Server Rental Under Rs.30,000/-

 30,000.00 35,000.00 (-14%)

  • Server Rental At Lowest Price
  • Configured As Per Application Requirment
  • Dell R530, HP ProLiant Gen8, Gen9 Servers on Rent
  • Start using after Delivery
  • Discounted Price on Longer Duration
  • 24/7 Expertise Services
  • Quick Delivery All Over India

Save your IT Budget by investing in High-End Server Rental, get pre-configured Dell, HP, IBM servers to use on Applications. Best Choice for Small Businesses & Enterprises to boost their computing Workloads, Access 24/7 Tech support, Super-fast Delivery to any city in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Ahmedabad, Patna, Hyderabad, Chandigarh Etc

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Server On Rent Under Rs.30,000/-  For Short Projects

Whether you are looking for a server rental under Rs. 30000 for you start-up or a remote branch office, we provide HP, Dell servers on rent with various configurations that will meet your IT business needs and even exceeds your expectations. Hiring a server on rent under Rs.30,000 will result in significant cost savings compared to buying the new server outright.

Rent any model from the HP ProLiant or Dell PowerEdge servers and customize them with desired hard drives, memory, Raid Controller Cards, Processors, and Ethernet cards, etc. Whether you take a single server or multiple servers on rental, we guarantee the lowest rental price for any time frame. Get in touch with us today through live chat, email, or phone call, our team will provide you the best server on rent under Rs.30,000 that caters to your requirements.

GPU Servers Rental Under Rs. 30,000

Server ModelProcessorRAMStorageGPUPriceBuy Now
HP ProLiant DL380 Gen92 x 2680 v3128GB2 x 500GB SSD8GB (1 x Quadro M4000)Rs. 12,999/-Buy Now
HP ProLiant DL380 Gen92 x 2680 v3128GB2 x 500GB SSD16GB (2 x Quadro M4000)Rs. 16,599/-Buy Now

Dell Servers Rental Under Rs. 30,000

Server ModelProcessorRAMStoragePriceBuy Now
Dell PowerEdge R6202 x 2696 v2128GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 2TB SSDRs. 10,699/-Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge R6302 x 2680 v3256GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 2TB SSDRs. 17,799/-Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge R6302 x 2696 v3512GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 2TB SSDRs. 24,199/-Buy Now

High-end CPU Servers Rental Price List in India

Server ModelProcessorRAMStoragePriceBuy Now
Dell PowerEdge R6202 x 2696 v2 / 24 Cores128GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 2TB SSDRs. 10,699/-Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge R6302 x 2682 v4 / 32 Cores256GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 2TB SSDRs. 17,799/-Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge R6302 x 2696 v3 / 36 Cores384GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 2TB SSDRs. 20,699/-Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge R6302 x 2696 v4 / 44 Cores512GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 2TB SSDRs. 25,399/-Buy Now

High-end Storage Servers Rental Price List in India

Server ModelProcessorRAMStorageEthernetPriceBuy Now
Dell PowerEdge R720xd2 x 2670 v264GB2 x 500GB SSD / 10 x 2TB SAS HDD2 x 10G SFPRs. 14,799/-Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge R720xd2 x 2670 v264GB2 x 512GB SSD / 10 x 4TB SAS HDD2 x 10G SFPRs. 19,470/-Buy Now
Huawei RH2288 V32 x 2680 v364GB2 x 512GB SSD / 10 x 8TB SAS HDD2 x 10G SFPRs. 20,699/-Buy Now

Dell & HP Servers With Upgraded Hardware

We provide servers on rent from the most popular brands, HP and Dell. These servers come with the advanced technologies in OS and software, and high performing hardware components. With each generation, they bring upgraded hardware and applications. The feature-rich Dell and HP servers are suitable for businesses of all kinds and sizes, and can boost the performance of applications.

Custom Configuration as Per Your Need

All customers do not have the same business needs and workloads. That is why, apart from providing the preconfigured servers, we help you to custom configure your rented server according to your requirements. You can choose the hardware components, software, and applications with specifications that fit your needs so that you can get the best server configured for your business.

Certified Servers on Rent

Our Dell and HP servers for rent are authentic servers, available with genuine parts and spares made by the manufacturers. Even the refurbished servers we offer are thoroughly tested and quality-checked by our experts. These servers are certified for high-quality and uninterrupted operations. They deliver the best performance for all kinds of workflows and applications.

Test Server Before Ordering

We do not want you to have any doubts or concerns; hence, we offer a remote testing facility for our rented servers. Our engineers will connect remotely and demonstrate to you the features and functioning of servers of both the brands. You can ask questions from our experts, and only after you are completely satisfied, can you place your order.

Complete Technical Support

To resolve all your technical issues related to the rented servers, we have a team of experts available for you around the clock. You can contact them any time you face any issue with the server’s operations, and they will respond immediately. They take the shortest possible time and offer the best solutions for your problems and concerns.

Fast & Safe Doorstep Delivery

You may be located anywhere in India; we ensure you get your servers delivered at your doorstep on time. All our teams work in perfect coordination to make quick and timely deliveries of servers possible. As soon as your order is completed and payment is done, our dispatch and delivery team work non-stop to deliver your servers safely.

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What server brands and models are available under the server rental under Rs 30,000?

We have various brands of servers available for rent. We have servers from Dell under 30000, servers from HP under 30000, and some models of IBM servers also. We offer different generations of HP ProLiant and Dell PowerEdge servers.

Can I scale the server configuration between the plans?

Yes, you can change or scale your server’s configuration from one plan to another, based on your needs. We also help to custom configure the servers to suit your specific requirements. Flexible options to alter the server configuration are available.

How long does it take to provide me the access?

Your server is delivered to you within 2-3 business days. Meanwhile, our team creates your access-related and other credentials. As soon as you have your server with you, you can immediately set it up, and it is ready for business.

What kind of workloads do these servers support?

These HP, Dell, and IBM servers come with advanced technologies and many superior built-in features. They support all kinds of workloads across industries. They are suitable for heavy, memory, storage, or data-intensive workloads. They can handle even high-performance computing (HPC).

Does it support virtualization?

Yes, many of these server models support virtualization. They bring in such features with them that are designed for virtualization, such as the embedded hypervisors. These servers support multiple operating systems that work well for virtualization.

How do I know that my data is safe?

Our servers are highly secure and come with advanced security and data protection features, and backup and archival capabilities. Rest assured your data is safe. They also have monitoring tools that provide you information and reports about your data’s safety.

How can you help if my application is down due to some technical issues?

You need not worry if you face any technical issues and your application is down. Our tech support experts are available 24/7 to help you with any issues. They will troubleshoot your technical problems to enable smooth operations of your application.

How will my application run if there is any problem with the uptime?

Our servers are housed in the most advanced data centers, equipped with the best infrastructure and facilities. We ensure you will never experience a noticeable downtime. We offer high-speed network connectivity, and redundancy for high availability of your business applications.

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