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     10,000.00 14,000.00

    Cheap Storage Servers

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  • HP Apollo 4200 (849878-B21) Gen9 Server

    Servers Configuration

      • PROCESSOR -Intel® E5-2600v3 Processor
      • FORM FACTOR 2U form factor
      • RAM – DDR4 16 DIMM slots
      • HARD DISK
      • 1Gb Ethernet 2-port 361i Adapter (x2)

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     400,000.00 420,000.00

    HP Apollo 4200 (849878-B21) Gen9 Server

     400,000.00 420,000.00 Buy Now
  • HP StorageWorks D2700

    • Flexible Storage Options
    • Easy To Upgrade
    • Intelligent Power Control
    • 24*7 Technical Support
    • Fast Delivery in India
     12,590.00 13,980.00

    HP StorageWorks D2700

     12,590.00 13,980.00 Buy Now
  • HP StorageWorks MSA60

    • Secure Your Data with Automated Backups
    • Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family
    • Designed For All Users
    • Easy Setup And Maintenance
    • Adaptive Optimization
    • High-Performance SAS Drives
    • 24/7 Technical Support
     81,350.00 90,300.00

    HP StorageWorks MSA60

     81,350.00 90,300.00 Buy Now
  • hp storageworks p2000

    HP StorageWorks P2000

    • Secure Your Data with Automated Backups
    • Manageable Shared Storage
    • Designed For All Users
    • Easy Setup And Maintenance
    • NVMe PCIe Interface
    • High-Performance SAS Drives
    • 24/7 Technical Support
  • HP StorageWorks P2000 G3

    • Great for Data Centers and Remote Sites
    • Industry-Leading Storage Density
    • Simplified Management
    • Fastest Backup
    • 24*7 Tech Support
     119,885.00 133,070.00

    HP StorageWorks P2000 G3

     119,885.00 133,070.00 Buy Now
  • HP StorageWorks P4300 G2

    • Maximize Storage Density
    • More Efficient with Less Power
    • Newer, Faster Drive Technology
    • Easy Setup And Maintenance
    • Robust data protection
    • High-Performance SAS Drives
    • 24/7 Technical Support
     36,635.00 40,300.00

    HP StorageWorks P4300 G2

     36,635.00 40,300.00 Buy Now
  • HP StorageWorks P4500 G2

    • Dual Active/Active Controllers
    • Up to 7TB of Storage Per Array
    • Flexible Configuration Options
    • Easy to Install
    • 99.99% Uptime And 7×24 Support
     62,980.00 69,910.00

    HP StorageWorks P4500 G2

     62,980.00 69,910.00 Buy Now
  • HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920

    • Provides Scalable, Reliable, High-Performance Storage
    • Automated Data Duplication and Redundancy
    • Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
    • Back Up To Exabytes Of Storage
    • Up to 250 MB/s Transfer Rate
    • 24*7 Tech Support
     20,380.00 22,625.00

    HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920

     20,380.00 22,625.00 Buy Now
  • HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960

    • Secure Your Data with Automated Backups
    • Maintenance-Free Operation
    • Designed For All Users
    • Easy Setup And Maintenance
    • Up To 100x Faster
    • Data Integrity Checks
    • 24/7 Industry’s Best Support
     110,654.00 121,720.00

    HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960

     110,654.00 121,720.00 Buy Now
  • HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Server


    • Brand : HPE
    • Max RAM : 2 TB
    • Power Supply : Dual
    • Form Factor : 2U Rack
    • Max Storage : 829.44 TB
    • No of Processors : Dual
    • Drive Type : LFF (3.5), SFF (2.5)
    • Processor : Intel Xeon Scalable
    • Type of Storage : HDD, NVMe PCIe SSD, SSD
    • RAID Levels : RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 5
    • Assured Warranty
    • Free Technical Support
    • Fast & Safe Delivery Throughout India


     1,400,000.00 1,442,000.00

    HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Server

     1,400,000.00 1,442,000.00 Add to cart
  • HPE MSA 2040 SAN Storage Array

    • High-Performance Scaling
    • Best Value for All-Flash Storage
    • Data Protection at the Edge
    • Easy Setup And Maintenance
    • The Highest Level of Data Security
    • Integrated Switching Controller
    • 99.999% Uptime SLA
     151,200.00 168,000.00

    HPE MSA 2040 SAN Storage Array

     151,200.00 168,000.00 Buy Now


Do you want to modernize your data center infrastructure with the industry’s most influential data storage solution? Store, manage, retrieve, and secure data across your hyper-converged business architectures with the HP storage servers trusted as radically simplifying and comprehensive. They are ideal for enterprises requiring dependable and efficient data management as they can manage a wide range of data, from critical documents to enormous databases in NVMe, SAS, and SSD builds. Enable rapid data transfers, quicker file access, and simplified scalability, keeping up with your company’s growth while preserving ongoing productivity with the HPE storage server products. The HPE GreenLake, a portfolio of management tools in HPE storage appliances, transforms your data into intelligence with flawless backup and recovery. Buy HP storage products from us with the benefits of a simple returns policy, pre and post-sales guidance, free demo, etc.


Select a Suitable HP Storage Server for your Workload/Application

We offer a range of HP Storage servers from 3PAR, StoreEasy, MSA SAN Storage, Alletra, StoreEver, and Nimble series tailored to support exclusive and diverse workloads and applications. Choose the model based on data volume, business growth projection, assessing performance requirements (speed and IOPS), and future.


Scalable Capacities to Store Application Repositories and Data

Scaling storage efficiently with an HP storage server necessitates a comprehensive approach that includes assessment, model selection, RAID configuration, virtualization, storage tiering, continuous monitoring, and future extension planning. These strategies are critical for delivering seamless and optimized scalability that syncs with the organization’s changing data storage requirements.

Support for Various Storage Protocols

Adaptability with various existing infrastructures is one of the primary concerns in choosing a storage device, the HPE storage systems fit all existing workspaces made with a wider compatibility and support for all industry protocols such as S3-Compliant API, rsync, NFS v3/v4, AFP, FTP, WebDAV, GlusterFS, Minio clustering, Multitenancy, Cloud sync, iSCSI, SMB v1/v2/v3, etc.

Engineered for numerous Use cases

Configurable with HDDs and SSDs alike, the HPE storage server solutions suit numerous use cases such as Hybrid, All-Flash, Archive, File, Open ZFS, Block, and Object storages. Avoid the complexity familiar in conventional and hybrid work environments with a performance-centric data infrastructure accelerating your high-compute applications with remarkable capacity and data access speeds.


Hot-swappable Components for Convenient Maintenance

HP storage servers feature hot-swappable components for easy maintenance, meaning you can replace hard discs and power supplies in a server without shutting it down. It guarantees that the server functions smoothly and without interruptions.


Advanced Security Features and Encryption

Prioritize data security by integrating the features of data deduplication, thin/thick provisioning, encryption, compression, access restrictions, and so on, introducing your workspace to a dependable storage profile that standardizes data management, security, and accessibility. The secure boot, firmware validation, and encryption for data both at rest and in transit guarantees the integrity of your sensitive information and confidentiality.


Support for All Major OSs and Virtualization

Choose flexible and intuitive storage from HPE for a data-first modernization functionality with OSs like Windows, Veaam, MacOS, Linux, OpenStack Cinder, etc. The HPE data storage servers excel in virtualization and cloud integration environments of your SMBs, Enterprises, and Data centers with consolidated resources, improved storage management, and scalability.


Speedy and Safe Delivery

We promise timely and secure deliveries across Indian cities: Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. Our shipping process is centralized and secured by extensive security precautions, ensuring shipment safety


Assured Warranty Cover

A 90-day warranty covers repairing or replacing the HPE storage products with redundancy per terms and conditions. Our guarantee is adapted from the best industry standards and covers manufacturing flaws and operational failures with guidance and a simple returns policy.

24/7 Technical Assistance

24/7 Customer Support

The SB store provides 24-hour customer service, reachable via phone or live chat from the website. We support you with quick and effective solutions for Storage Optimization, Easy application/file/data restoration, SAN Switch Configuration, VMware ESXi integration, ESXI snapshot integration, etc. 

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