100GbE Ethernet Cards


Are you looking to improve your network speed with an ultra-reliable, high-speed Ethernet card at a lower price? Server Basket offers100 G Ethernet cards, supporting up to 100 Gbps of data transfer speed and providing higher network bandwidth to meet the needs of big data and cloud computing scenarios. You can choose your network card from top manufacturers like Intel, Broadcom, Emulex, Mellanox, HP, etc. 100GbE NICs are compatible with various servers, routers, and switch brands like Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, HP, Dell, Supermicro, Lenovo, Huawei, etc. These high and low-profile Ethernet cards are available in single, dual and quad-port configurations. Buy 100GbE LAN cards from the Server Basket without delay, and avail yourself of the benefits of fast and secure delivery, 24/7 technical support, and an assured warranty.


Choose from SB’s Wide Array of 100G Ethernet Cards

Server Basket provides every model of 100Gb Ethernet cards from top manufacturers for your data center’s servers and networking components. Some network cards available with us are BroadcomP2100G, Cisco UCS 15235, Dell E810-CQDA2T, Intel E810-CAM1, and many more.


PCIe Interface for Easy Installation

A PCIe-based 100GbE NIC provides an easy method to link many components and devices to the server for expansion. The feature, Auto MDI/MDIX automatic structure, helps to simplify installation and organization. We provide Ethernet cards with PCIe interface so that you face no difficulty in their setup and configuration.

Ideal for Server Rooms and Data Center Networks

Higher data transfer speeds allow quick access to the files. 100GbE network cards can maintain a considerable amount of data, which is ideal for server rooms and data centers that need to share and process large quantities of data quickly.

High Performance, Low Latency for Real-time Applications

Our 100GbE network adapters are designed to meet the needs of higher performance and low latency. These cards help transmit the data without delay, which helps in improving the performance, speed, quality, and responsiveness of real-time applications.


Multiple Port Options for Scalability

These Ethernet cards have single, dual, and quad-port options, which allow you to connect your server to many network devices and scale networking capabilities. It provides increased bandwidth and flexibility for a system to control increasing workload.


Support for RDMA, RoCE & NVMe over Fabric Technologies

The 100G NIC cards support RoCE, RDMA, and NVMe over fabric technologies. RDMA gives higher performance for data center and cloud workloads by enabling more efficient and direct data movement into and from servers. It also helps in reducing latency and enhancing the data transmission speed.


Fastest Delivery Service

We at the Server Basket provide added benefits; fast and safe delivery is one of them. We will deliver your 100G Ethernet cards within 2-3 business days anywhere in India. 


Assured Warranty

Purchasing 100G network cards from our store will provide an assured warranty. The warranty includes repairs and replacements free of cost within the warranty period.  

24/7 Technical Assistance

24x7 Technical Support

If you are facing any technical or installation problems with our delivered product, our technical staff will always be ready to solve your issues round the clock. Server Basket is the best choice to get 100GbE LAN cards.

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