Ethernet Cards

Ethernet Cards

Buy High-End 10G Ethernet Cards for Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco Servers at Best Price

Do you need a powerful 10G LAN Card to scale your network performance to meet the increased demand? Are you looking to upgrade your server for high bandwidth applications? Then buy high-end 10GB Ethernet Cards from Server Basket. The 10G Ethernet adapter delivers fast and reliable 10 GB network access at longer distances. The 10G LAN Cards are ideal for modern businesses that need high-speed connectivity. Whether you are looking to buy 10G LAN Card for DellHPIBMCisco or any other Server, Server Basket has them all. Order 10GB Ethernet Card now at a discount price and save your money, we also provide free pre-sales assistance, remote installation help, assured warranty, quick and secure delivery all over India.

Ethernet Cards / Adapter Price List In India

Ethernet Cards / Adapter ModelPortsInterfaceData Transfer RatePart NumberPrice
HPE 4-port, 1GbE 331FLR4PCIe 2.0 x410Gb/s629135-B22
  • Rs. 14,160/-
Intel X520-DA2 10GB Dual Port2PCIe 2.0 x810Gb/sE10G42BTDA
  • Rs. 7,659/-
HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 530SFP2PCIe Gen2 x8 10Gb/s652503-B21
  • Rs. 15,480/-
IBM QLOGIC 10GB Dual Port2PCIe 2.0 x410Gb/s42C1801
  • Rs. 15,480/-
Dell 10GB NIC Dual-Port2PCIe 2.0 x8 10Gb/sCYK8V
  • Rs. 16,650/-
Intel 2-Port 10Gbps2PCIe v2.1 x8 10Gb/sX520-10G-1S-X8
  • Rs. 19,499/-
Intel/ Dell X520-DA22PCIe 2.0 X810Gb/s942V6
  • Rs. 7,659/-
Intel X710-DA44PCIe 3.0 x810 Gb/sX710DA4FH2
  • Rs. 25,199/-
Compatible With Any Server

Compatible with Any Server Brand

The 10G Ethernet cards available at our website are compatible with any of the brand servers, including Dell, IBM, Cisco, HP, Intel, Super-micro, etc. Server Basket can provide you with a broad range of LAN Cards, which can facilitate wired Ethernet connection to a network for speed enhancement and reliability. These Ethernet cards work well with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, etc.

Demanding Connectivity

Ideal for Bandwidth Demanding Connectivity

Scale your network performance using the 10G Ethernet cards. With up to 10 Gbps bandwidth, these high-end Ethernet adapters let you transfer more data at faster speeds. The higher bandwidth, which the 10GB Ethernet adapter offers is beneficial for science simulations, virtualization software, real-time application responses, social networking apps, business logic apps, web cloud computing, databases, and caching.

SR, SFP, And SFP+ Modules

LAN Cards with SR, SFP, and SFP+ Modules

Boost your network performance with the best 10G Ethernet cards available with us in various modules. We do provide LAN Cards with SFP, SR & SFP+ modules. SFP module will be highly useful for data communication and telecommunication application. SR stands for short reach, and these transceivers are mostly multi-mode. They are meant for high speeds across comparatively short distances. SFP+ modules consume lower power than other Ethernet cards.

10X Faster Speed

10X Faster Speed & High-End Data Delivery

The 10G Ethernet cards are 10 times faster than that of the standard gigabyte Ethernets providing high-end data delivery. Enable your system network to experience higher data transfer rates and get high-speed connectivity. 10G LAN Cards are the perfect choice for data centers, which work on applications like High-Performance Computing, video on demand, and database clusters that need 10G cards for faster speed access of the network.

Genuine & Multi-Level

Genuine & Multi-Level Tested 10G Cards

Looking to purchase reliable, high-quality 10G Ethernet cards? Then you are in the right destination. The 10GB Ethernet cards you purchase from Server Basket are genuine, and they are tested thoroughly on multiple levels before they are being dispatched. We provide certified 10G Ethernet cards that give an enhanced performance under any complex conditions.

90 Days Warranty

90 Days Warranty

All the Ethernet Cards we sell are backed by our standard 90 Day warranty that actually starts from the date of purchase. If you face any issues with the 10G LAN cards during this warranty period will be immediately addressed by Server Basket. You would get a replacement or repair of the Ethernet Card instantly.

Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery Anywhere in India

No matter where you are located, Server Basket quickly delivers the 10G Ethernet Cards at your doorstep anywhere in India. We safely deliver your 10G LAN Card in a Multi-Layered package to any location in India including BangaloreChennaiHyderabadKolkataMumbaiDelhiPune, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, etc. We also deliver to remote locations too.

Free Installation Support Available

Free Remote Installation Help

Do you know that you have to follow certain instructions for installing the Ethernet Cards properly? If you are not aware of the installation process, contact us immediately as we are providing free remote installation support. You can contact us at any time via email, phone call, or live chat while installing your 10GB Ethernet Cards into your server. Our expert engineers will help you by giving step by step detailed procedure throughout the installation process and make your work simple.

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