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Get Hp, IBM, Dell Server Rental in Vizag At Low Price


Are you in need of high performing and reliable servers from top brands like HP, Dell, and IBM servers that give more processing power to you? Do you need servers that will supercharge the network of your organization, store huge amounts of data, and allow you to deploy applications easily and quickly? You may require high-end branded servers for your various business needs but may not want to invest upfront for new servers. You need not worry! Server Basket is there to offer you a great server rental service in Vizag. Your server on rent from us will give you the performance you need at a lesser cost. We also offer a ‘rent to own servers’ program with which you become the owner of the server eventually. Server Basket’s server rental in Vizag serves you an assortment of top-quality servers from all big brands whose configuration you can customize according to your needs. These servers on rent are stable and sturdy and a perfect choice for testing applications and short-term projects. You can choose to co-locate these servers at any of our data centers. We offer special discounts on long term rental plans and deliver servers all over Vizag. We also provide pre-sales and installation support, free of cost.

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Choose Servers from Top Brands

We offer a variety of high-quality servers from all top brands on rent in Vizag. These servers from HP, Dell, Cisco, Supermicro, Fujitsu, and IBM deliver assured high performance and fast computing that you need to run your projects and applications. You can choose your brand and model according to your business needs and even rent a remote server. All these branded servers come with exclusive and advanced features for particular purposes so that your business gets a boost.

Ideal for Testing Applications

You need to measure exactly how much your application can handle in order to prepare for the real-time traffic of users, advanced planning of updates, and improving the overall user experience. Our servers on rent are ideal for testing and establishing the performance, functionality, compatibility, usability, and security of your applications before you put them into the production domain. Even the application testing tools provide necessary data and insights for developers and server administrators.

Best Choice for Short Term Projects

Servers on rent from us will prove to be the best choice for short-term projects that have a defined scope and last for a limited duration. For short projects, buying new servers is an expensive move. Renting servers from us will save you money, and the servers will deliver maximum performance for your short-term projects such as cloud transition, data migration, and testing of the new applications and IT environment.

Co-Locate Servers at Any Data Center

Even when you rent servers from us, you can co-locate them in any data center. We do have our own sophisticated data centers; you can opt to co-locate your servers in any of our data centers or in a data center of your choice, which suits you for your needs, budget, or physical location. A good data center will give you good facilities like power, cooling, bandwidth, and physical security besides space.

Customize Configuration as Per Needs

We understand that your demand for the rented servers’ configuration will differ as per your budget and business needs. You may want a standard server configuration for regular business requirements or a high-end configuration for advanced workloads; we provide everything. You can verify and choose from the configurations mentioned on our website or let us know what you need, we will custom configure your server to give you the best one for an enhanced performance.

Attractive Discounts on Long Term Rentals

Our server rental plans are the most affordable and cost-efficient in the market. In addition to that, we also offer attractive discounts on rent plans when you take long-term rentals. We want to cater to all your needs effectively and maintain a long-term relationship with you. Our special discounts and high quality of service will certainly bring you back to us again. Our prices are the most reasonable among all the service providers who offer server rental services.

Free Pre-Sales & Installation Support

We have a reputation for providing good products and services to our customers and taking care of all their business needs. If you are not able to decide about the server you want for your business, we are there to assist you with our free pre-sales support to guide you about all the servers and help you select the most suitable one for you. Our expert team will also help you in installing and readying your server for business.

Instant Delivery All Over Vizag

Our server rental service is available for all areas of Vizag. No matter what your office or data center location is, you will have your rented servers delivered to you anywhere in Vizag instantly. As soon as you complete the order with our sales team, our dispatch team makes sure that your server/s are packed safely using the top-quality packaging material, and they reach your doorstep within a few hours.

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