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Rent Dell R810 Server With 4 Processors

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Powerful 1U Rack Rental Servers Pricing List:

Server TypeCPU'sStorageRAMPower Supply Price
Powerful-128GB 24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's6TB SSD with Raid 5128GBDual
  • Rs. 14,999/-
Powerful-256GB 36 core CPU / 72 vCPU's10TB SSD with Raid 5256GBDual
  • Rs. 24,999/-
Powerful-512GB 40 core CPU / 80 vCPU's12TB SSD with Raid 5512GB Dual
  • Rs. 34,499/-

Storage 2U Rental Servers Pricing List:

Server TypeRAMCPU'sPower SupplyStorage Price
Storage 128GB 128GB 24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sDual 18TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 12,499/-
Storage 256GB256GB36 core CPU / 72 vCPU'sDual36TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 22,499/-
Storage 512GB 512GB40 core CPU / 80 vCPU'sDual100 TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 42,499/-
Storage 128GB-1 128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sDual 40TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 44,499/-
Storage 256GB-2256GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sDual60TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 54,499/-
Storage 512GB-3 512GB40 core CPU / 80 vCPU'sDual80TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 74,499/-
Storage 128GB-4 128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sDual 400TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 84,499/-

GPU Rental Servers Pricing List:

Server TypeRAMCPU'sGPUPower SupplyStorage Price
GPU 128GB 128GB 24 Core CPU / 48 vCPU'sQuadro M4000 8GB Dual 18TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 14,499/-
GPU 256GB 256GB36 core CPU / 72 vCPU'sRTX M4000 8GB Dual 36TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 24,499/-
GPU 128GB-1 128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sQuadro M4000 8GB Dual 40TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 46,499/-
GPU 512GB 512GB40 core CPU / 80 vCPU'sRTX 3090 24GB Dual 100 TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 52,499/-
GPU 256GB-1256GB24 core CPU/48 vCPU'sRTX M4000 8GB Dual 60TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 58,499/-
GPU 512GB-1512GB40 core CPU/80 vCPU'sRTX 3090 24GB Dual 80TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 84,499/-
GPU 128GB-2128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sRTX 3090 24GB Dual400TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 94,499/-

An ideal and powerful 2U rack mount Dell R810 server with 4 processors on rent at lowest price compared to any other sellers across India that are used for virtualization applications, startup as well as all the ongoing projects etc. We deliver rental servers to all the businesses across any location in India with assured on time immediate shipping. By using high-end hardware, we provide servers on rental for sure only after testing and certifying by our engineers. We even provide discounts on more than single server rental ton exclusive and reseller customers. And even the user can increase rental duration and upgrade software at no extra cost from us. We even help you out for upgrading with the help of either email or telephone. No more wait! Just Rent Dell R810 Server from us better than buying and save a lot of investment.

Note: Exclusive of  Taxes & Shipping Charges are Extra

Create Scalable Virtualized Environment

The Dell R810 server provides excellent performance in a scalable 2U rack height. With options for two or four sockets, this server allows consolidation of workload, and high machine density for virtualization. The server supports operating systems with virtualization options and comes with an embedded virtualization hypervisor, helping you to create scalable virtualized environments.

Supports Up To 4 Intel Xeon CPUs

Our Dell PowerEdge R810 rental server can support up to 4 processors from Intel Xeon E7 processor family, and Intel Xeon 6500 and 7500 processor series. The E7 product family provides up to 10 cores per processor with Intel hyperthreading. The Xeon 6500 and 7500 series processors can provide up to 8 cores per processor with Intel 64 technology.

Huge Memory With 32 DIMM Slots

The Dell R810 server specs boast of a large memory capacity with 32 DIMM slots. It supports Registered DIMMs (RDIMM) ECC DDR3 technology in different capacities. All the 32 DIMMs with 16GB capacity can give you a total memory of up to 512GB. DDR3 memory provides a high performing, and high-speed memory interface that enables high throughput and low latency.

Massive Storage To Support Data-intensive Works

The Dell PowerEdge R810 server supports up to 6 2.5” hot plug SATA SSD, nearline SAS, SAS, or SATA HDDs, to provide a maximum of up to 6TB internal storage. Such huge storage is ideal if your business works on large databases, or data-intensive workloads. RAID controllers support the complete range of RAID options. It also supports flash memory storage.

Easy Remote Management With iDRAC

This Dell server comes with iDRAC Express, offering a variety of features like graphical web interface, server sensor monitoring, fault altering, and secure remote access operations. The Dell OpenManage with Lifecycle controller provides extensive management features which enable the administrators to manage the server remotely or on-site. iDRAC module supports system’s deployment, management, and updates using a normal browser.

Excellent Rental Prices On All Configurations

Our Dell PowerEdge R810 server price includes affordable rental plans on all the server configurations. You can opt for a preconfigured server or get your server custom configured as per your business requirements. We offer the flexibility for custom configurations too at budget friendly prices. Rest assured that you will get the best Dell server at the best rental price from us.

Free Installation & Technical Support

We provide our customers with good quality server-related services so that they get 100% satisfaction. 24/7 technical support and free installation assistance are some of such services. Our experts are always available to help you with the installation and configuration of the server. They also resolve all your technical issues, so you are not inconvenienced in any way.

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1 Review For This Product

  1. 01

    by Ananya Jai Sharma

    I purchased a server on rent few month back however my project was not completed and I wanted to extend it for few months.I called up support and requested for an extension.They easily approved my request and didn’t even charge extra which made me happy.

What documents do I need to submit before renting a Dell R810 server?

Before renting your Dell PowerEdge R810 rental server, you have to submit a few documents to us along with our rental agreement; namely, a government registered ID proof, GST form, and the certificate of incorporation.

Can I extend my rental period if I need it?

Yes, you can extend your rental period whenever you need to. Our Dell R810 server rentals offer the flexibility to upgrade the plan or extend it as per your business requirements. We completely take care of all your needs.

Will you charge extra if I encounter any technical issues during the rental period?

We don’t charge anything extra, to resolve any of your technical issues during the rental period. We have a technical support team to assist you. They will troubleshoot all your technical issues, free of cost.

When will I receive the rental server if I order now?

After you complete the rental server order with us, our dispatch and delivery department swings into action immediately. They pack your server safely and deliver to you securely within 2-3 working days. A far location may take an extra day.

How can I contact you if I encounter a problem with the rental server?

You will find multiple channels of communication when you visit our website. Any time you face any issue with the server, you can call our support team, chat with them, or even send email or WhatsApp messages to them.

Are there any discounts on bulk orders? If so, how much discount can I expect?

Though our Dell PowerEdge R810 server price is already affordable, we do offer discounts if you order servers in bulk quantities. The %age of discount will depend on the quantity of your order. Rest assured, we will not disappoint you.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the server configuration in between?

Yes, you can alter your Dell R810 server specs to fit your needs. We offer that flexibility to all our customers. If you have any specific business requirements, we custom build your server for, according to the specifications you choose.

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