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Buy Intel 10GB PCI network adapter online from server basket and expand the network connectivity of your server with network adapter cards/ LAN cards/ Ethernet Cards. These network adapters of 10 Gigabit dual port will boost your network speed delivering the speed of up to 10Gbps -10X faster than standard gigabit Ethernet. These cards are available for HP, Dell, IBM and Cisco servers for any series and generation. Why delay, order today and avail 90 days warranty and free shipping across the country, cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

High-End Data Delivery:

10GB PCI network adapters/Ethernet Cards ensure greater network speed a give a high-end data delivery a speed of up to 10Gbps -10X faster than standard gigabit Ethernet. This speed of a network with boost up the server performance and give a good zeal to the business. Order today and get the best deals right away. Don’t be procrastinate since it comes with 90 days warranty

SR and SFP Modules:

All the Intel SFP modules and cables available with us are bounced on warranty and lifetime technical support. SFP modules provide a convenience which is needed to ensure dependable network performance and reliability. SR modules of 10GBASE can support a link length of 26 meters on FDDI and MMF. These are most commonly used as the original multimode optics specifications.

Compactable with any Server and OS:

PCI network adapter/Ethernet Cards which is available with us can compact with any operating systems i.e. Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. and also available for HP, Dell, IBM server of any generation series/families. We have a wide range of products that can enable wired Ethernet Cards connection to a network for reliability and speed improvements. Also, PCI e-cards are available to upgrade server networking up to 10 GBPS and Multi-port PCI e network adapters which include 2 and 4-port cards.

90 Days Warranty:

We sell only certified and genuine products which are being tested on different levels. We provide 90 days on-site warranty from the date of purchase. For any complaint or issue raised during the usage of the product, you can immediately report our technical team and we ensure instant problem clearance. You can avail warranty offers for any minute and genuine problem occurrence. Also, the warranty is not applicable for physical damage.

Free Delivery:

Free shipping is available across the country, mainly to the cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. We usually deliver in 2-3 business day’s maximum. We ensure for no delay maximum time. For any further queries feel free to contact us, drop a mail or call toll free number. It will be great to help you out with any decent queries. Hurry up, order today and avail the offer right away.


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