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Server Rental in Kolkata

Leading Dell, HP, IBM Server Rental Dealer in Kolkata | Round the Clock Tech Support

Do you wish to save infrastructure and maintenance costs incurred by purchase of new servers? Do you want to increase the productivity of your staff by relieving them from server maintenance, monitoring, and management tasks? Server rental services take the burden of upfront investment on new servers and their upkeep off your shoulders. Server Basket is one of the best server rental service providers in Kolkata. Contact us for affordable server rental plans for all the branded servers. You get the maximum benefits of hi-tech servers from the most popular brands by making the least investment. Our server rental plans will prove all the more beneficial if you are taking up short term projects or testing applications. You also get to customize the configurations of your rented server as per your business requirements and budget. You can also upgrade your server rental package anytime in the future as your business grows. We also offer attractive discounts on our long-term rental plans. We deliver servers all over Kolkata without any delays and free technical support to help you set up your server for business operations.

Choose Top Brand Servers

For renting servers from us, you get to choose from a huge range of servers from all the top brands like IBM, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Supermicro, etc. All these servers bring with them the legacies of these popular brands and their advanced technologies to give you the best performance. These servers also provide stability, flexibility, security, and reliability required for all kinds of businesses and workloads.

Get Huge Discounts for Long Term Rental

Our server rentals are lower than those offered by other service providers. That gives you good savings on your expenses. On top of that, we give huge discounts if you take long-term rental plans. We do not compromise on quality or features irrespective of our low prices. Even in discounted server rent plans, you get most of the features and customized ones too for your specific needs.

Best Suitable for Temporary Projects

Your business will always have a blend of projects. Sometimes you will also take on temporary projects, which will get over within a limited duration. Their scope is well defined, and they are for a short term. For such projects, the decision to acquire new servers can prove costly. Rented servers from us are high in quality and provide you the optimum performance required for short and temporary projects.

Ideal for Testing Applications

Application testing is a phase that precedes the mainstream production stage. It is important to know and measure how much any application can take on once it is operational. This helps in preparing the application to handle the real-time users, enhancing the users' experience and planning of updates. Since testing of applications is a timed phase and finishes quickly, renting servers for testing purposes is a more profitable option instead of spending on new servers.

Grade ‘A’ Quality at Less Investment

It's established that you will be investing less in servers when taking the rent option in place of spending upfront on buying the new ones. Whether new or rented, the quality of our servers remains grade ‘A’. Providing you top-quality products and service is our main objective. We believe that we grow with our customers, and we succeed with their success. So, you get nothing less than grade ‘A’ when you rent servers from us.

Customize Your Own Configuration

Customization is the key to our customers’ satisfaction. We cater to all the specific needs and demands of our customers for their businesses. We offer a variety of configurations for our servers on rent. You can customize your server as you want, with whatever component and capacity you need for your business and application. You get complete flexibility in choosing your kind of configurations.

Free Technical Assistance

We have a team of experts dedicated to offer you all the technical assistance you need for the desired performance and functioning of your rented servers. They provide you technical support and advice for any issues. They help you install and set up the server and maintain its software. They are skilled in diagnosing any technical problems in the server and will resolve them in a short span of time so that there are no disruptions in your business.

On-Time Delivery All Over Kolkata

No matter which area in Kolkata you are located in, we will deliver your server at your doorstep in no time. We have tie-ups with the best local courier and shipping companies who partner with us for fast and safe deliveries to our customers. So, you need not worry. You will get your server delivered intact within a day after you place the order with us.

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