40GbE Ethernet Cards


40GB Ethernet connectivity will effectively meet a wide variety of your IT network needs. Explore all brands of 40 GbE LAN cards at Server Basket to get the best one for you. These 40 GbE NICs enhance security and improve your network’s capabilities. They are perfect for virtualized servers, high-demand database servers, and agile data centers that need to upgrade their architecture without downtime. You may have any brand of server; choose a 40 GbE PCIe adapter with one, two, or four ports to get high-speed, redundant network connections to vital systems. Purchase 40 GbE network adapters from Server Basket at discounted prices to take advantage of our premium services, which are entirely free of charge.


Various 40G Network Card Brands and Models Available

We offer various models of 40G network cards from Intel, Mellanox, HP, Broadcom, Emulex, etc., which are compatible with Cisco, HP, Dell, Supermicro, Lenovo, Huawei servers as well as Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, and MikroTik routers. They are tested and certified for high quality and performance.


Choose from Dual and Quad-port Options

These 40 GbE Ethernet cards enable high-speed network connectivity with single, quad, and dual port options based on the network performance and scalability needs. They can offer the best performance and most adaptable solutions for the most demanding applications and markets, like machine learning, data analytics, and more.

Network Convergence and High Performance in Virtualized Environments

With flexible, space-saving architecture, PCIe interface, and exceptional performance in virtualized and converged-network settings, 40 GbE network adapters are built for modern enterprises. They are the best option for any server to provide secure data center connectivity and intelligent flow processing with their speed and high throughput advantages.

Hot-swappable, Field-replaceable Design

A 40 GbE adapter is built to meet the demands of enterprise applications for high bandwidth and scalability. Its storage protocol supports high-availability features, including field-replaceable fans, redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, and uninterruptible operations. It guarantees maximum uptime, continuous operations, and adequate cooling even during a fan failure.


Support for RDMA and Other Network Protocols

All our expertly tested 40GbE network adapters have minimal latency and excellent network throughput. Moreover, it has significant advantages like large volume, low CPU overhead, and support for all networking, clustering, and storage protocols, in addition to RDMA operations that allow direct memory access between two systems without involving the OS.


Remote Monitoring and Management Features

Investing in SB’s 40 GbE Network card gives you complete, secure connectivity for managing and monitoring your uninterrupted power supply from a distance.Using remote monitoring capabilities, be informed about issues as they arise, prevent shutdowns in case of prolonged power outages, and ensure that your company’s data is always secure.

Secure And Instant Delivery

Swift Shipping & Delivery

You don’t need to worry about their safety; 40 GbE Network cards will be delivered in 3 or 4 business days. We expeditiously and carefully ship your products throughout India with the help of reliable courier providers.


Assured Warranty Cover

Buy a 40G Ethernet card from Server Basket that is customized for you at a low price to provide your server with dependable performance. We have several different 40G LAN card options, and our assured warranty policy for free repair or replacement covers each one.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Installation Technical Support

You may put your 40 GB Ethernet card on your servers, all configured and ready to go. Do you still need help or clarification regarding compatibility? Our technical support team is available via email or phone twenty-four hours a day.

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