Dell Server Heatsinks


Stock of All Dell Server Heatsink Models Available

Prevent overheating of your Dell servers, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. We offer you a large stock of standard, flat, pinned, and finned server Heatsinks built for all the popular models or families of Dell, such as R640, C4140, R240, R340, R740, T640, etc.


Efficient Cooling Solutions for Dell Servers

Get an advantage of strong heat dissipation with the lightweight and durable Dell heatsinks for Dell server platforms. The copper and aluminum heatsinks help your server CPUs with extended Thermal Design Profiles to operate at optimal speeds by dissipating heat off their surfaces dynamically.

Quiet and Effective Server Heat Management

The Dell server Heatsinks at our store are thermal-optimized; they use a thermal conductor to push the heat into its fins, which disperse the heat through their wider surface area. They are designed to conduct the most effective heat management by expanding the CPU’s functional area.

Reliable Heat Sink Upgrades for Servers

We offer Dell CPU Heatsinks that pass a multi-level testing procedure. Our free demo of the heatsink serves as a symbol of the product quality and reliability. Choose among the multiple models of heatsinks with TDP levels and other features clarified in the specifications, helping you with finalizing your upgrade needs.


Enhance Performance and Longevity of Servers

Effective thermal management assures the prevention of your CPU overheating, which in turn prolongs the life of the component, as overheating issues, when untreated, can lead to physical damage or operational failure. Realize your server’s peak potential and critical-most computational power delivery that allows your business continuity and consistency.


Sophisticated Liquid Cooling Technology for Data Center Servers

Guard your Data Center Server processors against thermal bottlenecks with the advanced heatsinks for your top-line processors from Intel and AMD. The heatsinks are embedded with sophisticated cooling mechanisms such as heat pipes with thermal-easing liquid, heat ducts, and thermal paste-coated baseplates.


Warranty Support

The Dell processor heatsink carries a warranty of 90 days from the date of purchase. The store strives to support you under the device failure based on the terms and conditions clearly stated by the warranty.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Instant Shipping, 7-day Returnable

We initiate the shipping process of the heatsink the moment you complete the transaction, attempting a faster delivery to any city in India. A 7-day returns policy secures your investment standing as a token of the store’s principled merchandising.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Day-and-night Help Desk

We understand that your business works on critical schedules where you may need support from the sellers at any time of the day. Our employees are available 24/7 to assist you with installation guidance, troubleshooting tips, and sale inquiries.

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