Server CPU Heatsinks


Do you need a branded processor heatsink which dissipates heat effectively and reduces processor repair costs significantly? Serer Basket offers server CPU heatsinks from many popular brands to effectively take out heat from the components of your devices, enhance performance, and extend their lifespan. The different elements of a computer system generate a tremendous amount of heat when operating. This heat can hamper the effective functioning of the computer system. Our CPU heatsinks can considerably decrease heat emission and control the temperature limits safely. The critical factors in the heat sink design are thermal resistance, durable material, fin efficiency, thermal interface material, fin configuration, and fin size and shape. Get the most of your heatsink’s performance with our low prices and numerous other benefits. Call to know more.


Choose from Multiple Heatsink Brands and Models

To avoid overheating of the devices and to continue working at peak efficiency, we provide you CPU heatsinks in multiple brands like HP server heatsinks, Dell server heatsinks and many more brands like Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, Huawei, and Supermicro. Buy the heatsink of your choice at low costs from Server Basket. 


Compatible with Numerous CPU Socket Types

Most server heatsinks have compatibility with common types of processor sockets, like LGA, PGA, and other sockets. Our team will help you to find the proper heatsink that matches your processor socket type. They also have adjustable brackets to mount on the motherboard.

Improved Performance and Lifespan of Processors

Using a heatsink will help in removing heat from the components of a device to improve the performance of the processors. Removal of this waste heat helps in increasing the lifespan of the processor. Heatsinks prevent overheating of hardware components, thus increasing their performance.


Optimal Fin Arrangement for Maximized Airflow

Server heatsinks have optimal fin arrangement, which is vital for allowing sufficient airflow with either forced or natural convection among the fins. This arrangement helps in efficient heat dissipation and maximizes airflow.


Designed for 24/7 High-load Operation

It is essential to have a CPU heatsink because it helps your CPU to get cooled even though it works 24/. It is structured to consume the excess heat generated by the processor and then disperse it. It can work nonstop to cool a processor working 24×7, processing high-load operations.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Quick and Secure Delivery

Order server heatsinks from Server Basket and get fast and safe delivery service. We will deliver your product safely to your location within 3-5 working days, even if your destination is anywhere in India. And avail yourself of the benefit of free shipping. 


Secure Warranty for Peace of Mind

Our warranty means that the heatsink is free from damage and defects, and you will not face any problems. But in rare cases, if you have any issue with a product, you can avail the warranty benefit. In which the warranty covers replacements and repairs within that certain warranty period.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Professional Installation & Tech Support

Server Basket is known for its service in technical support. We have the best technical support team, certified, experienced, and qualified. They provide perfect installation, maintenance and configuration of a product.  They are always happy to help you 24/7.

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