usage right?

  25. 30

    by Ramesh Sannidhi

    Server Basket offered high end dedicated IT servers to meet all business needs within my budget. Impressed with the security vulnerabilities which helped to increase my application ability. All this offered at cheap prices.

  26. 30

    by Gaurav Khurana

    As promised I got a reliable dedicated server to manage my IT environment. Performance Up and Costs Down. This is the best policy always followed by Server Basket, which made them leading server component distributor online.

  27. 30

    by Chaitanya Manu

    Extraordinary dedicated servers from Server Basket with full control, root access, 99.95% uptime. Bought fully managed dedicated servers online in India at very lowest price when compared to other distributors in IT server market.

  28. 30

    by Meghna Singh

    Very much compatible with any Operating systems like Windows and Linux. Also provided scalability and flexibility to choose my own OS and migrate across environment. Highly recommended dedicated server from Server basket.

  29. 30

    by Sandeep Kumar

    Got immediate response from server basket technical team on my issue. They provided support via email, telephone and live chat for user convenience. Happy with Professionally dedicated technical support and response in less time.

  30. 30

    by Nathigaraj

    Met all application requirements like unlimited bandwidth, disk space and free C panel. One of my best choice to buy dedicated server from Server Basket at very affordable price. Would like to visit them again and shop.


What are the advantages if I choose SB?

Server Basket comes with its own advantages. We have no hidden costs and tag all our dedicated servers with the most affordable prices that certainly fall under your budget. Iron-clad security, 99.99% uptime with 24/7 technical assistance and live monitoring services with VPN management, network troubleshooting, security patches, backup and restoration, and zero operating costs are some perks to quote if we talk about how SB is better than others.

How fast can Server Basket set up my dedicated server to start operations?

Server Basket ensures immediate deployment of your dedicated server as soon as you receive it. Our support team takes it as a priority and helps you set up the server so that you can start using it for business without any delays. The process starts within a few hours once the order is confirmed; our team stays in touch with clients and is available around the clock to install and set up the dedicated servers in India. We guarantee a minimal setup time, allowing the use of your business applications and services at the earliest.

What kind of support services does Server Basket provide for dedicated servers?

Server Basket offers the lowest dedicated server price in India and comprehensive customer and tech support to ensure you get a profitable deal for your investment. Our support services comprise:

* Round-the-clock help via multiple channels, including email, phone, and live chat for server configuration and optimization

* Consistent security updates and patches

* Proactive server monitoring and maintenance

* Dedicated account managers if you need personalized assistance

Our support specialists are always at your disposal to answer your queries and resolve any issues so that your dedicated server performs at its best.

Can Server Basket’s dedicated servers host multiple applications?

Yes. You can easily host multiple applications on our dedicated servers without fearing latency. With the best uptime guarantee and resources, you can easily run multiple applications simultaneously with zero downtime. Host any new-day application like Apache Tomcat, NGINX, GlassFish, WIldFly, Jetty, Payara Server, XAMPP, WebSphere, AWS, Caddym Betternet, LightSpeed Web Server, Firebase, WebLogic, etc.

Do Indian dedicated servers offer protection from all cyberattacks?

Yes. Indian dedicated servers come with the latest security features like Data encryption, Anti-malware, User Identity & Access Security, anti-virus software, and protocols so that they offer comprehensive protection against most cyberattacks. They have a cyber-resilient architecture to keep your data safe in all environments against phishing, malware, SQL injection, XSS, password attack,, Zero-day exploit, Cryptojacking, Spyware, Spoofing, and so on.

What businesses does the Dedicated server hosting suit?

Dedicated servers host solutions to the most demanding and complex challenges of today’s enterprises and SMBs. Dedicated hosting is a perfect pitch for the businesses that are based on Email, Software production, Tele communication, ERP, CRM, customer accounting systems, business analytics, and so on.

What is the average cost of a dedicated server in India?

In India, the average cost of a dedicated server largely depends on the hosting package that you choose. At ServerBasket, we provide you with a transparent quote and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. Other than taxes, there are no additional charges.

Which operating systems are available with dedicated servers in India?

Dedicated servers in India come with a range of options for operating systems and virtualization software. These typically include all versions of AlmaLinux 8 & 9, Windows 2012, 2016, 2019, & 2022, CentOS 6 & 7, Oracle, Ubuntu 23.10, 20.04, & 22.04, and Red Hat OS, Debian 10,11, and 12, Fedora 38 and 39, etc.You can choose the right fit as per end-use.

Do I have full control over my dedicated server provided by Server Basket?

Yes. ServerBasket offers dedicated server hosting with full root access and administrative control over the server for leverage over file editing restrictions, limitless access to all commands and files, permission to modify root directory, and full control on resources. The hosting service offers you control panel options of Plesk, cPanel, and Webmin (free), WHM for a greater visibility into its configuration and settings.

Can I customize my own Configuration?

Yes, you can. We have multiple pre-configured dedicated servers but if you wish to customize one on your own, our experts can do it for you. State your requirements to our technical team, and they will tailor the server you choose with your desired hardware and software in no time.

What security features are included in your dedicated server hosting plans?

Many security features come with our dedicated server hosting plans. They have DDoS, DNS Tunneling, SQL Injection Attacks, Phishing Attacks, Password Attack protection features, high-end firewalls, SSL certificates, and in-built IDS and IPS, among others so that security is not compromised at any instance.

How do you monitor and maintain a dedicated server’s performance?

We provide the best maintenance and monitoring services for your dedicated server. We are committed to optimizing performance and productivity by keeping a tab on the hardware health status. We perform regular checks on uptime, logs, and updates as well.

What hardware brands do you use in your dedicated servers?

At ServerBasket, we only use industry-leading hardware brands with our dedicated servers, like HP, Dell, Intel, AMD, etc. You can also customize it with brand preference so that it suits your requirements and the price-to-performance ratio is exceptionally balanced.

Difference between Tier 3 and Tier 4 data center?

The difference between tier-3 and tier-4 data centers can be stated using the uptime and redundancy they can offer. Tier-3 data centers offer an uptime of 99.98% with a maximum downtime of 26.3 minutes, whereas tier-4 data centers offer 99.99% uptime with a maximum downtime of 96 minutes. While the component redundancy in tier-4 is fault tolerant 2N or 2N+1, tier-3 DC offers full N+1. Coming to compartmentalization, while teh tier-4 DC allows it, tier-3 DC features a partial compartmentalization option. Tier-4 DC support team is available 24/7/365, while tier-3 employs 1 + shift.

Is my data Secure at your data center?

Obviously, it is. Your data remains completely secure with the Server Basket as our tier4 data centers follow layered security measures with mandatory video surveillance and secure access points alongside Checkpoint firewalls, multi-factor authentication, continuous monitoring. The in-built IPS and DDoS enabled security keeps your data and server away from protocol attacks, Slowloris, Multivector attacks, DNS flood, SYN flood, ICMP flood, etc.

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